My Five Ex's

(The picture originally had all of the boys in it, but the editor on here wouldn't let me fit them all on!!) There are 29 towns left in all of America, none of them have a population over 600 people. About a year ago Korea had bombed America, except it wasn't what we thought it would be. The things that they sent down on us weren't bombs. They were far worse, they mutated people, they changed them, and made them more aggressive. I am Camerin James, I live in one of the small towns located in Canada. Weird things seem to be happening more, and more often, but I can't shake the feeling that I might need some help in the near future. There is a twist.. the only people that can help me are my five Ex's... and they all want me dead. They hold the key to my survival, and know a secret that could cost everyone in the town their lives..


4. Can I Trust You

I felt something grabbed my arm, and I shot up and out of the water. I was choking, and couldn't see my eyes were burning from the water. I was scared, it could be a Mut in the water with me.

I couldn't see what it was so I couldn't do anything about it.

"Cam are you okay?" I heard a deep voice say. I recognized the accent in a heart beat.

"Niall what are you doing here?" I asked. I didn't know if I could trust him, I actually hadn't seen him since we broke up. Even before we dated he liked to keep to himself.

"Harry told me what happened.. I remember you bringing me here when we dated .. I figured I'd start looking for you here." He said.

"Did you at least bring a gun?" I asked wiping my hair back.

"No I didn't have time to grab one" he said holding his hands out of the water.

I noticed he was still wearing his clothes, and his shoes. He could tell I was looking at him.

"I thought you needed help, I couldn't see you breathing" he said. I could tell he was scared of me, he was staying his distance now.

I have to say Niall was the only guy out of all of them that treated me right, but I wanted a bad boy. I dumped him for the guy I wanted when I had the guy I needed.

"Are you okay?" He asked finally.

"Physically I am, mentally I am a train wreck Niall. I am only 17 years old, and people want me dead, people that I use to consider friends. I've killed people, sure they were Muts but they were still people at one point. I am incharge of all the kids out here.. They depend on me, but I need someone to depend on. I have nobody left.. My parents are gone, and Fred doesn't even talk anymore... What am I suppose to do" I said.

It took me up until that moment to realize that I broken. I have nothing left, but people need me.

"Cam, I love you.. I love you like a bestfriend, and I am sorry that we didn't work out. I could have been better for you, and it has been hard seeing you. At one point I did love you more than anything, but you just didn't feel the same about me." He was looking me dead in the eye, and was slowly moving closer to me.

I couldn't help it, I leaped forward in the water and wrapped my arms around his shoulders leaning in tight to his chest.

"Niall you were to good for me" I said starting to cry. He was hesitant with the hug at first, but then I felt his arms wrap around my waist like he used to. He was so gentle with me, and his accent had a way of making me do whatever he wanted. He knew exactly what you wanted to hear and he said it.

I pulled away from the hug with my eyes closed, and leaned back in. This time he didn't hesitate, he pressed his soft lips up against mine.

The kiss didn't feel like it had when we dated, and I knew it never would, but I needed this. I wrapped me legs around him, and he started to carry me over to the dock.

He laid me down on it, and jumped on it getting on top of me. He pressed his lips up against mine again, but this time I felt his tongue caress my bottom lip. His tongue started to play with mine, and I grabbed into the soaking wet shirt that was stuck to his body. I started to pull it off of him, and he let me. He was wearing jeans, and they were a little harder to get off.

He kissing my nose, then my cheek and lips, and then down slowly to my neck. Then I heard something, the first time it wasn't clear, but the second time I knew exactly what it was.

Muts had this god awful screatch it was something that you couldn't describe. It made you want to cover your ears, it was painful to listen to.

"Niall.. I want you to start running back to the house.. I will be right behind you" I whispered as quietly as I possibly could.

"I am not leaving you here" he whispered looking down at me.

"Niall, do you see that tree over there?" I asked pointing at a big oak tree. He nodded.

"There is a fun underneath the grass, dig it up, and run back to the farm.." I whispered again.

Muts couldn't see great during the day, but their other senses are top notch. They had hearing, and smell like a dog.

I knew he wouldn't have to dig up the gun, the Mut would reach him by the time he got there. I pushed him off of me lightly, he didn't want to go, but he didn't have a choice.

I started to lift him up, and gave him a little push forward. The Muts full attention was on Niall now. I could tell it was getting ready to attack.

"Niall run!" I screamed, and he took off sprinting. I lifted the gun from the grass, and he grabbed onto it.

"Don't look back Niall!" I screamed after him. I picked the Mut up, it was floating in mid air thrashing out, screatching at the top of is lungs. It was going to attract more of them.

I wanted it to shut up, and then it did. I heard it's neck snap, and then I dropped it to the ground. Killing these things took a toll on me every single time. They were people at one point they had lives, and family. I started to run down the trail I could hear more of the Muts coming.

I could see the hole in the wall, I was so close. I dove through it, and then Niall put the ride in front of it. I was so happy to see that he was okay. I hugged him, "Niall go to the house". I said.

"Cam I am staying with you!" He demanded

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