Opening for One Direction

Alyssa and Hannah are one of the biggest female duo's in the world. After they get a chance to play at Madison square garden the fame begins to get to their heads.. Alyssa is partying and causing the two to get bad publicity while Hannah can't stop spending. Their manager has had enough, she decides to send the girls off as an opening act for the biggest rising boy group... One Direction. Find out what happens when these seven finally come face to face in Opening for One Direction.


1. Prologue

Hannah pov:

                “THANK YOU NEW YORK YOU WERE GREAT! I CAN’T WAIT FOR US TO COME BACK NEXT YEAR! YOU WERE FREAKING AMAZING TONIGHT WE LOVE YOU!!” I shout through the microphone. I shot Alyssa a breathless grin before we ended our show with hugs and final goodbyes until our next year.

                We walked backstage together full of excitement and energy as the equipment managers removed our stage gear and began packing away the items.

 “Hannah you were amazing tonight! Your solo in the fourth song was absolutely brilliant! I think I like your voice in that song better live!” Alyssa gushes. I returned my thanks before we were both headed off to shower and change before our meet and greet.

                As we walked into our dark dressing room I heard Alyssa let out a small scream. “Surprise! Congratulations for your show tonight in Madison Square Garden!” Our crew ran over and we all shared a sweaty excited hug. Our manager Helen was standing in the corner smiling at us, clearly very proud of us.

                See, Alyssa and I are both nineteen, she is a few months older so she is actually almost 20. We both grew up together in a small town in Ohio as best friends since as long as we could remember. At the age of thirteen Alyssa’s mom got her into modeling and acting. Well, I wanted to join so we pursued our careers together. One day, as I had just turned fifteen, we were asked to act for a commercial which was a huge opportunity.  When we got there we were then asked to sing for a stupid group jingle to advertise whatever the product was.

                It just so happened that a woman named Helen was searching for the next big star the same day we waltzed into that studio. As Alyssa and I were in the recording part of the studio (we had to do individual lines with the group) Helen claimed that when the group heard our voices “They were so stunned that you both sounded like angels I knew I had to have you both.” It wasn’t long before we were both signed to an amazing record company, and our careers were good as we guest starred on some shows and held small gigs. Our careers didn’t really take off until about two years ago after duet couples and even groups began to get really big again. Considering Alyssa and I also did a little more punk pop we were one of the biggest duet artists when we were discovered.

                Since then we have released two books, a line of clothing (Alyssa was really into this), a makeup line (that was my favorite), a perfume, and finished our second tour tonight. We also just finished playing one of the biggest arenas in the world! Madison square garden!

“Alright you two, your outfits ( are sitting in the bathroom on the hangers outside of your showers, you have about 45 minutes until your VIP and signing. Try not to be too long. Also, I am so proud of you girls right now you have no idea! You two are like my daughters so seeing you up on stage is like winning a soccer game. The boys are proud of you to and said you did absolutely great tonight” Helen said “Come here!” Alyssa and I smiled at her before going in and hugging her.

                “I love you Aunt Helen!” We said in unison. She returned the feeling before we skipped off all giggly to our shower stalls.

                After we got our showers, hair and makeup reapplied, we went out to be surrounded by a crowd of girls and boys of all ages standing in line waiting for OUR autograph. “Wow, I don’t think I will ever get used to this.” Alyssa says from beside me. I turn to look at her nodding my head wide eyed before we were shown to our seats. We would hear things like “I love you Hannah and Alyssa I have been there since the beginning and I am so happy how far you've come” or “Great show I’m so proud of you girls!” even things like “I love you both so much you saved my life and without you I don’t know where I would be” Alyssa and I would smile and say “We couldn't have done it without you if anything we love you”. We really truly meant it to without them we would we heading to college and doing something we wouldn't have wanted to. I was so thankful for my fans it was unbelievable the things they do for us. I feel they do more for us then we do for them and it is crazy how supportive and emotional they are for us.

                After we finished up the signing with giant smiles on our faces we went into the VIP meeting. We met our fans, signed some things, took pictures, answered questions, and most of all laughed. Tonight was a really good night and I’m surprised we weren’t tired.

                Our families showed up later on to tell us how proud they were of us. My mom, her boyfriend, younger sister, grandpa, real dad, his girlfriend, a few cousins, aunts and uncles were here. Alyssa’s mom, younger sister, dad, and grandparents were there along with her cousins Brandon and Jaxson. We both broke down in tears of joy along with our families. We were so over whelmed with joy and being apart from your family for the majority of the year is pretty hard to do.

                I leaned down and hugged Sophia, my sister, so close to me I was surprised she could breathe. “I miss yuh anah” Sophia said in her little five year old voice. I hugged her once more in response.

                We all sat there talking for what felt like forever to catch up on new things going on in their lives. Alyssa’s grandma just finally finished her chemo and beat cancer. Sophia lost a tooth. Kaitlyn (Alyssa’s sister) has is starting high school and will be driving with her temps soon. Brandon won an award at a comic con. My dad got a promotion and engaged. We had a lot of new and exciting news.

                “Hate to break you guys up but we have to get going here soon but don’t worry girls your family will be here again tomorrow but we are hosting a huge party tonight in honor of the end of your tour, and also to honor you playing at MSG tonight” Helen said with her son attached to her hip. Her oldest, Caleb, was sixteen and her youngest, Alex, was four. Caleb ran in giving us both a hug giving us his congrats along with little Alex. We thanked them and said our goodbyes to our families giving them one last hug before we saw them tomorrow. We followed Helen and the boys out to the tour bus to head over to our penthouse which was only an half an hour away from the arena.

                “Tour was great I’m going to miss you all” I told our tour crew once more before we headed home to get ready. We all shared hugs and last goodbyes until our next tour which thankfully but also sadly won’t be for another nine months to a year. Finally all five of us plus our hairdresser Brooklyn and wardrobe manager Melanie (They lived in the same apartment building as us) all headed home to get ready. I was finally ready to party after a long tour.



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