Opening for One Direction

Alyssa and Hannah are one of the biggest female duo's in the world. After they get a chance to play at Madison square garden the fame begins to get to their heads.. Alyssa is partying and causing the two to get bad publicity while Hannah can't stop spending. Their manager has had enough, she decides to send the girls off as an opening act for the biggest rising boy group... One Direction. Find out what happens when these seven finally come face to face in Opening for One Direction.


2. Chapter 1

Alyssa pov:

                “Damn it Alyssa! Look at this” Helen screamed pointing at the cover of the most recent magazine. The title was a picture of me with yet another guy hanging off my arm as we walked basically naked and wasted past paparazzi. This picture was taken only seconds before I attacked a pap and was arrested. The title basically stated I was a whore and needed to clean up my act which wasn’t anything unusual.

                I rolled my eyes at Helen, she gave me a glare and stated “Alyssa, you haven’t had any good publicity since MSG last year! What the HELL happened to you?!”

                I shrugged my shoulders and smirked, “People change Helen.” She grabbed the bridge of her nose and closed her eyes.

                “Alyssa. I am going to have to figure out what to do with you since this was the fourth time this past month we had to bail you out and save your ass; management and I can’t afford to keep cleaning up and paying for your mistakes,” She sighed before continuing “You know you have a tour starting in a week, since you guys haven’t had a good gig in a while you have to be the opening act for a big new group who played MSG to and gain all the respect and fans back that you lost while going through this damn phase.”

                I scoffed “Whatever Helen I’m out of here” I got up and began to walk out before she stopped me “Alyssa you need to clean this shit up or else I will make you regret it” I turned around on my heel again before leaving.

                “I am your manager and you have a contract with me for another year until then you have to do what I say and what I will make you do you will not like… bye Alyssa I will be back to get you girls in a week try to stay out of trouble until then.”


I walked into Hannah and I’s apartment we both shared. We both live in what people consider a ‘penthouse’ but it is actually really small the only reason it’s a penthouse is because it is located so high up in our building.

Our apartment looked like this:

(the only difference is where the bedroom is supposed to be there is actually a mini hallway in the middle of the hallway is the bathroom/utility room entrance and on either side of the hallway are our rooms Hannah’s would be on the right Alyssa’s would be on the left and our balcony would be higher up not on the ground)

Our bathroom looked like this on the left was the toilet and on the right a shower and under the sinks where miniature stools to sit on:

Hannah’s bedroom looked like this: 

(there would be more pictures on the walls and fairy lights .on the other side is a walk in closet surrounded by a bookshelf arch)

Alyssa’s room looked like this:

(instead of pink it would be aqua and instead of balloons they were fake birds. on the other side is a walk in closet surrounded by a bookshelf arch)

Identical walk in closets that led to the bathroom: (walls would correspond with room)

We absolutely loved our apartment. It was so welcoming and different when you walked in.

                As I stepped in through the front door I heard a meow at my feet. I looked down to be welcomed by loch-ness our hairless cat. I picked her up as I kicked my shoes off and walked into the dining area. I saw Hannah in her sweater and her hair up reading a book with our other cat Leo laying across her stomach, she must have heard me walk in as she asked “So what are they going to do about you this time?”

                I ventured into the kitchen before setting loch-ness on the counter and pouring coffee for us both. I sighed before sitting down next to her and taking my beanie off chucking it onto the table.

                “Well she doesn’t know exactly yet but I am supposed to clean up my act while on tour or else she will make me regret it, Hannah I honestly have no idea what is wrong with me anymore” I sighed heavily before she nodded. That was my cue to leave since I know she wouldn’t help as she was too far deep into reading. I walked into the bathroom taking a shower to wash my thoughts before dressing and deciding I should begin to pack. We were flying to London in about a week and a half to meet up with our new partners and tour London for about two months. I was not excited about that because I don’t get along with anyone else very well besides Hannah, my mom, and younger sister.

                “Alyssa will you come make dinner now?!” Hannah screams through the apartment. I zipped up my last suitcase before setting it aside in my closet. I only have two suitcases because I know they will have pre planned outfits and I can buy stuff while we were there. I really only needed stuff to wear on the way to and from, at night, and on days off. I sighed once more before walking into the kitchen and making dinner which consisted of steak wraps and some Mexican rice. I set it in front of Hannah when I was finished and we dug in.

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