It All Started With My Birthday

It starts out as a normal 18th birthday for Hannah before her friend Alyssa makes special plans for them to go to America and meet the famous British boy-band... One Direction!
Things don't go as planned with many twists and turns as well as meeting new.. and old friends along the way.

*Updated Version*


1. Chapter 1

A/n  Ok I apologize for this story, it is rather carroty as I wrote this back in 2011, but, I liked the story line and decided to put it back on my Movella as I had it on here before. This is an updated version so hope you enjoy! comment, like, and leave suggestions!




Hannah pov:

             BEEP. BEEP. BEEP. BEEP. BEEP.!

             The alarm in my room was going off beside me interrupting me from a deep sleep. I reached over to turn my alarm off on my bedside table and checked the time to see its midnight. Why the fuck is my alarm going off at 12 am?!  I thought. I hit the snooze button but the beeping noise didn’t stop, what the he- “WAKE UP BIRFTHDAY GURRRLLLL!” I should have known, its Alyssa.

            ”What the hell could you possibly want at 12 am, and how the fuck did you get in my house?” I asked. Alyssa just smiled innocently before she began jumping on top of my bed causing my body to move along with it.

            “WILL YOU CUT IT THE FUCK OUT?” I yelled at her. She stopped and sat down next to me; I rolled over and covered my face with my sheets.

             I started mentally killing her when I shut my eyes again. “Well first of all I live here dumbass second it’s your birthday and I wanted to be the first to say happy 19th birthday to my best friend in the whole wide world!”

             I rolled over and gave her a nasty look before getting up to check my phone for any new messages. My birthday started out pretty shitty already, one my boyfriend of 5 years broke up with me over dinner when I thought he was proposing causing me to cry into the late hours of the night and second, my friend woke me up at 12 am to tell me happy birthday! God, I love Alyssa I mean we have been friends since 4th grade but, why would she wake me up at 12 am what is so important this brunette bitch needs!

             As if she read my mind she answered “I came over here to tell you were going to visit your mom and…. WERE GOING TO SEE ONE DIRECTION!! I GET BACKSTAGE PASSES SO YOU CAN FUCK ZAYN AND I CAN POKE HARRY’S NIPPLES!” I laughed at her answer, she has always wanted to poke Harry’s nipples cause she’s Alyssa but seriously I get to see my celebrity crush Zayn! "But they're not in London..." I said tiredly.

             "That's right! We're going to Florida! “, She shouts, “Hannah pack yo shit were going to meet Zach at the airport in 2 hours and were gonna be there for a week so get up!"

            I pushed her off my bed causing her to laugh before I got off too and pulled out my suit case to get ready.

            This birthday might not be as bad I thought I get to spend time with my two best friends and my mom then get to go to a one direction concert!


Alyssa pov:

            I knocked on Nikole’s door to be greeted by Hannah’s paps, “Hello Alyssa and Zach! How’s my Hannah banana?” paps asked.

            Hannah gave her greeting before running past him screaming for her mom. Zach and I just laughed and grabbed our suitcases to head up to Hannah’s old room.

            I walked in and sat down on her bed with her cats Stephano and Domo. Stephano is a little orange cat and Domo is black and white.

            “So excited about tonight babes?” Zach asked.

            “Yeah I will hopefully go home with Louis Tomlinson’s number...and his underwear ha-ha, how about you? Excited to see Liam, and possibly get into his pants?”

            Zach smirked and nodded “Hell to the yeah that is a fine piece of man right there”.

            So if you haven’t figured it out our little Zach is gay, he has been since 6th grade. Hannah and I have known him since as long as I can remember; he is rather thin and pale with dirty blonde hair and green eyes. We three are inseparable we are always together; I love those two to death if anyone or anything were to hurt them I would do some serious ass kicking.

             Hannah walked in and interrupted me of my thoughts “So you two can do whatever the heck you want to, I’m going to go sleep for an hour but mom is gonna make lunch soon so we can head out to the concert. It’s one in the afternoon and the concert isn’t until four so we have time to do whatever.”

            Zach stood up and said he was going to go jogging. I was going to walk around then watch a movie. We parted our ways and I went downstairs to grab a snack first. When I went to walk in I heard Nikole talking on the phone with someone and me being the curious person I am I decided to eavesdrop.

            “So I can’t wait to see you tonight babe, are we gonna tell Hannah about us?” Nikole said. Who is Hannah’s mom talking about who ... what?! I thought. She turned around and saw me “Oh hey babe I have to go Hannah’s friend is here” she hung up the phone and handed me some sandwiches.

            “S-so how have you b-been Alyssa? You look like you ha-ve grown!” she stuttered.

             “Oh, um yeah thanks for the sandwiches and I have grown a bit, I hope you don’t mind me asking but who was that on the phone?” she mumbled something under her breath along the lines she was late for something then left as fast as she could. I hope she isn’t with her ex-boyfriend Art. Well I guess it isn’t my business who she dates but Hannah deserves to know her mom hid Art from her before so I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s doing it again. I decided it was nothing and went on my way to watch a movie.


            “Alright you three ready to go to the one direction concert?” Nikole asked, we all screamed yes and piled in the car and headed out to the concert.

            When we arrived at the arena, we found the bodyguard; he took us to the V.I.P section for the concert after we showed him our tickets.

            "Hey Paul how are you?" Nikole says to the large man.

            "Hey Nikole, fine thank you!" He waved at us all before heading out to help in the venue.

            “ do you know him?" Hannah asked confused.

            "His name tag of course!" Nikole said becoming nervous.

            "But how did he know you-"

            "Oh look! The concert is starting!" Nikole interrupted, pushing us forward.

             During the concert Hannah and I danced like idiots while Zach danced like a stripper on a random green chair. “This is some great music! Thanks Lyssa for getting these tickets for us!” Hannah yelled next to me.

            “Oh I didn’t get them your mom did. “ I yelled back. The music stopped while Hannah and I were still dancing excitedly waiting for the boys come backstage to greet us. I screamed along to the song that was playing. Hannah just laughed along with me and joined.

Hannah pov:

            “Hello there glad you could come and visit us.” ‘That voice is new who is that… when did the music stop? Oh shit.’ I stopped and turned around to see my mom, Zach, and the boys of one direction laughing at Alyssa and me. I looked over tapping Alyssa’s shoulder. Once she realized what was going on she flipped her body around to face the boys and did a crazy ass pose before saying “Hey sexual my name is Alyssa and I am here to poke Harry Styles nipples!!!”

            She did another crazy pose gesturing to Harry's nipples... Oh my god Alyssa… I looked over at Harry and he smirked and said “ M’ flattered in all love but I’m gonna have ta say no.”

             “Hey you two stop; Harry and I have an announcement to make” mom said. What could she possibly have to announce we just met the kids? Harry nodded at her sighing but continued “Ok Hannah I know this is going to be weird for you but I am dating your mom, I really fancy her I have since the first time I saw her at the radio station for the interview we all did.”

             Harry and my mother were looking nervous and holding hands. Now it all makes sense as to how she knew 'Paul'. Louis and Alyssa start making gagging noises while Zach, Liam, Zayn, and Niall just smiled and nodded. I stared at my mom and Harry in silence. Mom wrapped her arms around Harry’s neck and planted a big sloppy kiss on his lips. Alyssa looked horrified and said “Uh no P.D.A in front of the minors please I am still a child.”

Mom laughed “Alyssa you are 19 I am sure you have done worse”.

            Alyssa turned as red as a tomato and excused herself to the restroom. Its funny my mom would say that considering Alyssa hasn’t even had her first kiss, let alone had sex.

            The boys started laughing before they excused themselves from the room to let my mom, Harry, and I talk. “Mom, why didn’t you tell me?” I asked her with a serious tone. Mom gave her new ‘boyfriend’ a worried look, “Honey, I was going to tell you but I didn’t know how you would react.”

             I began to laugh and said “Mom I’m perfectly fine with it just no sex while I am around!”

            Harry gave me a wink, “Well obviously you won’t have to worry about that since you didn’t hear us while I was there today.” I gave him a nasty look before walking out to find Aly

Alyssa pov:

            OH. MY. GOD. Why would she say that?! Nikole knows very well I am still a virgin, hell I haven’t even had my first kiss! WHY!? I mentally cursed them. Ok, I never get embarrassed about anything ok, but when you bring up sex or boyfriends I get so insecure and embarrassed. I mean what 19 year old hasn’t had their first kiss? I understand I am not that pretty but… GAH! Now that stupid joke is making me overthink. Come on Alyssa, suck it up and go back out there we have to leave soon anyways.

            I walked out of the restroom only to run into someone. I wasn’t paying attention and I knocked myself and the other person over. “I am so sorry I didn’t mean to knock you over I wasn’t looking are you ok?” I looked up and realized who it was, Louis Tomlinson! I am fan girling inside I mean he is my celebrity crush and always has been since they were on the x-factor.

            I remember when Hannah and I first moved to London with my mom two years ago. We were flipping through the channels found this show called the X-Factor. I watched it because it was like American Idol only it’s British. Anyways we saw the boys on there and I’ve loved the ever since!

            “Hey babe its fine! Are you ok is the real question.” I slightly blushed and Louis helped me up.

            “Well you probably already know who I am, Louis Tomlinson and you are… Alyssa right?” I smiled, “Yup I am Alyssa world class dancer as you can tell from earlier” We started giggling before deciding to walk back and find the others.

Hannah pov:

            After I excused myself to find Alyssa, I was stopped on my way by Zayn Malik himself. ‘This should be interesting’ I thought.

            “Hey babes come to see me?” he smirked.

             “Uh-h no I came to find my friend Alyssa.” Shit, was I blushing!? I can't fucking talk to guys, especially not super-hot celebrity guys. He leaned on the wall to get more comfortable allowing me to see Alyssa and Louis acting like idiots. I smiled to myself; those two are so cute together I knew Alyssa had it in her to talk to him. She was so worried that she would be too afraid to talk to him.

            “Yeah she is preoccupied so maybe we can entertain each other.” Zayn smiled seductively at me.

            “Nah I will pass I just met you and I am not that easy bro.” I may have a massive celebrity crush on him buy I’m not going to just let anyone into my lady cave. I brushed passed him to grab Alyssa so we can start heading back home.

            When Zayn thought I couldn’t hear him he whispered “Damn, she’s feisty. I like her.” I laughed to myself and walked up to Alyssa.

            “Hey girl ready to go?" I look at Alyssa and Louis then said "I hate to separate the two of you but you guys can meet up at the party."

            "What party?" Alyssa said blushing at my previous comment.

            "Every one's coming back to my place for a get together." I said as I turned on my heel. Alyssa followed me back to the VIP room to get ready to leave with the boys. Mom invited them over so we can get to know each other since mom is dating Harry, tonight should be interesting...

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