My Tree By the Meadow

A fifteen-year-old, Catherine Hunt, is a timid, young girl whos parents... well, died, when she was thirteen. All she has as a reminder is her parents' dog. He is a seven-year-old husky, Claw, that is her "protector". She is never excepted as normal into her society, and she is always alone... until one day... it all changed.


7. What Are We?

The next morning i got up and got dressed in black short-shorts and a simple white tank, with converse hi-tops and threw a thin, black, short-sleeved button-up shirt, but i didnt button it up. Then i grabed my archery kit and knocked on Danny's door. He opened the door and must have just had a shower because his hair was wet. "Good morning sunshine" he smiled.

 "Hey, do want to come to the range with me?" I asked.

 "You don't know where it is do you?" He smirked. I shook my head, giggling. He held his hand out and i grasped it. "Well, to be honest it took me a year to know this place. I know how you feel. Its just a good thing you have me as a mentor." He winked and he walked me about a mile on the trails and we talked.

"So, i have a question..." i said after a moment of silence.

He looked up at me, "yes?"

I blushed not wanting to ask him anymore. But i decided it couldn't kill me, or us. "Well, what exactly are ​we?" He quickly looked at the ground.

"Well what do you want us to be?" He smiled. I blushed and i know he noticed, he gave a little laugh.

"Can we be something, a little more than friends?" I said timidly

He smiled and stopped. He held my face in his hands and kissed me! We didn't say another word the rest of the way there.

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