My Tree By the Meadow

A fifteen-year-old, Catherine Hunt, is a timid, young girl whos parents... well, died, when she was thirteen. All she has as a reminder is her parents' dog. He is a seven-year-old husky, Claw, that is her "protector". She is never excepted as normal into her society, and she is always alone... until one day... it all changed.


14. The Plan

I had to reach him. I couldn't stand not seeing him. I loved once. I lost them. It can't happen again. I loved my parents. They died when i was 13. Claw is my only reminder. Claw was the dog they bought on their ten year anniversary, which was a little after my ninth birthday. In their will, they gave me Claw. 

 I grabbed my breakfast in the morning and stopped at the staff closet. I slipped in and took one of the uniforms. Step 1 of my plan= complete.

I went back to my room and the clock said 6:57. Perfect, 3 minutes left. I got dressed into the uniform i took and gave my breakfast to Claw and left a note for the officers. It said " out for a morning archery practice for the competition! Tnx". Step 2 of my plan= complete.

I slipped out and had my hair up in the cap and disguised myself pretty well. I rushed into the staff bathrooms and when i heard the officers coming, i stepped out and blended in. So far so good.

I reached his door and another officer looked at me. "Is this your asigned room?"

"Yes" i replied.

"Someone told me not" he looked confused.

"You must be new" i smiled, entirely lying. 

"Ummm.... yeah... i am actually" he scratched his head.

"What's your name?"


I placed my finger to my chin." Oh yes! Jackson.. this room is yours" i pointed to my room.

"Thanks!" I knew they already checked my room so it wouldn't matter.


I opened Danny's door and stepped over to his bed. I had shut and locked the door behind me. He was asleep. And so adorable with his messy hair. I smiled honestly and sat next to him. He jumped. "Who are you!? Creep!" He yelled. 

"Shhhh! It's okay!" I whispered. I took off my disguise as he jumped out of bed. He was only wearing boxers. I took off the outfit and i fluffed out my black t shirt that was wrinkled. I had jean shorts on too.

He smiled at me. "Oh it's you! Cat... i missed you" he hugged me and i held him close. I missed how it felt to be with him. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he put his hands on my hips. He leaned towards me and we kissed. I was happy again, but only for that moment. I had to go back to my room. He stopped me.

"Please don't go. You don't have to. You only need to be there for the second check." I knew he missed us just as much as i did. He kissed me again and we cuddled on his bed. We stayed there holding each other just having small conversations. I left about ten hours later when i was starved. I didn't want to but knew i had no choice. 



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