My Tree By the Meadow

A fifteen-year-old, Catherine Hunt, is a timid, young girl whos parents... well, died, when she was thirteen. All she has as a reminder is her parents' dog. He is a seven-year-old husky, Claw, that is her "protector". She is never excepted as normal into her society, and she is always alone... until one day... it all changed.


1. Preparing For the Spring, Summer, and Fall-ing for Him

     It was spring time, March, i think. I stepped outside as Claw rushed beside my legs to reach the warming air that brushed through his fur as he leaped and glided through the green yard. I was happy that morning because i didn't have school for the rest of the year. That meant no more torturing from the stupidity that was my school. Instead, my aunt, who is also my best friend, has signed me up for camp while she moves our belongings to a new house that is actually realy close to my camp- so i can still visit her even while attending camp.

     I threw a stick for Claw to fetch and took a deep breath before turning to go inside. I quickly ran to my room to prep for camp, considering i only had two hours until i had to be there and nothing was packed. I grabbed a big and small suitcase and my book bag. I opened the large suitcase and grabbed all of my favorite outfits and threw them in along with all of my other necesities (deoderant, undies- teehee- toothbrush etc.). I put my money, pocket knive, sand paper, and dramcatcher into the smaller suitcase. Then i slung my arrows into my book bag and decided i could just throw the bow over my shoulder, along with my sketch pad and pencils. I decided i should at least look good, or try, while i am there, so i slip my make up bag into my small suitcase after putting some foundation, blush, and eyeliner on. I changed from pajamas to a pair of skinny jeans and a white tank top. I shoved my jacket into my bag and went into the kitchen. 

"Hey, Cat.",said Aunt Eliza.

"Hi," I replied in a timid tone.

"Do you want a pancake? Milk? An apple?" She inquired.

"Ummm... pancake, apple, and can i have coffee?"


     She cooked the pancake and I ate it and drank coffee to wash it all down. She handed me an apple as i ran to the door and slipped on my gymshoes. I opened the door and ran out as i took a huge bite from the apple. I put the leash onto Claw and took a run with him around the block. I came back home and put my stuff into the trunk of Aunt Eliza's car and jumped into the passengers seat as she started the car. We took off and drove for about twenty-five minutes and we arrived in Fayettevile of my home state, Georgia. 

     I looked at the camp infront of me and shook from uneasy nerves. I said goodbye to Eliza and got my stuff out of the trunk. I put my bag on my back and wheeled my suitcases behind me. Right in my path was the begining of the best time of my life.

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