My Tree By the Meadow

A fifteen-year-old, Catherine Hunt, is a timid, young girl whos parents... well, died, when she was thirteen. All she has as a reminder is her parents' dog. He is a seven-year-old husky, Claw, that is her "protector". She is never excepted as normal into her society, and she is always alone... until one day... it all changed.


8. My Competition

 We reached the archery range. Gail came over to Danny and began to talk to him. "So do you have any plans for tonight, or any night this week? I'm free." She smiled.

 "Yes,  i plan on hanging out at Catherine's." She looked at me and gave a dirty look. I just replied with a sarcastic smile. Her face turned red.

 "So you are seriously going to hang out with the new girl  week?" He nodded his head. And she grabbed, what she thought was his archery  set, and chucked it into the range. Then stormed away. 

" great, i have to go get it, I'll be right back" i said looking at Danny. I began to walk away.

He grabbed my arm, "no" he said sternly. I kept walking after i broke free of his hold. I herd him yelling at me. Telling me to stop. But i just couldn't. I dont know what i was thinking. But i have never taken a risk before. And that girl made me angry. I just kept walking. A reached the end of the row. I would have to cross through 16 whole shooters to reach it. It was the only way unless i wanted to get in a fight with the people already in line. It was approximately in the middle, it was the only way. I stepped under the rope. Something came over me. I quickly jumped and ducked and one arrow just missed my nose, but i had stopped. I was running through this maze of deadly weapons that were being fired at me. I used my gymnast skills to escape it all and the whole time, Danny was yelling at me. I grabbed the archery set and on my way out, Gail was there to greet me at the end of the line. As everyone stared at me in confusion, and i had my death stare on. They all applauded except for her. And then the camp master revealed herself.

"Miss Hunt! What was that?!" She demanded in an angry tone. I just stared at her in an evil little smirk. "Do you realize that  you just violated every rule of this shooting range in the past twenty seconds?!" I shook my head. "But i guess, if you agree to be our representative in the dodge relay at the camp wars, you can still shoot here."

I only nodded, but said nothing as she walked away.

Danny grabbed me and took me back to my room. I didnt even get to shoot!

"Don't you ever scare me like that again!" He screamed furiously.

I looked at him and then gave him a hug. I put my arms around his neck and he put his around my waist and he held me tight, and i smiled. I just felt safe in his arms. I heard him begin to cry. "Why? Why are you crying?" i asked softly.

"My best friend got shot, and it killed him.." he whispered in pain.

I didnt know what to say. I only held him closer. About ten minutes later, he let go. I told him to sit on my bed until i got back with a drink. But when I came back he was asleep. I covered him up and kissed his forehead. I sat in my bed. I had rested his head on my lap as i stroked his beautiful brown hair with one hand and restef the other on his shoulder.

At seven the officers came in and i was startled. Oh no! They can't see us like this! Girls and guys here are never permitted to sleep in each others beds. They came in and saw him. "What is he doing here?" One asked.

"He fell asleep. He has had a really rough day and didnt feel well so i decided to look after him" i said, lying, but not totally. He nodded his head and said he can stay for the night but i was not to "be too close to him". I smiled after he left. I sat up the whole night. I didn't move, i knew he needed sleep because he doesn't get much any more. I here him up when its one in the morning.

He finally opened his eyes around nine and a smile looked me in the face. I returned it. He looked at the clock and jumped up alert. "Didn't they see me?!" I nodded.

"I said you didn't feel good and i was watching you until you were better, and you know that you are running a fever right?"

He felt his head and gave a confirming look. "But why didn't they make me leave?"

"They just said it is okay until you are better, but we can't get too close."

He smiled and i layed down and he rested next to me. We made sure we were about a foot from each other, the farthest possible for my bed. We stayed there awake until about twelve and he gave me a hug and i drifted off.

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