My Tree By the Meadow

A fifteen-year-old, Catherine Hunt, is a timid, young girl whos parents... well, died, when she was thirteen. All she has as a reminder is her parents' dog. He is a seven-year-old husky, Claw, that is her "protector". She is never excepted as normal into her society, and she is always alone... until one day... it all changed.


9. Matt's Back

The next morning i woke up and Danny was holding me close. i looked at the clock and it said it was 5. i had 2 hours before the officers came. I tried to crawl out of bed with out waking him up but i barely moved and i heard him say "hey babe" he yawned. he tightened his grip on me andi smiled. I made him let go. I picked out my clothes and got dressed. It was a black skirt and a purple dress shirt. I ran to the caffetiria and grabbed breakfast. On my way back someone pulled me into their room. Matt. He grabbed me and threw me on his bed. He starred at me with evil in his eyes. He grabbed my hair and i screamed. He covered my mouth and sat ontop of me. His voice growled, "Don't even try and be a show off at the art competitions... It's MY TURN to win!" I whimpered and he let me go. I rushed for the door but he stopped me and pushed up against the wall, "And you better not tell anyone about this". He stepped back and i ran as fast as i could and just as i came around the corner my room was on, Danny was stepping out and i slammed into him. He collapsed and i fell ontop of him. Tears were streaming down my cheeks. He starred into my eyes in a confused manner. I quickly got up and ran into my room and slammed the door. 

Danny came in and locked the door behind him. He quickly came from behind me and hugged me. It was comforting, but i wasn't sure if i should tell him what was wrong. He took his sleeve and wiped away my tears. "what's wrong? You can tell me anything" he whispered. I sobbed for a minute more and leaned my head on his shoulder and told him what happened."Who did this to you?!" he sounded angry now.

"Matt" i barely managed to say. He kissed me on the forehead and stormed out of the room. 

"This is all my fault" i said. i changed into short shorts and a flowing long blue shirt. I had to leave.


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