Love Is In The Air

19 year old Alyssa Shannings gets bullied at school but 20 year old Zayn Malik helps her and Alyssa falls madly in live with Zayn....


2. Love

I said hi I couldn't really beleive he was talking to me

Zayn stop talking to dookie butt Zayn replies shut up nothing is wrong with her face I like her face I mean she's pretty (I start to blush and so does Zayn) bully leaves I tell Zayn thank u and he asks me a question. Um do u want to go to prom with me? I happily reply yes Zayn kisses me on the cheek and I giggle quietly cuz that would be weird so Zayn asks me if we can go out sometime and I said yes

Zayn's POV

Alyssa is so beautiful I don't care what people think she's perfect to me I wonder if she wanted to go to the arcade or carnival u know what I'm gonna be a manly na and ask her

Zayn asks Alyssa if she wanted to go to the arcade or something she's says yes and Zayn told her she could hang out at his place tonight I said I don't really know because my parents are sorta going on a trip for a couple months so I reply yes even though I had plans to read

Alyssa's POV

I can't wait to go to Zayn's place and go to the carnival or the arcade with him yeahhhhhhhhhh he's very nice too he's popular but nice the sad thing is that Emma asked him out he diss no which is FINE with me

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