Finding myself: Hermione

I always believed I was muggleborn. That was until someone I never knew stepped into my life. Now I am completely different, I'm learning about my new family and I'm finding true love.


30. What was there

Hermione pulled herself from Fred’s arms and looked him in the eyes. “What was there? Was there an orange light?” Fred looked at her worried face and nodded “Yes there was an orange light. We are going to be parents.” Hermione looked at her boyfriends happy face and said “What”. She ran to the mirror and pulled her shirt up. “Revelio” she pointed her wand and saw the orange light appear where her womb was. She began to cry and fell to the floor. Fred wrapped his big strong arms around her small meek body. Her sobs were getting louder and louder. Fred tried to calm her down by soothing her. She looked at him and said “I am going to be an awful mother. I couldn’t even finish school. What kind of an example is that to our baby!” he looked at her and replied “You will be a great mother and why can’t you finish school? You can have the baby and I will finish school this year so I can look after him or her whilst you’re here studying. Besides Dumbledore would let you home whenever you wanted to spend time with us and see us.” He had a point Hermione thought. Fred was finishing anyways and he would have Mrs Weasley, Mr Weasley and her dad to help. Heck, even George would help them. The problem was school. How would she cope staying away from her child for so long? They had to think this through before anyone found out so that when they told everyone they already had a plan. “We can’t tell anyone. I’m serious though absolutely no one, not George and Angelina, not your mum and dad, not my mum and dads.” Hermione said with a stern look on her face. “Ok, Whatever you want sweetheart. So does this mean that you are happy?” said Fred, he was beaming with the thought of becoming a dad. She nodded and he picked her up from the floor. “God is it bad that I kind of wanted you to be pregnant?” Fred grinned at her, the mother of his child. It felt incredible for him to just think it. “Sort of and don’t talk so loudly about it, we don’t want people to know.” Said Hermione. She was now smiling once more with the thought of having her own little family with Fred. They walked back to the common room holding hands. When they walked through the portrait hole they saw that almost everyone was there. Harry and Ron were sat playing Wizards chess in a corner, Lee Jordan and George were sat on the sofa in front of the fire, George showing off the latest Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes product. At a table starting on the already piling up homework was Angelina, Ginny and the rest of the Gryffindor girls. Hermione was going into her OWL year and Angelina was going to her NEWT year. Ginny was in the year below and was being prepared for OWL year. That meant that they all had homework stacking up even if it was only the first day. Fred kissed Hermione and put his forehead against hers for a second as if sharing a thought and then went over to Lee and George. Hermione went over to the girls and saw what work they were doing. She decided she might as well to something practical with her time and went to get her books from her room. When she got there she realised that everything would now be different. She would have to be careful with what she ate and did. Hermione stood there for a second with a potions book in her hand and it popped into her head, what if there are some potions I can’t do now because I am pregnant. She decided to go to the library and rather discreetly look to see if there were any magical pregnancy books. Hermione floated down the stairs and called to the other girls that she was going to the library. They were too far into any work to put it away and go with her so she went alone. When she got there she saw that there was virtually no one there just a few Ravenclaw NEWT students preparing for the year. She went down every aisle and didn’t find a single book on magical pregnancies. There must be one she thought. Then her mind wandered to the only person who had a secret as big as her’s. Charlie. She had spoken with him a few times since he had gone back to Romania. Hermione returned to the common room to see that everyone was leaving for dinner. “You coming Hermione?” asked Ginny. “Yer, but I’ll follow you down. Harry do you mind if I use Hedwig to send a letter?” she asked as the group turned to leave. “Yer sure, she is upstairs in her cage.” Harry replied. Once everyone had left the common room Hermione sat at a table and picked up some parchment and a quill.

Dear Charlie
I have a big secret, well me and Fred do. You know we are going out and I’m sure one of your family has told you that we were caught asleep together. Well we have had sex a few times and we found out today that I’m pregnant. I know dramatic first day back at Hogwarts. The thing is no one can know and I need some magical pregnancy books. I’m sure pregnancies magical or not are very similar but I needed to know if there is anything I can’t do. You know like potions and stuff. Please help. But don’t tell Fred you know we said we wouldn’t tell anyone and if you do I will have to tell him about your big secret to explain why I trusted you. I hope you can help me please please help me. 
Love Hermione

When she finished the letter she ran up to the boy’s dormitory and unleashed Hedwig from her cage. She attached the letter and told her where to go. Hermione then walked down to the great hall and joined the others. Fred gave her a look as if to ask are you ok and Hermione mouthed tell you later. She now had all of dinner to come up with a reason. She decided to say that she wanted to write to Charlie about how everything is and to see if he knew anything about Umbridge as he had friends who worked in the ministry. When they were walking back to the common room Fred asked her why she stayed in the common room for a bit instead of coming to dinner and she told him the lie. He bought it as it seemed very plausible. The group of teenagers sat in the common room before going to bed, discussing what they thought the next day would hold. Harry, Hermione and Ron had defense against the dark arts with Umbridge and couldn’t wait to see what outrageous task she had them doing. She was bound to get them to do something silly like a first year defense spell. Hermione tired quickly after an extremely stressful day and decided to go to bed first. Fred got up as she did and walked her as far as he could to the dormitory. They kissed goodnight and he whispered into her ear “You will be an amazing mum”. He went back to the others and Hermione went up to bed. She was glad he thought so because she was still having her doubts. She drifted off to sleep once again thinking of the family she would have with Fred, but this dream was very different from the previous one. In this one she and him were living in a flat above the shop that Fred and George had bought. She had come home for the weekend from Hogwarts. She had come by floo powder and was stepping out of fireplace as Fred came into the living room carrying a small baby wrapped in blankets. She dusted herself off and was handed the baby and a bottle. She sat there talking with Fred and rocking the baby to sleep. Fred talked about how the shop was going and that they were going to need someone else to help in the shop so the twins could be working on products. Hermione suggested that she came and worked with him. Then she could be with her child and man and not at school doing her NEWTS. She didn’t need them if she was working in the family business. 
Fred was buzzing with excitement after leaving Hermione in the common room. He went over to Lee and George as she went to the table full of girls. He watched her walk away and it hit him again. He, Fred Weasley was going to be a dad. The shock of it was hitting him in waves. George looked at him with a puzzled face. “Don’t worry mate. It’s nothing for you to worry about” Fred said as he sat in between the two lads. The rest of the day went by as usual but Fred felt different as if his future finally counted. Whilst the other boys were mucking around he actually did homework. When George and Harry noticed he stopped not wanting them to see that something was different. Hermione had disappeared since they had gotten back from moaning myrtles bathroom. He hoped she was okay after all she was the love of his life and carrying his child. Hermione dashed pass them as they left for dinner. Ginny had asked her if she was coming and she said something about being down in a minute. Fred left her to it, if she wanted him there she would let him. He went with the others to the great hall and began to eat dinner. Hermione soon joined them and he relaxed upon seeing she was alright. Hermione and Fred walked back to the common room together. Chatting about what the lessons were going to be like tomorrow made him feel normal again. Hermione went to bed so Fred walked her to the stairs. He had to tell her what he had been thinking all day “You will be an amazing mum”. He couldn’t help but smile to himself as she went to sleep. He couldn’t wait till they could tell people, he wanted to share this joy inside of him.  


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