Finding myself: Hermione

I always believed I was muggleborn. That was until someone I never knew stepped into my life. Now I am completely different, I'm learning about my new family and I'm finding true love.


44. What to do

McGonagoll sat at her desk and looked down at her notes. "If everything goes according to plan, then I think your best option Miss Granger is to live at Grimmauld place with Mr Weasley and the child. We have agreed that you would be allowed to come to Hogwarts during the day to take your classes. It is that or you drop out." Hermione and Fred looked at each other and had a quick conversation with their eyes. "If those are my options then I guess that I will live with Fred and the baby and floo in every day." said Hermione, atleast that way she can finish her schooling. "Very well then Miss Granger. I will inform Dumbledore and when the time comes we will make further arrangements. You should know that even if we wanted to we can't allow you to be Head Girl if you aren't living here. I know that was one of your ambitions." McGonagoll wrote on a small piece of parchment. She rose from her seat at the desk and opened the window and whistled slightly. An owl swooped in through the open window and allowed McGonagoll to attach the note. The owl was black with small golden flecks. It flew back out of the window and headed towards Dumbledore's office. "Well now that that is settled I do believe it is time for you to leave Mr Weasley." McGonagoll started towards the door. "I suggest you say goodbye now and allow Miss Granger to have some rest." Fred and Hermione stood up and nodded at her. As the door to the office shut Fred encompassed Hermione in his arms. He kissed the top of her head and sighed as he breathed in her scent, tropical shampoo and mango body lotion. "I miss you every day, you know that." said Fred. Hermione moved her head and looked up into his eyes. "I miss you every day, but knowing that soon I will be able to see you every day is incredible." replied Hermione holding back tears. "I love you Fred Weasley" Fred moved his lips to hers and kissed them lightly. "I love you Hermione Granger and I love you baby girl" Fred knelt down and was talking to Hermione's stomach "It's me Daddy. I love you and mummy so much. I can't wait for you to be here so I can show you all the tricks and pranks that you're gonna play when you go to Hogwarts" He chuckled and stood back up. Hermione was suppressing a laugh and looked at him shaking her head. "Our little girl is going to be a good girl and not do any of the stupid shit she daddy does. She is going to be like her Mummy. She is going to be smart and brave. Daddy is smart baby girl but he doesn't show it" said Hermione placing her hands protectively over her bump. Fred smirked and replied cheekily "I think she will have your brains and beauty and my eye for mischief. She is going to be an evil genius". As Hermione laughed he pulled her back into his arms. "We really should think of a name for her other than baby girl." said Fred as he kissed the top of Hermione's head. "I have thought of one. Its a constellations, in memory of my dad, and her middle name could be Molly, from her amazing grandma." Hermione meekly replied watching for his expression. He beamed and asked "So whats the first name of my darling girl?". "Lyra, I think its a beautiful name but if you don't like it then we can change it" replied Hermione who held a secret smile on her lips. "I love it. I love you Hermione and I love you Lyra, but I think I have to go now. I hate leaving you." Fred's face fell and he kissed Hermione's lips and stomach. He walked towards the fireplace and blew her a kiss.

Once Fred disappeared from the fireplace Hermione turned and left the office. She realised that they had just officially named their baby. She bustled up to the Gryffindor tower and couldn't wait to tell Angelina and Ginny. She went through the portrait and saw Harry and Ron. Hermione was having an internal argument as to if she should tell them or not. She decided not to after all Ron was Fred's brother and he might want to tell his brothers himself. Hermione quickly said Hello and made an excuse of tiredness and bolted up the stairs to the girls dormitory. She went into Ginny's dorm first and quickly dragged her out and further up. After getting Angelina they sat on Hermione's bed and shut the curtains. Hermione quickly did a muffling spell to stop people from hearing. "I seem very good at those Hermione. Get a lot of practice?" winked Angelina. The pair chuckled as Ginny had a grim look on her face "Oi, that's still my brother". They looked at her and Hermione spoke "I know I am sorry Ginny. We decided on a name for the baby" she looked between her two friends. They beckoned for her to continue with eager faces. "Lyra Molly Weasley" said Hermione taking a breath after each word. Soon she was smothered into a tight hug by the girls. "Lyra is such a pretty name and mum is gonna love that her first grandbaby is named after her." said Ginny as she shook from excitement. The girls sat chatting about the baby and classes and everything else until Hermione let out a wide yawn. Angelina and Ginny bid Hermione good night and left the room. Hermione got under the covers and placed her hands on  her stomach. She fell asleep dreaming of the life she would have with Fred as her husband and their beautiful baby girl. 

Fred stood in the small room and looked around. He had big plans and was going to start on them soon, but for now he needed to go to sleep. He lay on his and Hermione's bed and planned in his head everything he wanted to do before she came home. Life was going to be good for them. Him, Hermione and baby Lyra 

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