Finding myself: Hermione

I always believed I was muggleborn. That was until someone I never knew stepped into my life. Now I am completely different, I'm learning about my new family and I'm finding true love.


40. What are you going to do

Hermione and Angelina looked between each other's stomachs. They both burst into tears and held each other tight. Ginny stood watching them for a second. That was until the pair opened their arms to her and pulled her into the embrace. The healer stood for a few minutes until she spoke up "I have informed Professor McGonagoll that one of you is pregnant. We are going to see her in a few minutes. There is much that needs to be discussed." The girls untangled their arms from each other and followed the healer to Professor McGonagoll's office. They went into the room and sat at a small round table with McGonagoll and the healer. Before McGonagoll had the chance to say anything a nervous voice said "I am so sorry professor I have let you down". Ginny, Hermione and Angelina all held hands and were trying to support each other. McGonagoll looked at the girl sympathetically and said "Its alright. I assume that Mr Weasley is the father. Well seeing as he isn't here to help look after you, you will be allowed to visit him whenever you choose. Also all the staff will be informed so that they can take safety precautions with you. Deadlines won't be as tight but I know you want to do well this year so we will help you in any way we can. It is also important that you have regular meeting with Madam Pomfrey. She will look after you until you have to leave for what we are going to call maternity leave. It would be unsafe and impractical for you to stay at the castle past seven months." McGonagoll tried to meet the girl's eyes. The healer looked down the chart and said "I would say that you are due around early June. It's important that you keep that in mind when planning things. You need to remember that your body will be changing rapidly. I suggest that the father is informed immediately, not only so he can make his dwellings suitable for a child but so he can support you as much as he can." As the healer finished she found the teens were getting up from their seats. "Like you said healer letters need to be written but what about apparation. Is that safe for the baby?" asked Ginny, who was speaking on behalf of the group. The healer breathed in shocked at how well they were taking this "Yes apparation is safe until about 5 months so you only have a few more months that you can do that." McGonagoll now interjected "That is why you may use the fireplace in my office whenever you need.". She looked as her student left the room. Her heart ached for her. The poor child was not only becoming a mother, but a mother to a child of one of the Weasley twins. That was going to be a lot to handle. 

Hermione and Angie were sat on their beds writing when Ginny walked back from a hot shower. "So you are both writing to the twins then?" the girls simply nodded. once their letters were done they let Ginny read them. 

My love,

I am pregnant. Please don't be angry. I don't know how it happened after all we are careful. I truly love you and if you will allow me I would like to see you as soon as I can.

love your girl

Ginny was shocked at how blunt the letter was but it was typical of the writer. The second she felt was a more intriguing read but a bit too graphic for her.

My dearest,

You are going to be an uncle. Your twin is going to need a lot of help understanding this. We were both asked by a healer if we were pregnant. Neither of us were able to answer so we did the spell and when I saw I wasn't pregnant I was overjoyed. We don't need that yet. I feel bad for wishing it upon her but I did. Anyways we need to be more cautious about birth control. We have a bit of a habit of getting to into it to stop and do the simple charms. I am sure you agree with me. If we can we are going to come and see you soon. Ginny is coming too as moral support. She already knows as she was with us.

With love

p.s. sorry that is so much to be told in a letter but there is no other way.

Ginny went to the cage in the corner of the room and removed Angelina's owl from it. She attached both letters and said to the twins. The owl flew out of the open window and was slowly becoming a small speck in the sky. She looked between the two exhausted and emotionally drained girls. "You both need to go to sleep. I will see you tomorrow." Ginny said as she left the girls with their thoughts. Hermione and Angelina silently got into bed and drifted off into a deep sleep. In one day everything had so dramatically changed. The question though, was it for better or worse? 

*A/N sorry for keeping you in further suspense but dont worry the next chapter will be up very soon. please comment and favourite and stuff. Its good to see what people think of the story. :)*

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