Finding myself: Hermione

I always believed I was muggleborn. That was until someone I never knew stepped into my life. Now I am completely different, I'm learning about my new family and I'm finding true love.


43. We've got news

Fred flooed into McGonagoll's office as early as possible the next day. He knew that Hermione would be awake and they really needed to talk about how they were going to tell his mum and dad for a second time that they were expecting a child. McGonagoll was unaware of this and sprung from her seat at the desk when Fred appeared. "Sorry Professor. I did want to talk to you actually." Fred said trying to sound apologetic. "Thanks alright Mr Weasley. I just wasn't expecting you. What is it you want to talk to me about then?" asked McGonagoll a puzzled look upon her face. It never bode well when a Weasley twin wanted to talk to her. "I am worried about Hermione and how it will work next year, with the baby and all that. I wanted to know if you had any ideas." said Fred running a hand through his ginger hair. "I have been thinking the same thing. I will speak to you and miss Granger this evening when you return from the burrow" The professors brow was creased as she thought about each option. She would present them tonight to the young couple. Fred nodded in agreement and moved to the door. "Good luck today Mr Weasley" called McGonagoll. Fred smiled and left the room. He walked slowly down the corridors thinking how he missed them but at the side time he didn't. When he reached the portrait of the fat lady he realised that he didn't have the password. She looked him up and down and said "Didn't you leave last year?". Fred pondered for a moment. If he told her no and she asked for the password he wouldn't have it, if he told her yes she wouldn't let him in. As he stood thinking the stress building up in his brain, the portrait hole opened. Hermione walked straight into him. He held onto her shoulders to stop her from falling. She looked up and smiled. He wrapped his arms around her shoulders pulling her into a warming hug. She placed her arms around his waist and squeezed. They both immediately relaxed and their nerves calmed. "I was coming to find you" they said in unison. Laughter broke out from the pair and they went back into the common room. Fred went to the sofa and patted the seat next to him. Hermione sat down and held his hand. "We need to talk about how we are going to tell them. I mean we are already engaged so I doubt they are going to think we are going to announce that again. I do think we should tell the others about that though. I haven't even told Georgie." said Fred. His deep blue eyes penetrating Hermione's chocolate brown ones as though sensing her feelings. "Ok, I agree with you and maybe we should just tell them. No messing around, just almost blurt it out." Fred nodded whilst chuckling "If you don't mind, I would like to tell them. I also whilst we are there want to see the boys and tell them." Fred's face dropped at the thought of his sons. They would never know their sister and their sister would never know them. Hermione leant down and recaptured his eyes. They were going to sit and wait for the others before flooing to the burrow. But first Hermione had somethings to share "I told Harry and Ron but don't worry they are ok." Fred nodded and looked at Hermione's worried face. "Sweetie, what's the matter? Don't say nothing, I can tell you are upset" said Fred, looking at his fiancée play with her hands. "What if it happens again? I don't think I could handle another child dying." spoke Hermione in such a quiet whisper that Fred could hardly hear her. "Oh 'Mione don't worry. It's different this time, we just have to be careful and keep an eye on you." replied Fred stroking her hair. She was now sat on top of Fred's lap and was silently sobbing into his shirt. He reached for her face and placed his big strong hands either side of her face. "Look at me. Everything will be fine and soon enough we will be holding a beautiful baby girl in our hands" said Fred softly. The couple held each other close and Hermione began to calm down. Ginny and Angelina were walking down the stairs to the common room when they saw the pair together. They stopped and listened trying to figure out whether it would be ok for them to go in. Fred looked at Hermione and pulled a small box from his pocket. "Here, I brought your engagement ring with me. I want you to wear it now, I don't care who knows that I am going to marry the most beautiful intelligent woman in the whole world." said Fred as he slipped the ring onto her finger. Hermione couldn't respond so kissed him passionately. She loved him with all her might and couldn't wait until they became a family. Angelina and Ginny were suddenly around her hugging her tightly. "Why didn't you tell us you were engaged?" asked Ginny with a beaming smile on her small pale face. Fred laughed and spoke for Hermione "We got engaged at Christmas. We were going to tell you but things took over." Ginny understood what he meant and continued to look at the ring. It was perfect for the couple. Simple and understated just like them. They were soon joined by a sleepy looking Ron and Harry. The group went to McGonagolls office and found it empty. They went to the fire place and all flooed into the burrow living room. 

"Mum they are here" shouted George. He hugged Angelina as they shared a sneaky kiss and then hugged Ginny and Ron. Their mother had now come into the living room and hugged all of her children and Harry and Hermione. She noticed that Hermione had her ring on and all but screamed "Ohh my goodness have you set a date?" Hermione stared at her for a moment and then realised what she said. "Oh no not yet Mrs Weasley. We haven't even had the chance talk about it yet." replied Hermione. Fred pulled her towards the sofa and his mother went to an arm chair. Hermione looked around the small group and said as calmly as she could "We are having a baby." Mrs Weasley jumped up and hugged her son and soon to be daughter in law to her. "Oh I am so happy for you. Do you know the sex yet? When is it due? What are you going to do when they baby is born?" She asked all the questions whilst still holding the pair in a rip braking hug. "Uh mum could you release us please" asked Fred. She let them go and they breathed deeply. Fred sat back into the sofa and said "Yes we are having a little girl in around June" Mrs Weasley sat there with a large smile and said "Oh that's perfect you will have finished school for the year well before the baby is born then." She directed her attention to Hermione who nodded excitedly. "I am so excited, but I do have to ask some obvious questions too." said Mrs Weasley, her tone calmed as she tried to act seriously. "Where are you going to live and what's going to happen next year? You will be in your last year at Hogwarts." These questions had been circling Hermione head too and she had thought deeply about it over the night. "If its ok with Fred, I thought we would live in Grimmauld place and I could study for my NEWT's but I just wouldn't stay at Hogwarts." said Hermione as she looked to Fred for support and encouragement. "We are actually having a conversation about it with McGonagoll when we get back so I will owl you mum when we know." Now that the serious discussion was out of the way excitement once again bubbled up. They spent the rest of the day talking about the baby and everything else. "Oh merlin, Fred what are we going to call her?" called Hermione across the room. Mrs Weasley and the girls surrounded her whilst Fred was surrounded by his brother and now his father as well. "I don't know. Lets have a think, we have plenty of time." replied Fred. He father stood proudly next to him seeing how mature his son was becoming. Though all too soon the teens had return to Hogwarts. They stepped into the fireplace at the burrow and within an instant where stepping out into McGonagoll's office. Hermione and Fred said goodbye to the others and sat at the large wooden desk. Nervousness emitted from them as they waited for McGonagoll to start.  

*A/N So what should the baby be called I am taking ideas??? Thank you for all the support*

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