Finding myself: Hermione

I always believed I was muggleborn. That was until someone I never knew stepped into my life. Now I am completely different, I'm learning about my new family and I'm finding true love.


29. Umbridge's arrival

Dumbledore had done his usual speech and was introducing the new teachers. A short woman wearing all pink stood up and came to the front. She started to talk about progress and the minister for magic. Harry said that she was at his hearing. “This is a load of crap” said Ron. “Actually Ron, it’s very informative” replied Hermione. Fred was sat next to her and the twins had already decided they didn’t like her. “How so Hermione?” asked Ron. He had gotten use to his brother and Hermione being together and was now acting like normal when around them. “What she is saying basically shows that the ministry are trying to interfere in Hogwarts” she said. They all turned and looked at her. Hermione was too busy thinking about her potential situation than worrying about why the ministry were trying to get involved with the ministry. She looked down at her stomach and Fred placed his hand on it, “Don’t worry, whatever happens I am here for you” he whispered into her ear. The table filled with food and chatter. Everyone sat there and stuffed their faces. Ron was shovelling as much food as he could into his mouth. It made Hermione gag. She had put a small amount of her plate and she felt sick. Fred, Harry, George, Ginny and Angelina all had much more food than Hermione did. Not that anyone noticed they were too busy eating their own food. When dessert vanished from the table they all got up. Hermione and Ron had been made prefects so they had to help the first years to their dormitories. When Hermione’s head finally hit the pillow she fell straight to sleep. The stress had seeped to her dreams. She dreamt of her and Fred living at the burrow with a large family, including a set of twins, but unlike Fred and George they were girls. Hermione went into the kitchen and saw an older Fred sat at the table. He looked up at her and smiled. He had a small baby in his arms. Hermione passed him a bottle and watched him feed their latest new born. 
Hermione woke up knowing she had to find out today if she was pregnant and that she had to tell Fred. She needed him there when she checked. She got dressed and thought about her dream. She thought about how good of a father Fred would be and what a sweet family they could have. When Hermione got to the common room as Fred, George, Lee Jordan, Harry and Ron were coming down from the boy’s dormitory. “umm Fred can I talk to you?” asked Hermione ringing her hands. The group of boys all made noises and comments as Fred walked over to her. Lee could be seen doing a whipping motion. The pair stood in a corner so no one would be able to hear them. “I remembered I can actually find out today so do you want to meet me later and we can find out?” said Hermione. Fred nodded and gave her a passionate kiss. Although he had a first been scared of getting her pregnant, he wasn’t so scared now. Fred was excited at potentially becoming a dad. He knew he was ready but was Hermione ready for that kind of commitment. “We both have free periods this afternoon so meet me in moaning Myrtle’s bathroom after lunch” she said and left to go for breakfast. Fred re-joined the group of lads and went to the great hall. “None of your business alright boys” said Fred as he was questioned what that was about. George knew it must have something to do with them having unprotected sex. 
After lunch Fred walked off quickly before anyone could catch up to him. He went into the bathrooms and waited for Hermione nervously. She came through the door and said his name. He had been hiding in a cubicle just in case a girl came in. Hermione stood in front of him and he touched her hair. “Shall we get this over with then?” said Hermione as she held her wand. He nodded and watched her lift her shirt and speak “Revelio”. She shut her eyes but Fred continued to watch. “Hermione what am I looking for?” he asked as her stomach went transparent. “If there is an orange light then I am pregnant” she spoke bluntly but kept her eyes shut. He looked away from her stomach and pulled her into a hug. “What? What was there?” Hermione asked. Fred couldn’t speak only hold her close.  


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