Finding myself: Hermione

I always believed I was muggleborn. That was until someone I never knew stepped into my life. Now I am completely different, I'm learning about my new family and I'm finding true love.


42. Truths

"umm what do you guys mean? I have nothing to tell you." said Hermione. She and Angelina pushed past the boys and walked quickly a way from them. "We know about the baby. McGonagoll accidentally told us." Said Harry as he caught up to Hermione. "Why didn't you tell us?" asked Ron. They grabbed Hermione's arms and halted to a stop. "I thought maybe I should talk to the father of my child before telling you. Besides me and Fred had a lot to decide, like when we were going to tell everyone." Hermione answered their questions calmly and removed their hands from her. Angelina stood anxiously to the side not wanting to say anything. Hermione continued to walk to the common room and the others followed in her midsts. "So when are you telling everyone?" asked Harry nervous about being yelled at. "We are going to see Mr and Mrs Weasley tomorrow to tell them. You lot are all coming to. I asked McGonagoll and she is allowing us to go. Please act surprised when we announce it okay?" said Hermione. They reached the portrait hole and Angelina spoke the password. The group went through the hole and saw Ginny waiting for them. "Hermione, how did Fred take it? I mean he must be nervous." Angelina walked up to Ginny and whispered into her ear "There is something you need to know". The pair shared a look and went up the stairs to the dormitory. Hermione looked between her two friends and told them "I am going upstairs. I am tired and emotional. Please don't mention this situation to anyone. I am going to tell everyone when the time is ready." She walked away from a stunned Harry and Ron. There was so much more they wanted to know but they could always ask tomorrow. 

Hermione went into her room and saw Ginny and Angelina sat on her bed. "I haven't told her anything yet. I thought you would want to tell her." Angelina said as she got up off the bed. Hermione nodded in thanks and shut the door. They checked no one was listening and cast a muffing spell. Hermione sat on her bed across from Ginny. Angelina was sat next to Hermione. This was the first time you would hear the girl talk of it. A box of tissues were within easy reach of all the girls. "Ginny, this isn't the first time I've been pregnant. Last summer after you all caught me and Fred together, we slept with each other a couple more times before school. It was and is incredible feeling so close to him. We kept forgetting to use the protective charms. Me and Fred found out that I was pregnant. We were so happy but couldn't tell anyone. I told Charlie and he helped us to get pregnancy books and stuff. I read them but they never said that a miscarriage could be caused by being in a small confined space with lots of spells going off. That's how I lost the twins. At Christmas, we told your mum and dad and my dad. Remember I was in St Mungo's that's when I lost the babies. We were going to call them Sirius and Arthur after our dads. We buried the boys and then came back to the house. It killed us to keep it a secret from you all but we didn't want to hurt any of you. I am so sorry I never told you. Maybe if we had then I would still have my boys." Hermione's face was streaked with tears and the other girls were holding tissues close to their eyes. Ginny wrapped her arms around Hermione and Angelina wrapped hers around the both of them. "Hermione, I am so sorry you and Fred had to go through that alone." said Ginny. The girls sat there just holding each other for a few minutes. Once they let go they all smiled. "So I am guessing Fred is happy to becoming a dad again?" asked Ginny with a slight smirk at the idea of one of the twins being responsible. "Yer, he is so excited. I know she is going to be a total daddy's girl though." Hermione smiled to herself, just thinking about how much attention her little girl would get from him. "What? I am getting a niece?" Ginny practically screamed with excitement. Hermione had forgotten to mention that the baby was girl. Angelina spoke up "Yer and they are having the baby right after school finishes for the year. Isn't that just perfect?". Ginny agreed but had to ask "So what is going to happen? Are you leaving early this year to have the baby? Are you coming back next year?" Hermione had not thought about this yet. "oh god I hadn't thought of any of this. I need to talk to Fred about it tomorrow." The girl was now pacing try to think what to do, a hand over her stomach as if to protect her baby. "Sorry Hermione I didn't mean to stress you about" said Ginny, the red haired girl pulled Hermione back to the bed and made her lie down. Ginny and Angelina went to the bathroom door and had a whispered conversation "Maybe you should write to Fred and tell him how stressed she is getting. I am seriously worried about her and she has only know for a few days." Ginny whispered to Angelina. Both of the girls had concerned looks on their face. "Ok. I'll go write to the boys. Hopefully though tomorrow will clear every thing up. Mrs Weasley always knows what to do." said Angelina. She left the room and went to the common room to write a letter to the twins.


Hermione has started to freak out a little. Ginny asked about what was going to happen with the baby next year and if Hermione will come back. I think she is worried that she will lose this baby as well. Me and Ginny are trying to help her and look after her, but Fred she needs you. I don't know what to say to make her feel better. Have you told Mrs Weasley that we are all coming over tomorrow?


Angelina went and sent the owl, worried about what the twins had been doing since they left. How was Fred really handling becoming a father again. After all his twins had died before. How would they cope if that happened again. 


Once Hermione and Angelina had left Fred turned to his twin. "Come on. There is something we need to do." said Fred, he walked to get his coat and left George by the fireplace. When Fred came back into the room George motioned for him to sit. "Fred, how are you doing mate?" asked George. Fred looked at him and replied "I am over the moon. Once again me and Hermione are going to have a family. I love her and I love our baby." George seemed convinced and allowed his brother to apparate him to their destination.  

After a long day of Fred leading George all about the place, they finally ended up back in the kitchen of Grimmauld place. "I can't believe you dragged me around all day. Anyway's I am far too tired to even eat so I am going to bed. Tomorrow is going to be a long day." George made his way to the stairs and slowly pulled himself up them. Fred shook his head and sat at the table. He was overjoyed to be having a baby with Hermione, again. This time they were doing it properly. Telling his mum and dad was on the top of his list. He was lost in thought until a owl tapped on the window. Fred got up from the table and walked up to the window. He opened it and allowed the owl to come into the room. It held it's leg out and Fred took off the letter. He quickly read it and immediately became worried about Hermione. He couldn't and wouldn't have her stressed out. He wrote a quick reply and tied it to the patiently waiting bird.


Try and keep her as calm as possible. I will see you all tomorrow and then we can chat about that. I have to be honest I am so scared about becoming a dad but I couldn't be happier. I love her and she is my world. God I wish I was there to protect her but there is no way she would drop out of Hogwarts and there are only a few limited options for me to come back. Unless I became a teacher there is no shot in hell of me coming back. I will talk to McGonagoll about it.


The owl flew back into the dark skies above the lights of London and Fred turned back to the table. He smiled to himself, tomorrow is going to be great he thought. Fred walked up to his and Hermione's room. As he passed Sirius's door he kissed his fingers and put it to the frame. He had grown accustom to doing it. It was a small sign of respect to the love of his lifes father even if he had tried to kill him a few times. Fred fell into a quick slumber once he reached the bed. He held Hermione's pillow tightly to him and sniffed. It still had her sweet smell on it which made him smile. Tomorrow couldn't come soon enough in his mind. 

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