Finding myself: Hermione

I always believed I was muggleborn. That was until someone I never knew stepped into my life. Now I am completely different, I'm learning about my new family and I'm finding true love.


19. The Yule Ball

After the first trial the school buzzed with excitement for the upcoming dance called the Yule Ball. All the girls were excited to see who was going to be asked to go by which boys. If Ginny was asked by a fourth year then she could go, so all the girls were working on finding someone for her to go with. It turned out that they didn't have to. "Nevilles just asked me to go to the Yule Ball with him." said Ginny as she bounded into the shared bathrooms. Angelina, Hermione and the rest of the Gryffindor girls were in there gossiping about the boys and trying out new hair styles and make up for the dance. Cheers went up and Ginny was grabbed in to a hug. Talking erupted about who had been asked, by who and who hadn't yet been asked. Hermione remained quiet until Angelina asked her if she was going with anyone yet, "Ahh you will just have to see won't you." She knew that she was going with Viktor as he had asked her earlier that day in the library. He kept going in there just to sit and watch her study. He had walked over and bowed to him and asked in a very attractive Bulgarian accent "Hermione Granger, would you accompany me to the Yule Ball?" She immediately replied with "yes of course I would." "Okay I shall meet you at the bottom of the Grand staircase just before it starts" with that he left and she was sat blushing to herself. So Charlie was right he did like her. 

There was so many people who had study periods that they couldn't all fit in one room so these were now being held in the great hall. Hermione was sat with Ron and Harry with the twins opposite. They were all talking about who to go to the ball with and a note from George was passed to Ron. Hermione glanced over and read it

hurry up or all the good ones will have gone

She scolded at it and saw Fred noticed he looked down in shame at what his brother had written and had an apologetic look on his face. "Who are you going with then" whispered Ron. George scrunched up the paper and threw it at Angelina. She looked at him and was ready to give him a sarcastic response to whatever he said. To her surprise he signalled a message to her which was would you like to go to the ball with me?. She replied quickly with Yer okay. Hermione knew she liked George and was glad he had finally asked her. Hermione returned to her work only to be interrupted by Ron. He said that it was just sad if a girl turned up alone. Ohh she couldn't wait to see his face when she turned up with Viktor. He tried to copy George and has hit on the head by an infuriated Snape. "If you must know someone's already asked me" she handed her book to Snape "And I said yes" Angelina chuckled and was glad Hermione was sticking up for herself. 

The girls had organised to go to Hogsmeade and buy their dresses on Thursday as they were given the afternoon off. Charlie was still at Hogwarts so he agreed to go with them to help them get a man's perspective. They walked down to Hogsmeade and Charlie was told who was going with who all expect Hermione. "Oh go on Hermione tell me who it is. I know it isn't Ron as you made it very clear to him  you were already taken." said Charlie. "Fine I will tell you and only you later" with this remark the other girls sighed they hated the suspense and wanted to know who she was going with so that they could help her find a dress. They went straight to the dress shop in the village and were greeted by hundreds of dress all lined up. "We have had thousands of dresses brought in just for the Yule Ball" said the woman. The girls went through every rack giving each other dresses and picking up some of their own. Hermione pulled out a gorgeous red halter neck dress and handed it to Angelina. Once each of the girls had about 10 dresses they went to the dressing rooms. Hermione went into one and was followed by Charlie, which was noted by the girls and many ohhhhs went up. "So please tell me, who is taking you to the Yule ball? Who stole my girl from me?" begged Charlie. "Don't react to much but I'm going with" she lowered her voice "Viktor Krum" "Oh my goodness. I can't believe it I knew it. So no one else has asked you then?" Charlie yelped before the girls began to plead who is she going with. He was pushed out of the changing room and sat on the sofa that had been set up. He sat there and said "right ladies first dress time". The girls stepped out of the dressing rooms. There were nine girls in total. Charlie made each of the twirl and show them the back. For each of the girls Charlie gave his male opinion and the other girls then said what they thought. Katie was wearing a hot pink dress that stopped at her knees and had small straps. "Wow Katie that looks perfect on you and its a great colour" Charlie said all the girls agreed and she got changed out of it and placed back the other dresses as she knew she had found the right one. Angelina was trying on a cream and gold that made her look like a big candle. Charlie got to her next and just turned her around and pushed her back into the dressing room, stating that unless she wanted George to try and light her head on fire she should try something else. She went back in and Hermione shouted to her "Oh Angelina try on the red dress I picked for you." Charlie moved around to Lavender and asked "Now who are you accompanying my lady?". He bowed in front of her as she said "Seamus Finnigan". Lavender was wearing a little green dress that reached the floor and was cut to show just the right amount of cleavage. "I must say you look stunning and the green goes great with your eyes" Charlie said and Hannah added "Yer he won't know what's hit him when he sees you". Lavender blushed and murmured something about she hoped it made a lot people take notice. Cho chang had gone with the girls and looked very weird in a black dress that finished on her thigh. The girls gave her a look and with that she turned and went to change. At this point Angelina came out with a robe around her demanding that Charlie dealt with the others before she showed them it. Padma and Parvati Patil had announced that they were going with Ron and Harry. The girls and Charlie weren't sure even they knew which one they were going with. Padma and Parvati came out wearing matching orange dresses. They both looked uncomfortable and looked at each other and shook their heads. Romilda Vane was in a purple flowing dress. She looked incredible and decided she couldn't be bothered to try on more dresses. All she cared about was that she looked good for the Durmstrang boy she was going with. Charlie turned to see his little sister Ginny in a little pink and green dress. She looked very cute in it and he told her that he would buy it for her as long as it was that one as he caught a look at the other dresses she had. He thought they were all too mature for her and their mum would kill him if he let her get a slutty dress. Finally he reached Hermione who was wearing a blue dress that was made of an odd fabric. Angelina looked at Hermione and then at Charlie, "Sweetie that doesn't suit you at all and the boys won't like it". Hermione nodded and started back towards her changing room until she whipped round and said "What do you mean the boys? Don't you mean Viktor?" she asked as she looked between Charlie and Angelina. "Nothing, I mean if any other boys were to like you then you want to look your best don't you" Angelina answered as she nudged Hermione into the dressing room "ohh try on that lilac one it looks beautiful". Angelina turned around as she shut the curtain and whispered to the rest of the girls "Can't she see how that Fred and Ron both like her? She could have her pick of them" Cho chang came out of the dressing room in a lilac dress that swamped her. "Cho you look like a big french fancy" laughed Lavender. With that Cho huffed and went back into the dressing room. Padma and Parvarti came back out and were in pretty sari's. It suited them perfectly and that only left Hermione and Angelina to find THE dress. "Hurry up Hermione we haven't got all day" shouted Charlie before slipping through the curtain to see if she needed any help. "Oh my God Hermione. You look incredible get out there and show them all." she was shoved out of the dressing room and stood awaiting a response from the girls who's approval she craved. They stared with mouths ajar. "You look incredible. the boys won't be able to control themselves" said Katie. Angelina then dropped the robe and allowed the girls to look at the stunning red dress. The girls knew they were done so got changed and paid for their dresses. Charlie walked them back to the school and made sure that no one especially the boys would be able to see the dresses before the Yule ball. 

A few days later it was the Yule ball. Everyone was given the day off of lessons. The Gryffindor girls included the younger years who weren't allowed to go to the ball were sat in the communal bathrooms. The girls were helping each other do their hair and make up. When they were ready they went and got into their dresses. "Are you coming Hermione?" asked Angelina who looked stunning with her long black hair flowing down her back. "Yer i'll be done in a minute." replied Hermione. She stood at the top of the dormitory stairs and watched as everyone left. She slowly crept down the stairs and into the common room. Thinking she was alone she began to talk to herself "I can't believe I am doing this. Oh god should I have said yes to him?" "I think you chose wrong. But maybe it was my fault. I should have asked you before he did" Fred said as he came out of the shadows. "Ahh well we should go down" Fred finished as he headed towards the staircase "You look beautiful by the way". 

Hermione had walked nervously behind Fred and waited for him to go into the hall before she came around the corner and down the final steps. Viktor met her at the last one and took her hand. She smiled at him but inside she knew she was going with the wrong man. They were paraded into the hall and she glanced around as she walked to the middle of the dancefloor, her eyes met Fred's all she wanted to do was run to him and hug him but she couldn't do that to Viktor. George was stood next to Fred and saw the longing look in his eyes as he watched Hermione dance, but when Fred caught a glimpse of Viktor Krum he looked like his blood was boiling. Fred watched as more people joined in the dancing. He saw Viktor kiss Hermione on the cheek and whisper to her. Before Fred had to watch any more he walked off back towards the common room. "I'll be back in one sec Angelina ok" George left without saying another word. "Freddie. I know you like her, but have you told her how you feel? How do you know she doesn't feel the same way?" George said in a quiet voice as he entered the boys dormitory. "I told her tonight that she was going with the wrong guy. I walked slowly down the stairs. I gave her every chance to stop me and tell me how she felt. But she didn't. She doesn't like me. She likes a idiot guy who is famous and is adored by all of the girls. Who likes me? NO ONE" Fred finished his angry speech and wiped the last tear from his face. "Go have fun Georgie. I'll see you in the morning" 

"Ron you spoil everything" yelled Hermione as Ron hounded her about Viktor. "You can't decide for me who I go out with or who I like ok. Now go to bed, both of you" as Harry appeared near by. They ran up the stairs and went to the Gryffindor common room. Hermione sat on the stairs and started to cry. Angelina and George came onto the stairs. "Oh my god Hermione what's the matter?" asked Angelina. They sat either side of her and let Hermione get everything out "Why did Fred not ask me first? I know I like him but I don't know how much? Don't tell Ron, I can't cope with him being a prat about it. All tonight I've been thinking is why did I say yes? I should have told him maybe and then Fred could have asked me." Hermione sobbed the last few sentences into Angelinas shoulder. The couple helped the sobbing girl up stairs and Angelina with the help of Katie Bell got her out of her dress and into bed. 

"Freddie I have amazing news" George whispered to the bed next to his and he was getting changed. Fred didn't answer so George went to sleep.  

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