Finding myself: Hermione

I always believed I was muggleborn. That was until someone I never knew stepped into my life. Now I am completely different, I'm learning about my new family and I'm finding true love.


22. The Third task

Everyone had been told where to go earlier that day at breakfast to watch the third and final task. Hermione was glad it was over as then she would be rid of Krum and wouldn't have to worry about Harry's safety any more. When they got there all the eye could see was forest. The final task was a maze. The champions had to go into the maze and find the Triwizard cup. Whoever found it first won. Harry and Cedric were tied in first place so they went in at the same time. It wasn't long until Krum was allowed to go in and then finally Fleur. The problem for the supporters was the same as with the second task. You couldn't see what was happening so you couldn't know who was winning. Suddenly red flares went up into the sky. That mean't someone was hurt and wanted out of the maze. Hermione's hand shot into Fred's but everyone to too focused on the flares to notice. He squeezed her hand and tried to calmer her down, knowing Harry wouldn't give up that easily. 

Teachers and other ministry staff went to the flares and someone was pulled up out of the maze. It was Fleur, like that surprised anyone. "Oh thank god" escaped Hermione. She didn't let go of Fred's hand which made him happy. Time went by and everyone had begun to get bored. All the spectators had started on their feet by were now sat down and were chatting away. Fred and Hermione's hands had parted by they were all sat together and were discussing who they thought would win. As Fred said "I hope dumb krum doesn't win. His head couldn't get any bigger" red flares once again went up. Everyone in the stadium left to their feet trying to glimpse who was being brought out of the maze. A cold glazed looking Krum appeared. Ministry officials went over to him and performed a number of spells on him. "What are they checking for? They didn't do that to Fleur" Ron asked Hermione. "They are trying to determine who has used the imperious curse on him. Did you see his eyes when they brought him back? They were empty and glazed over typical signs of it" replied Hermione. "You seemed to have been looking at his eyes quite a bit Hermione" said a clearly jealous Fred. "No I just noticed ok." Hermione looked at him with eyes that begged him to be reasonable as she was fearful for Harry and had had a bad feeling about this tournament from the beginning. A loud snap was heard and the staff looked around clearly expecting someone to have appeared. The ministry officals and most important teachers huddled together and whispered to each other. "Don't worry I'm sure the winner will appear soon enough." bellowed Percy Weasley who had replaced Mr crouch since he had died. Fred and George looked at each other and knew something wasn't right, when was Percy ever right about something like this. 

Over an hour later and no one had appeared. They had the band playing over and over the same songs to keep people entertained. A loud snap was heard for the second time that night. Harry and Cedric were on the floor with the cup near by. Mr Diggory and Mr Weasley cheered and went down to congratulate their lads. It was only when Fleur screamed that people realised something wasn't right. Mr Diggory ran to his son as Harry directed to Dumbledore more than anyone "He's back. Voldemorts back. I tried to stop him." People were trying to pull Harry from Cedric's body but he wouldn't let go. Mr Diggory had reached his son and screamed to the gods "NO my boy". Harry still clung tightly to Cedric and cried into his shirt "He wanted me to bring his body back and I couldn't leave him there. Not there" Moody dragged him to his feet and pulled him away. Hermione had turned and was sobbing into Fred's shoulder. He couldn't take his eyes off Cedric. That could have been me, he thought. Fred said to himself over and over again "I will never put myself in danger if Hermione doesn't agree. She knows best." He stroked her hair as she sobbed. Dumbledore was looking around. What or who was he looking for? Harry wasn't there and neither was Mad eye. Dumbledore, Snape and Mcgonagoll fled to the school. "somethings not right" said Fred to George as quietly as he could. "Harry and mad eye aren't here and Dumbledore, Snape and Mcgonagoll have just ran towards the school" Fred and George had their heads pressed together as their girlfriends hid their faces in their shoulders. "Did you just say Dumbledore went after Harry" Hermione's meek voice asked. "Yer, see I know something's not right". They stayed at the stadium and looked after the others that were mourning. Mr Diggory's screams and sobs were over powering any other sound. Suddenly as if the magic was leaving him Mr Diggory flung his arms open in the air and the maze collapsed into thousands of small green birds. The birds flew into the air and swarmed over head until they flew towards the castle and disappeared from view. Students were slowly and carefully been escorted up to the Castle. Fred and held tight to Ginny and Hermione, which made Ron think that he was just being brotherly to Hermione. When they got into the castle they heard what had happened to harry and mad eye. It had turned out that Barty Crouch Jr had escaped from Azkaban and taken mad eye hostage. He posed as Mad eye to get to Harry. Harry was sat in the common room by the time they all came in. They sat up and comforted each other. People couldn't believe that Voldemort was back and that Cedric had died. 

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