Finding myself: Hermione

I always believed I was muggleborn. That was until someone I never knew stepped into my life. Now I am completely different, I'm learning about my new family and I'm finding true love.


26. The morning after

The sunlight streamed through the slightly ajar curtains. Hermione woke up before Fred did. She lay there in his arms looking at him sleeping. There was a knock at the door, "Hermione, Angelina, Mum says you have to get up now" Ron's voice came through the door clearly. "piss off Ron" said Fred, before his eyes shot open and his hands flew to his mouth. The muffling spells had worn off "Fred" asked a confused Ron. Fred jumped out of the bed and pulled on his boxers. He dove to the other side of the bed and went down to the ground. Hermione pulled on her pyjamas and opened the door, "What you going on about Ron? That was Angelina". She was trying to not make eye contact and couldn't help but touch her eyebrows. Ron knew she was lying. He shoved her out of the way and swung the door open wide. "WHERE IS HE?" Ron yelled  more to the room than Hermione. The others were now running up the stairs asking what was happening. They reached the doorway as Ron went around the bed. He scrapped on the floor with Fred out of view of everyone else. All they could hear was "Get off me" "How could you" "If you have hurt her I will kill YOU". "What is going on?" asked Sirius who had just gotten back from helping look after Remus. He looked at everyone and at Hermione. Their faces gave no answers. "Lets see what Sirius makes of you sleeping in here with his daughter" said Ron as he pulled Fred up. He stood there in only his boxers with scratches over his chest were Ron had clawed at him. "What did you say?" Sirius growled. "HE slept in here with Hermione" said Ron who had now let Fred go and had moved away from him. "Sirius it isn't like that. I love Hermione, we have been dating for months. But we agreed not to tell anyone so we could deal with Ron when we were ready. I swear Sirius, I would never hurt her" Fred pleaded going to grab his trousers. Sirius yanked them from him and shoved Fred back to the floor. "HOW dare you even touch her. I don't care what you say! Leave my daughter alone" Hermione ran to where her dad and her lover were fighting, well more like where her dad was beating her lover up. "Please Dad stop. I love Fred. Don't hurt him." Hermione was on her knees next to them pleaded with her father. Sirius stood up before punching Fred square in the jaw. "That's for sharing a bed with my daughter" Sirius said. Hermione pulled Fred to her and looked at the bruises he had sustained from fighting his brother and her father. She used her wand to clear the colour from them so they weren't visible. The Weasley's hadn't moved from the doorway. Hermione looked at Mrs Weasley and quickly put her head down in shame. "Don't be ashamed Hermione. I had a feeling you liked each other." Mrs Weasley walked over and comforted the couple. Angelina and George walked onto the landing. George came into the room first and said "I know you were going to tell them soon, but this is a bit too dramatic mate" he laughed and Angelina chuckled behind him. "Oh Ron you have scratched him all over just look at his back" said Mrs Weasley who was walking around Fred who sat with his legs near his chest. He and Hermione both looked at each other. "I'm sure he will be fine Mrs Weasley" Hermione got up and quickly gave Fred his t-shirt. He pulled it over his head and got up and went to his room. Ron looked at Hermione in disgust and anger. He clearly had feelings for her and they weren't the brotherly kind. Hermione was ushered out of the guest room and to her own room by Ginny. 

"First of all, you could have told me you and Fred were dating and secondly what did happen last night?" Ginny asked Hermione the minute they shut the bedroom door. Hermione began to get changed and didn't answer but blushed. "Oh come on 'Mione spill the beans. How long have you been going out? Who asked who? When did it happen? And why were you together all night?" Ginny bombarded Hermione with questions. Hermione sat at the top of the double bed and Ginny at the bottom. "Well you know when he had that fight with Krum? We kind of just decided we liked each other and said we would give it a go. We used to slip away and see each other all the time. We would talk and laugh and joke around. We would kiss and he would hold me tight. It was amazing and incredible, but last night was something else. Angelina and George were all over each other so it was decided that they would sleep together in Fred and Georges room and Me and Fred in the Guest room. We kissed and then we sort of had sex. Twice" Hermione was looking at Ginny. She fake gagged but then smiled at Hermione. She was glad her brother and virtual sister were happy together. Even if the thought of them doing it grossed her out. "That's so sweet. I'm glad you two are together you suit each other. What the hell are you going to do about Ron?" Ginny said as she magicked herself her nail polish bag and began to paint her toes. "I have no idea. Hopefully he will calm down and me and Fred can talk to him. Besides, I'm not even worried about Ron any more at least he knows. I'm worried about Harry. How's he going to take this?" said Hermione as she remembered that the order were going to pick up Harry today. "Ha ha ha. Have fun with that." replied Ginny who was now beaming with joy for Harry's arrival. 

Fred to was questioned but by Sirius and Mr Weasley. They had taken him to the kitchen and made sure no one but Mrs Weasley could get in or out. "Fred you need to understand, that we this talk has to happened, before anything else happens" said Mr Weasley. Fred had been trying to get out of this horrible conversation that George had received at the beginning of the summer. He had look pertified when he returned from it and wouldn't tell Fred a thing. "Look here boy. If you are going to date my daughter, you aren't going to do anything to her she doesn't want." Sirius interjected. Fred was now fearful of him which he hadn't expected. "If you do, do stuff with her, you are going to protect her and not hurt her" Fred was nodding trying to show that he understood without admitting they had already slept together. Mr Weasley stood up and walked closer to where Fred sat. "There are a number of spells you can do to prevent you from, how can I put this." Mr Weasley was interrupted by Sirius "Getting my daughter pregnant" "Yes thank you Sirius. I am going to show you how to do the spells and then we know that you are being safe." Fred cringed but nodded at his father. Sirius apparated from the room and left Mr Weasley to show Fred the spells. After a few minutes, Fred asked his father "Are there any spells to make sure the girl isn't pregnant after sex?". He knew he was going to be scolded for it and but he had to ask. In the heat of the moment last night he hadn't even thought about it. "No there isn't Fred. Wait a second why are you asking? Did you and Hermione umm you know uhh last night?" asked a very awkward Mr Weasley. Fred nodded his head and then hung it in shame. "Oh Fred, Don't let Sirius know or he may just kill you?" Mr Weasley said. He finished teaching Fred the spells without another word. 

Mrs Weasley had gone and gotten Hermione from her room and taken her to Mr and Mrs Weasley's room. "I think we need to have a chat seeing as your mum isn't accustom with wizard sex. It's a bit different you see. I know that muggles use condoms is it?" Hermione nodded going pink "Well you can't you then with magical men, your father proved that. Umm anyways the magic pulsating through them causes them to break so magic has to be used to protect from pregnancy. So Arthur and Sirius are talking to Fred about what he can use and I am going to talk to you about what spells you can do. Is that ok?" Mrs Weasley was using a calm and comforting voice but she had a suspicion that more than sleeping had happened in that room over night. "Ok so to do all of the possible spells you must point your wand at your womb and say the incantation." Hermione quickly got the hang of it and Mrs Weasley decided to show her something else. "So Hermione, I think I should show you something just in case you think you might be pregnant ok. You point your wand once again at your womb and say revelio. If a orange light appears when you skin has gone transparent it means you're pregnant. If no light, then no baby. Hermione, dear, I hope you don't mind me asking but did something happen last night?" She looked at Hermione with curiosity, nothing less and nothing more, just curiosity. Hermione nodded "Yer we made love . . . . . twice" Mrs Weasley looked shocked and then asked "Do you love him?" "Yes of course I do, I love him more than I can ever tell you" Replied Hermione who was amazed that Mrs Weasley was taking this so well. 

When Hermione was finished with Mrs Weasley she was pulled into a room by Angelina. "Ginny has told me what you did last night you bad girl." Angelina was smiling at Hermione who blushed. "What was it like?" "It was incredible. You know when Mrs Weasley said about the scratches on his back, well that was actually my fault not Ron's" Hermione replied. Angelina giggled and said "You dirty girl but I'm glad you enjoyed yourself. I know you have just had the talk with Mrs Weasley but be careful. Sirius will kill Fred if you get pregnant!" The girls laughed and then went down stairs as Angelina was going home soon. Fred and Hermione looked at each other and hugged one another much to Ron's disgust. They whispered to each other what had been going on in the kitchen and upstairs bedrooms. Fred was blushing a lot especially after being told what his mother had been doing. Everyone had said bye to Angelina and she stepped into the fire place and went hope. George sat on the sofa for the rest of the day as if half of him was gone. Fred and Hermione weren't allowed to both be out of site so they remained in the kitchen with the grown ups. Ron had decided to sulk in his room until Harry got there. Ginny was with everyone else in the kitchen. She was rapidly becoming more excited about Harry's arrival. "Don't worry Gin, the order are going to get Harry soon" said Fred who had his hand on Hermione's back. 

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