Finding myself: Hermione

I always believed I was muggleborn. That was until someone I never knew stepped into my life. Now I am completely different, I'm learning about my new family and I'm finding true love.


3. The letters

Errol flyed up to the kitchen window and went straight into it. The Weasleys and Harry all chuckled to themselves before Fred who was sat next to the window got up and let the bird in the house. Errol flew in and gave the letters to Fred and flew out into the darkening evening. "One for Harry and One for Ron. Didn't Errol just go to Hermione? ohhh Ronikins has got a love letter from his girlfriend" Fred chuckled along with most of the family as Ron went almost as red as his hair. "give me the letter" said a rather embarrassed Ron, so Fred handed the two boys their letters. Ron put his in his pocket but Harry decided that if Hermione replied so quickly then it must be important. As harry read the letter his face changed from anxiousness to shock and surprise. "What's the matter Harry? Is Hermione ok?" Mrs Weasley asked with a worried face. "Her dad isn't her real dad. Her mum had an affair with Sirius Black. Sirius is her father" Harry's face was stunned as he said it out loud. The Weasleys sat in shock and no one could speak until they had all finished their dinner and were sat in the living room. Ron and Harry sat playing wizards chess when Mr Weasley spoke "Do you think Sirius knows that Hermione is his daughter?" everyone sat pondering for a second and Mrs Weasley picked up Harrys letter. "She says that he knew her mother was pregnant and that he told her to go back to her husband as they were safer in the muggle world. Do you think we should talk to him or at least get them together and give her the chance to tell him" as usual Mrs Weasley always knew what to do. 

"Should I write to her and ask if she wants to come here early and then we can talk to her about it properly" Ron finally added something to the conversation.  "Yes Ron dear, but don't tell her that we may get Sirius to come over at some point I'll talk to her about it when she gets here." Mrs Weasley replied whilst handing some parchment and a quill to Ron. 

With that he began to write or more like scribble a message to Hermione, once he was done he called out for Errol in the back garden and attached it quickly to her, hopefully she would still be awake and could reply that evening. 

As Errol flew off Ron wondered if this would change Hermione or if she would stay the annoying yet wonderful girl she was. 

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