Finding myself: Hermione

I always believed I was muggleborn. That was until someone I never knew stepped into my life. Now I am completely different, I'm learning about my new family and I'm finding true love.


18. The First task

Hermione woke up early on the day of the Hogsmeade trip. She was going to meet Charlie in the paved courtyard after breakfast. She walked to the shared bathrooms and got a shower before any of the other girls could use all the hot water. As she was in the shower she began to think. She was thinking about how Harry was going to cope with the dragon. He told her that professor Moody was helping him but she still worried. After Moody had a reputation for being crazy, who knows what he has told or taught Harry for this challenge. Her mind wandered to Charlie. She wondered what big secrets he had to tell her. They seemed to be getting closer but in a different way to what everyone thought. She knew there was something he was keeping from everyone and decide that today she was going to find out what it was. She was drying her hair when her mind wandered again to the rest of the Weasley's boys. Charlie said he was going to tell her something about his brothers and she started to guess what it could be. Hermione walked back into the dormitory to find Ginny sat on her bed. "Oh hi Ginny what's up?" Hermione asked a stern Ginny, worried what her reply would be. "You're going out with my brother today. So please if anything happens between you two stop it and come find me. Its not that you wouldn't be great together its just his my big brother and you're like a big sister to me" Ginny replied as she picked at her nails. "Ginny relax I'm sure nothing will happen. Do you really see me as a big sister? I have always wanted a little sister and you are my best friend!" Hermione replied trying to get to the cupboard next to her bed to pick out a top to wear. She stood in the room in her jeans and bra, pulling out two tops. One was a blue and white stripped top and the other was picture of a popular muggle band called the Beatles. Ginny looked at the top and pointed at it. Hermione placed the Beatles top over her head and pulled her bushy brown hair back into a ponytail. "Shall we go to breakfast?" Hermione chirped with made Lavender Brown stir and groan "Shhhhh sleeping". 

The girls walked down to breakfast without seeing anyone of interest until the go to the bottom of the grand staircase. There stood Fred and George, looking as mischievous as ever. Hermione and Ginny went over to them. "What are you doing?" asked Ginny who startled them with her Mrs Weasley like tone. "Nothing" said Fred who was holding what looked like a briefcase. They quickly ran off laughing to themselves as they went. Hermione and Ginny carried on into the hall. As they ate breakfast they noticed how Ron and Harry were still fighting. They had sit either side of Hermione and Ginny. They ate in silence until Hermione had decided she was finished. "Well I'm going to meet Charlie. I'll see you later." Before Ron had the chance to protest she walked quickly to the doors of the great hall. She opened the doors and went to the paved courtyard. She saw Charlie was already there and was talking to Fred and George. "Ready to go" asked Hermione as she walked up to them. George quickly stopped talking and looked at Hermione. She had made some effort but not much. Fred stared at her and then grabbed George's arm and led him away. "What was that about?" asked a concerned Hermione. "Oh that it was nothing. Shall we go?" Charlie replied rather secretively. 

They walked down through the grounds to the big gates where Professor Mcgonagoll was signing people in and out. Hermione approached her and told her she was going with Charlie Weasley. Mcgonagoll gave her a look but none the less signed her out and allowed her and Charlie through the gates. They continued to Hogsmeade in almost silence. When they got there Charlie led her to the three broomsticks. He took up a booth at the very back corner of the pub and sighed. "There is so much I want to tell you Hermione, but you need to promise that you will not judge me or tell anyone especially my family." Hermione sat there and nodded she didn't want to speak until he wanted her to. "I am gay, no one knows. You're the first person I have told. I feel so relieved I finally said it." said Charlie who was sat in a much more relaxed position than previously. "I'm telling you Hermione because there isn't many gay wizards out there and I'm not sure my family would understand. You will though because you're muggle born. I know there is great support for people like me in your world. Before you say but everyone thinks you are a womaniser I put it on during school as some of the guys started to think it was odd and gave me a hard time cos I hadn't gone out with a girl yet. Please say something Hermione" Hermione had been sat with her mouth slightly agar. "Well first of all thanks for being honest with me. It wasn't what I was expecting and of course I accept you as you are. You are a kind, clever and considerate man. I'm sure your family will accept you but don't worry I won't tell them." Hermione looked at him and took his hand in hers and squeezed it. "I am here for you but I ask why did you tell me before anyone else?" He looked intently into her eyes "the problem is that my mum is starting to ask me why I haven't had anyone to bring home with me for a while. I told her that I am concentrating on the dragons but she will expect grandchildren soon enough. I also know lots about my brothers and whats going on in their heads. You and me could be good friends and I can tell you everything I know" he replied with a typical Weasley cheeky smile that reminded Hermione so much of Fred. "So what is going on in boys heads then?" Hermione asked as she slurped at the butter beer they had just been given. "Ahhh now I am afraid you shall have to wait for that. One secret at a time. Besides I have been sworn to secrecy and your dad would kill me if I told you what boy's think? I mean I know he had a reputation with the ladies but still you are his little girl. Hermione can I ask you another favour? If anyone else asks will you tell them that this was meant to be a date and we are seeing how things go. Not only will it make you look totally hot but it might kick start one of my brothers to ask you out." replied Charlie. He thought highly of Sirius and was glad that he had some family that didn't hate him or had died. They talked for the rest of the day about how Charlie was coping with his revelation and if and when he was going to tell his mum and dad. Charlie was sat on a rock near the shrieking shack with Hermione next to him when Viktor Krum came running past. He stopped and looked at Hermione. "Ohh Hermione looks like you have even more admirers than I first thought" said Charlie who was winking at her and nudging her as she watched Viktor run away from her. "What's that suppose to mean? Hold on who else likes me?" asked a flustered Hermione. "hahahaha. Don't worry Hermione I'm sure they will present themselves when the time is right?" replied Charlie who was getting up and held out his hand to Hermione. She took it and stood up and was hugged by Charlie. As they hugged she spotted an angry looking Ron watching them. What was his problem she thought. 

That evening Hermione was talking to Ginny and told her that it was a bit of a date and they were seeing where it would go, just as Charlie had asked her too. She added a few details that many of the Gryffindor boys over heard and she knew would infuriate them if they liked her. She had to know who it was that liked her. "Yeah we sat near the Shrieking shack and he hugged me to warm me up it was so romantic, but I'm not sure we are right for each other so if anyone likes me they should ask me out before it gets serious with him" she had told Ginny rather loudly in the common room. 

The next day was the first task. Hermione was a bag of nervous as Charlie had told her that the Hungarian Horntail was extremely agressive normally and was even worse since she had been at Hogwarts. Hermione was getting dressed when an owl she didn't recognise tapped the window. It was large and dark with beady eyes. She opened the window and took the letter as she went to shut the window the bird bite her. "Ouch" she said as she snapped the window shut which caused the bird to fall off the sill and then fly away. She opened the letter to see it was from her dad


What the hell is this I hear about you dating Charlie Weasley? It's not that I don't like him. I know he would look after you and protect you but couldn't you go out with someone a little closer to your age? Besides even if you are with him you could have told me first. I was told by Harry. He thought I already knew. If you like him then go for it but please be careful and tell me if and when anything happens.

Now that I have got the protective dad part out of the way, I wanted to tell you that I spoke to Harry and I am worried about him too. He doesn't seem ready for these tasks. Look after him and try and help him. I'm sure you already are but I just wanted to make sure.

love you always


Hermione grabbed a piece of parchment and scribed a quick reply that she would take to the owlery on the way back from the first task. 

Dear Dad

I am not with Charlie but no one can know that. He told me something that no one can know and I am helping him. He told me that more people like me than I know and that if we said he had taken me out a few times, the boys might get the guts to ask me out, so don't worry.

I worry about Harry too, but Moody is helping him and I will whenever I can.

Love you


She walked down to the stadium with Ron and Ginny as Harry was made to go there earlier. "I am going to see how Harry is" she told Ron and Ginny as she hurried away towards a big tented structure. She went up to one side of it and whispered "psst Harry psst". He replied to her and she flung the fabric out of the way and hugged her. He was like a brother to her and she was worried about him. A flash went off near by and they jumped apart. "Oh young love. If everything doesn't go to plan today you two might even make the front page" smiled Rita Skeeter. "What are you doing in here? This is for champions and friends" Viktor said as he came to Hermione's rescue. "No matter, we've got everything we need" Rita replied as a picture was taking of Viktor. With that she left the tent and Dumbledore, Mr Crouch and other members of staff came in. Hermione left and went to find Ron and Ginny. She saw them standing next to Fred and George, who were holding an open briefcase. When she got closer she saw that they were using it to make bets. "You are placing bets on how they will do?" cried an outraged Hermione. George replied before Hermione had time to scold them further "Yes we are got a problem with it Granger". As he spoke a cannon sounded and Cedric Diggory came out of the tent. The dragon in the middle of the stadium stared at him. Cedric reacted quickly and after some time and a few injuries was able to get his golden egg. Charlie and the other dragon keepers came into the stadium to remove the one dragon with another. He looked around and saw Hermione and waved as he led the dragon out of the stadium. Viktor was up next. He very quickly defeated the dragon and got the egg. Hermione and Ginny stood in awe of him, he truly was gorgeous. The fairy princess that was Fleur Delacour came out next which left Harry. She took her sweet time and was hurt the most of all the champions. Hermione realised she wasn't as much of a fairy princess as she thought. Fleur eventually got her egg and walked proudly to her headmistress and little sister. The dragon keepers came on to replace the final dragon for Harry. Hermione suddenly realised that the Hungarian Horntail hadn't been out yet. That must mean Harry had that one. Charlie and the other dragon keepers were trying to subdue the beast so that it wouldn't harm them. They had worried looks on their faces and were talking to each other in Romanian, so that none if the students would know what they were saying. The cannon sounded for the last time that day and out came a small looking Harry. He looked around and saw the giant beast in front of him. "Your wand harry! YOUR WAND!" yelled Hermione as the Horntail began to breath fire on the rock that Harry was hiding behind. A broom flew over the heads of the spectators and towards Harry. He jumped on to it and began to fly around. That was a smart move Hermione thought, but how is he going to get the egg. As she came back into reality she saw the dragons chains break and it rised through the stands after Harry. Its tail caught on to the tented area for teachers and press. Rita Skeeter was on her back, hair everywhere and glasses hanging off her face. "Well done Dragon" yelled Fred. He looked over to Hermione to see if she had noticed. She was chuckling to herself over the comment and this made him smile for the first time that day. They then all stood in silence wandering where Harry and the dragon were. The keepers were running around and had started to secure the other dragons. Harry suddenly reappeared. He looked battered and bruised but wasn't followed by the dragon. He swooped down and grabbed a hold of his golden egg. The entire stadium roared as the Hogwarts students celebrated that both their champions had survived their dragon and got their egg. 

As the group walked back to the castle, Fred and George were approached a number of times by people complaining that they wanted their money as the person they bet on did in fact collect their egg. "Ahh but that wasn't the bet you made was it. The bet was that they would win the task. Harry won the task and you didn't bet on him so you don't get any money" explained the twins who took it in turn to reply to people. All of Gryffindor went to the common room to celebrate. Well almost everyone Ron was hovering down stairs not wanting to talk to his friends just yet. 

George and Fred had Harry on their shoulders and everyone was crowding around them. "What's the clue Harry?" Seamus shouted. "Do you want me to open it?" said a proud Harry, "YER" everyone replied "Should I open it?" yelled Harry. "YES" replied the entire common room. He prised out the egg and screeching came out. Harry was dropped to the floor as everyone covered their ears. "Bloody Hell" came from Ron who had just stepped through the portrait hole. Harry closed the egg and got up. "Everyone go back to your knitting or something. This is going to be awkward enough without you lot listening in" said George who tried to stay close enough that he could hear what was being said. "I think you have to be bloody mad to out your name in that cup" said Ron who was looking down at his feet. "Caught on have you?" replied Harry. "Everyone was saying it behind you back" replied Ron who was now trying and failing to make eye contact with Harry. "Oh brilliant" "I'm sorry can we be mates again" said Ron. " Yer sure mate" replied Harry. They were watched by Hermione, Angelina and Ginny. They stared at each other and all they could get out was "Boys".

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