Finding myself: Hermione

I always believed I was muggleborn. That was until someone I never knew stepped into my life. Now I am completely different, I'm learning about my new family and I'm finding true love.


7. The dinner

A few days after Hermione arrived at the burrow Mr Weasley contacted Sirius and asked if he wanted to come to the burrow one evening for a nice home cooked meal. Of course he agreed he was already sick of kreachers cooking and craved a Weasley meal. 

On the day of the dinner Hermione washed her hair and spent hours trying to look nice. She wanted her dad to be proud of her. When she had Ginny and Mrs Weasleys approval on her hair and clothes she went downstairs and sat with Ron and Harry. They all sat on the squishy sofa in the living room. Never had they been so quiet. Ron coughed to break the tension and quietly said "Don't worry Hermione I know Sirius will be happy to find out everything" "Yer he is a good guy and I think he would be a great dad" added Harry. 

Suddenly they heard a sound that only meant one thing someone had just apparated here. Everyone went to the kitchen and Mrs Weasley opened the door to see a scruffy big black dog. "Oh Sirius I'm so glad you could make it." "Me too Molly I have been dying to get out of that wretched house and away from Kreacher" replied the now human form of Sirius.

They all sat around the table and began eating away at the food. The Weasleys were know for their large appetites but compared to the way Sirius was wolfing his plate full down they looked like they hardly ate anything. Hermione barely touched her food all she could do was watch Sirius. Mrs Weasley looked at Hermione and gave her a look. Hermione nodded her head and that was a silent cue to start the conversation. "So Sirius we were talking a few days ago about what our lives would have been like if the wizarding war hadn't happened. What would you life be like?" Mrs Weasley asked as casually as she could. " Well I have never really told anyone but James this but I was in love with a muggle. As you can imagine my parents were furious and we had to keep it a secret. We were going to get married and she was pregnant so I had to hide them. I made her go back to her previous boyfriend. I was going to find them again when the wizarding war was over but I was put in Azkaban and so I didn't get the chance. There is no way I could find them now. I'm sorry for saying all of that but Azkaban was lonely and any chance I get to talk I do" Sirius just sat there thinking about everything that happened when Hermione suddenly piped up. "Her name was Charlotte Piper wasn't it?" "Yes my beautiful Charlotte, I miss her so much. All I want is to be reunited with her and our baby girl. But wait a minute how did you know that Hermione" replied a thoughtful Sirius. "Umm because my mother before she got married was Charlotte Piper and she told me all about being with you and how happy she was. It broke her heart when she had to go back to my dad. She was already married to him but didn't have the heart to tell you." blurted Hermione wanting to get this over with quickly. "Wait but that means. Hermione are you my daughter." said an elated Sirius. "Yes, yes I think I am" Hermione got up and met Sirius at the end of the table he grabbed her into a big hug and tried to hold back tears. "I can't believe you are my daughter you are more beautiful, smart and kind than I ever could have imagined" He held her tight and neither wanted to let go. The Weasleys and Harry all sat their smiling at them "Well I don't think that could have gone any better. Now will someone pass me the potatoes please" said Mr Weasley. Everyone chuckled and Hermione and Sirius sat back down at the table.      

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