Finding myself: Hermione

I always believed I was muggleborn. That was until someone I never knew stepped into my life. Now I am completely different, I'm learning about my new family and I'm finding true love.


41. Telling the father

Hermione and Angelina had no lessons the next day so they asked McGonagoll if they were allowed to go and see the twins. McGonagoll agreed but made them use her fireplace to floo there instead of apparate. The boys weren't expecting them so it was safer to do that. Hermione and Angelina stepped into the fireplace and were consumed by the flames as Hermione called The house of black. Once they arrived they walked out of the living room fireplace onto a rug. The girls dusted themselves off and were suddenly aware of footsteps on the stairs. Fred and George burst in wands at the ready but before they had the chance to say anything to the girls they were stopped. "We need to talk" said Angie and Hermione in unison. The girls and their partners walked silently up the stairs and into their separate bedrooms. Angelina shut the door before George and kissed him. She had missed him and needed the comfort last night. "So you got my letter. You know what's happened" she spoke calmly but her eyes should just how nervous she really was. George nodded and hugged her. He muttered to himself. She looked up at him, "What did you just say?" curiosity more than anything caused her to ask. He looked into her eyes. "There is something you should know. Fred and Hermione were expecting twin boys last year. At Christmas she miscarried. No one but them knew for ages and then apparently at Christmas they told mum, dad and Sirius. They thought they had time to tell us lot when the babies were closer to arriving. Hermione and Fred were devastated. Fred told me not that long ago, right before we got Umbridge. She caused her to lose the baby. If there was no DA the babies would have lived. I am so sorry to be telling you this all now but I thought you should now" George finished his speech and sat down on the bed whilst Angie crouched close to the floor as if holding her womb closer to her. "I can't imagine what they went through. The poor things." Angelina sobbed slightly as she sat next to George. He held her to his chest and stroked her hair. 

Upstairs in their room Hermione and Fred were lying on the bed. "I missed you so much and I wish I was there for you yesterday. You needed me and I wasn't there." said Fred as he played with a lose strand of her hair. "It's alright. I am fine but we need to think seriously about everything now. Yesterday changed a lot of things. Although Ginny and Angelina don't know about Sirius and Arthur, I feel like I should tell them." said Hermione she sat up and looked back at Fred. "Yer, about not telling anyone. I accidentaly told George a while ago that's why our revenge attack on Umbridge was so epic. He knew just how much I wanted to hurt and humiliate her. I'm sorry I told him but he has been really supportive. When we got your letters yesterday, he was really good about it all." said Fred. He pulled Hermione back down and slid down the bed. "Hello baby, It's your daddy here. Listen to me baby, you don't scare or upset your mother and you certainly don't come out before your ready!" he kissed her stomach. It was still relatively flat and she wasn't showing yet. "Fred I am pretty sure the baby can't hear you and even if it did, what makes you think it would listen to you. If its anything like you we know it will be a pain in the arse" with that comment Fred tickled Hermione and made her laugh. He stopped and allowed her to sit up so she was facing him on the bed. "I love Hermione Granger" "I love you Fred Weasley". As they spoke in unison to each other they giggled. A knock came from the door. Hermione got up and went to answer it. George and Angelina came in and hugged Hermione. "Congratulations, I am sorry I haven't said it soon, processing everything." Angelina spoke softly to Hermione. Now she knew Hermione and Fred's secret she couldn't help but feel like caring in a motherly way to her. Hermione's eyes flitted between George and Angelina. "You told her didn't you George. It's ok if you did. I think its important a few people at Hogwarts know, so if anything was to happen" Hermione was interrupted by Fred "Nothing will happen love". "then someone should be there to give my background. I am going to tell Ginny as well." said Hermione. Sympathy sapped from Angie's eyes. Hermione hated it, she didn't want pity she wanted understand, especially with another baby on the way. "Well anyways, I was hoping we could go to the hospital today and possibly find out the sex of the baby." Hermione looked between her boyfriend and two of her closest friends. They nodded in agreement and apparated to St Mungo's. Hermione sat in the waiting room filling out some forms. Fred sat next to her and pondered when and how they were going to tell his mum that again he had impregnated Hermione before she had even left school. Hermione finished the form and handed it to the witch at the desk. When she returned to her seat Fred turned to her "When are we going to tell mum and dad?"  "How about tomorrow?" Fred nodded. A healer came to the waiting room "Hermione Granger" The couple got up and followed the lady down the clean white hallway. Hermione entered the room and was asked to lie down on the bed. The healer waved her wand and confirmed the pregancy. "Would you like to know the sex of the baby?" Hermione and Fred looked at each other. They smiled and nodded. The healer performed a number of spells and then took her wand to her temple. She breathed in and said "You are having a girl"They beamed at each other. 

Once they returned Angelina immediately asked them "So is it a girl or boy?" Hermione and Fred decided they were going to tell everyone everything this time. "Its a girl" they said in unison. Hermione was grabbed into a hug by Angelina and George. They were all crying with joy. They sat at the table and ate dinner, before long Hermione and Angie would have to go back. The couples wanted to make the most of the time they had so they snuggled on the sofas chatting about everything and anything. 

Hermione and Fred kissed deeply and passionately. She stepped into the flames and was sent back to Hogwarts. Angelina followed her and walked out of the fireplace into Hermione. Ron and Harry were stood in front of them. "When were you going to tell us?" they asked.

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