Finding myself: Hermione

I always believed I was muggleborn. That was until someone I never knew stepped into my life. Now I am completely different, I'm learning about my new family and I'm finding true love.


39. Starting the new school year

Hermione, Ron and Harry were starting their NEWT year and were going to have to work very hard. This didn't bother Hermione. She wanted to throw herself into her work. She wanted to distract herself from missing Fred and her dad. Having been at Hogwarts for only a few days she was struggling without Fred. Hermione had received 10 OWL's so she had a choice of NEWT's. Hermione was taking potions as well as a few other subjects. She enjoyed potions and was glad that there was a new teacher instead of Snape. Snape had never liked her and she had to tried twice as hard in his class to get good grades. 

Hermione had gone to potions and was stood with Romilda Vane, Katie Bell and a couple of the other girls. Slughorn began to talk and Hermione paid full attention unlike the majority of the boys who were either daydreaming or mucking about. The potions class room door swung open and Harry and Ron walked in. Harry apologised to Slughorn. Clearly McGonagoll had wanted to occupy them so she sent them to potions. Ron made some lame excuse to get out of the class but Slughorn had none of it. Hermione found it quite funny. They fought in the background over something in the cupboard. Hermione found it distracting and tried to concentrate on what Slughorn was saying. As the boys joined them Slughorn began to talk about love potions. He invited Hermione to come and smell it and told the class that their love was normally the smell people smelt. Hermione was told to say what she smelt. "I smell freshly cut grass, small explosions and potions" it was the typical Fred smell. He had either been running around in the garden or was hard at work perfecting another new joke product. Hermione's heart ache as she thought about it. The potions master was now talking about the Felix Felicis. It was also called liquid luck, which Hermione greatly wanted. She needed a bit of luck in life again. The task was simple brew living death. Hermione set to work and found it more of a challenge than she anticipated. Harry's was going perfectly. When Hermione asked how he did it he gave her different instructions than what was in the book. Hermione decided that in the end Harry's would go wrong as he didn't follow the instructions. Hermione carried on but as the lesson progressed she became more flustered it wasn't as good as she hoped. Unless everyone else's were really bad she wasn't getting that liquid luck. By the end of the lesson Harry had the Felix Felicis in his hand. Annoyed Hermione left quickly and went to the great hall. She sat with Ginny and spent the rest of the day with her. Both of them had a free period in the afternoon so they sat in Gryffindor common room and relaxed. It was the first day and they had only had one lesson so neither of them had assignments to work on. Hermione and Ginny had laughed when Angelina walked in with a stack of papers. "It's not funny guys. I have had two lessons and this is all notes and homework. God it will be your turn next year Hermione." Said Angelina. She threw the paper to the floor in front of the sofa the girls were sat on and climbed in between them. "I miss George" she moaned. Hermione and Ginny put their arms around her and leant their heads onto her shoulders. "I miss Fred" said Hermione, she began to contemplated an incredible idea. "What if Fred and George move into my dad's place? That way when its a Hogsmeade weekend we could have private time with them and no one else has to know." whispered Hermione. The girls gave her a look that told her she was a genius. They grabbed Angelinas things from the floor and raced upstairs to the girls dormitory. The girls bounced onto Hermione's bed as she held a piece of parchment in one hand and a quill in the other. She penned the boys a quick note saying:

How do you feel about moving into my place. Then me and Angie can come see you guys and not worry about getting caught by Mrs Weasley.

love Hermione

Angie released her owl from its cage and helped attach the note to its leg. She told it to go to him and it flew out of the window. Proud that they had found a way of seeing their boyfriends during term time they went down to the common room. It was almost time for dinner and their bellies grumbled. The girls met up with Harry, Ron, Neville, Seamus and Dean in the common room. Dean held on to Ginny's hand which made her flush with embarrassment. Hermione thought this was only because Harry was there to witness it. He seemed upset by Ginny and Seamus but tried not to show it. The large group went down the stairs to the great hall. Hermione and Angelina sat next to each other feeling odd without their other flame haired half. The feeling was pushed to the back of the girls minds as they saw the food appear in front of their eyes. They watched with amusement as Ron shovelled food endlessly into his mouth. How could one boy eat so much food? Once they were finished they returned to the common room. Ginny, Angie and Hermione sat and listened to the boys talk for what seemed forever about everything in the world possible. They shared a look and quickly interjected that they were going to bed. As Ginny got up so did Dean. He kissed her on the cheek and said "Goodnight gorgeous". Ginny smiled at him but once they were in the dorm she could no longer contain herself. "I think I have made a terrible mistake dating Dean. He's a really nice guy and all but he is so not for me." she said before either of the other girls had the chance to say anything. "Thank god Harry is obsessed with you. Please just go out with him, everyone knows you like each other." said Hermione. Angelina nodded and made noises of agreement. They chatted to Ginny about how she was going to break up with Dean and the time she had to wait to ask Harry out. Ginny was not going to ask Harry. She was not making the first move, it was too awkward according to her. The girls laughter almost covered the light tap at the window. Angelina out of habit got up and opened the window. The bird held its leg out. She detached the letter and opened it. Reading it in her Fred and George voice made it extremely funny for Hermione and Ginny. 

Dear Lovely Ladies,

Firstly If you are sure Hermione then of course we will move in there for now but when the flat above the shop is done we will go there (for convenience). Secondly, secret meeting from the two of you would be a delight and much enjoyed. We will move in as soon as we get the chance and we hope to see you as soon as we can.

Love for us both 

Hermione and Angie smiled and Ginny groaned "See that's what I want. They love you both so much and can't spend a few days without you." Angie laughed at Ginny, "Go out with Harry and then you will have that. Besides he already misses you when he isn't at yours. You can see it in his eyes when he isn't even in the same room as you". Hermione looked at Ginny and nodded "Its true. I've seen it." It was getting late and the girls finally decided to actually go to sleep. Hermione had tossed and turned before she got comfortable. 

The next few weeks past uneventfully. Dumbledore was having private meetings with Harry. It didn't really concern Hermione although she was told everything after he returned. Soon it was going to be her apparation exam and she was nervous. If she passed she could see Fred more and she has studied hard for it. "Don't worry Hermione, you will do great. Besides if I can pass it you will easily" said Angelina. She was sprawled across the floor in front of the fire place doing homework. She had a free period as she was staying on a further year to complete some NEWT's she started in the previous year. Hermione had been excused from her morning transfiguration lesson to go to her apparation test. She walked calmly down to the great hall and took a deep breath before going in. She was joined by a few of her class mates that had already turned 16. She was in third person to try. The two people before her had failed and she really felt the pressure to get it right. The instructor came to her and asked her to apparate from the side of the hall she was on to the other side. Hermione shut her eyes and focused. When she opened her eyes she saw that she was on the other side of the hall. She gave out a celebratory squeal and ran to the instructor. He stamped a parchment and it magically sealed itself and created a new pile of forms. She sprinted up the many flights of stairs and went into the common room. She quickly made her face into a sombre look and as she walked through the portrait hole she was pounced on. Harry, Ron, Ginny and Angelina were all stood awaiting her return. "Ohh Hermione, I am so sorry. I was sure you would pass." said Angelina as she walked towards Hermione. Hermione's face changed to a smile as she screamed "I passed". Angie and Ginny pulled Hermione into a group hug that even Harry and Ron joined in to. Hermione smiled as she was hugged by her friends and she couldn't wait to see Fred's face when she apparated to see him. The first Hogsmeade weekend was coming up and she wanted to be able to apparate herself to the house and back. 

Angelina and Hermione had left early on the saturday of the first Hogsmeade trip. Being seventh and sixth years they were allowed to leave Hogwarts at any time during the Hogsmeade weekends as long as they signed out with their head of house. Hermione and Angelina walked down the road towards Hogsmeade. Once they were past Hogwarts protective enchantments they apparated to Grimmauld place. As Hermione's feet touched the ground of the upstairs landing she felt sick. She bolted towards the bathroom and began to throw up. George had screamed when Angie had apparated into the kitchen and dropped a mug. Hermione could hear them and Fred looking for her. She felt the door be pressed against her feet. "Found her" shouted Fred. "hey sweetie. Its pretty rough the first time you do it yourself isn't it. Don't worry, when me and Georgie first apparated a long distance we didn't stop being sick for a whole twenty minutes" he chuckled to himself as he remember the day. He stood there for a few minutes until Hermione came out. She looked at him and said "Don't worry I have cleaned my teeth.". Fred picked her up and twirled her in the air. She made him put her back down when she felt nausea once more. He kissed her deeply and passionately. "I have missed you so much" he said giving her a cheeky grin. He tipped his head towards the bedroom and she followed him. He had permanently moved into the room he normally shared with her. She liked the look of her things mixed in with his. Of course it wasn't long before the clothes she was wearing that day were added to the mix. They threw the clothes haphazardly to the floor and stopped kissing only to take off their tops. Soon they were on top of one another. Fred's hands were caressing her sides and moved up towards her inviting breasts. She moved her body down towards his and moaned in sweet relief, she truly had missed him. They moved towards each other slowly for some time. Fred groaned lightly each time his pelvis and hers touched. He lifted her lightly from the bed and held her against the wall. As he moved against her warm body he kissed her neck. She arched her back and moaned in pleasure. He moved faster allowing her to be lifted from his lap and then fall down on to it once more. The faster he went the more they both groaned and moaned. Hermione moaned appreciation and praise to him "Yes Fred. Oh god yes. Like that. Faster. Oh Jesus Christ that feels so good." He replied to her softly as he used as much energy as he could to pleasure her "Oh Hermione. I love you. Jesus that is incredible. Tell me you like it" They made love for the rest of the day undisturbed knowing that Angelina and George would be doing the same thing below them. When Hermione looked at the watch on her wrist she realised that she and Angie had to leave. She quickly got dressed and kissed Fred as they went down the stairs and knocked on the door "Angie we have to go" Fred and Hermione stood against the wall and kissed. Between each kiss they told each other they loved them. Hermione would miss Fred but it was only a few weeks and then they would be back together. After 15 minutes Angelina and George came out of their room. Angie kissed him goodbye and with that the girls apparated back to just outside Hogsmeade. They walked back to the castle and chatted about their day. Both said they had some of the best sex ever. It seemed that when boys knew they weren't going to have sex for a bit they tried extra hard to please them. This made them giggle and they realised they had reached the castle. They were both extremely hungry for all the work they had done that day and without food. As they sat at the table they both knew that Fred and George were now piling food into their mouths and were going straight to sleep afterwards. Today had tired out everyone involved. Hermione and Angelina watched as food appeared on the golden platers. They both piled their plates high with food. It even made Ron's amount look a little on the small side. "God you girls must have had a busy day at Hogsmeade to need all that" commented Ron. They simply ignored him and winked at Ginny. She winked back knowing exactly what they had been up to all day. 

The next week was horrible and stomach flu pandemic hit Hogwarts. Everywhere you turned people were being sick. The great hall had been set up as an infirmary and staff from St Mungo's were brought in to help. The students affected were all lined up on beds in the great hall. Before long Ginny had gotten it. This made Hermione and Angelina get it and they all ended up lying on the camp beds set up in the great hall. They were next to each other with Hermione in the middle. The Healers were making they way around each of the beds. When they reached the group of girls they took their time and performed a number of extra spells. Hermione and Angelina were the oldest there so they assumed it was to do with their age. The healers murmured between themselves and handed the girls a pink fluorescent potion. The girls drank it and were asked to go and talk to the head healer. They got up after an hour to let the potion kick in. When they reached the kind looking woman they became very nervous. She took them to the trophy room so she could speak in private to them. "Umm I am not sure how to tell you this, but one of you is pregnant. That's why you were given a different potion from the others." Said the Healer. She looked between the girls and caught Ginny's eyes. "It can't be me I am a virgin." said Ginny who looked nervously at her friends. The two other girls shared a look and went into separate corners wanting some privacy. For one of them their life was about to turn upside down because of a reckless day with the one they loved. Hermione and Angelina both faced the wall and performed the revelio spell. They looked at their stomachs. No noise came from either girl. The healer and Ginny waiting in suspense to find out who it was. The two girls turned around, their stomachs still translucent. Ginny gasped and said "I am going to be an auntie".  

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