Finding myself: Hermione

I always believed I was muggleborn. That was until someone I never knew stepped into my life. Now I am completely different, I'm learning about my new family and I'm finding true love.


37. Saving Sirius

Hermione's plan had worked. Umbridge was now in the grips of Grawp. Her screams frightened him as he dropped her down onto the ground. As she fell to the ground with a large thud, a group of centaurs appeared from the trees. Umbridge got up and told them to leave. She didn't help herself by calling them half breeds. The centaurs stomped and as politely requested that she leave. As she ranted at them she flicked her wand and cursed one of the front centaurs. He writhed on the ground in pain. The other centaurs grabbed hold of the her and ran further into the forbidden forest. She screamed "I am Dolores Jane Umbridge LET ME GO". The centaurs didn't care they just ran quicker. 

Hermione and Harry reached the school and met Ron, Ginny and Neville. Once a quick plan was made they rode the thestrals to London. They soon reached London. The group ran to the door that Harry had dreamt about for the past year. As they reached the door they all took a deep breath and opened the door. They all cautiously walked down the aisles looking for the number that Harry had seen Sirius and Voldemort at. Harry stopped suddenly and began to turn full circle. "He should be here. Right here" Harry bellowed. Hermione looked around anxiously and said in a meek voice "What if he was never here Harry?" the other teenagers now grouped together. They heard loud noises and were then saw a number of death eaters. Ron lead the group back up the aisle and soon they were separated. Hermione and Ron ran down a row and into the other aisle. All of the teens ran towards the back of the room they grouped together again. Prophecies fell from the shelf's and smashed on the ground. A scared look was shared between all of the teenagers, what had they been thinking doing this by themselves. In front of them was a door, surely what was behind it couldn't be worse than what was in the current room. They flung the door open and fell a distance before Hermione cast a cushioning charm and gently placed them on the ground. They helped each other up and looked back at the door to see someone coming towards it. Harry told them to get behind him. As they did Hermione held her necklace and kissed it. She knew that whatever happened next Fred would know how much she loved him. The group were wrapped in a blanket of black smoke as limbs were pulled. Soon Hermione, Ron, Ginny, Luna and Neville were being held at the sides of the room by death eaters. Harry stood on the rock in the middle with Mr Malfoy approaching him. They were talking. Hermione could tell that it was about the prophecy. Did Mr Malfoy want it or something? As Hermione thought about this and how she could get away from the death eater white smoke billowed into the room. Thank god the order are here. Death eaters were taken off of the teenagers and Tonks pulled them from the rocks at the side and round to the others. They helped the order as much as they could be distracting the death eaters a bit so the order member could attack from behind. Harry and Sirius were battling Malfoy and Bellatrix Lestrange. Remus Lupin looked over after he finished off the death eater he was fighting. He and Hermione looked just as Sirius was hit by a spell that Bellatrix had cast. He fell through a arch way and disappeared. Lupin ran to Harry and held him back. Hermione collapsed onto the floor as she realised that the father she  had only truly just met had been taken away from her. The other death eaters were under control and Ginny and Tonks were holding tightly to Hermione as her tears fell to the ground and screams came out of her and Harry's mouth. Lupin let go of harry and allowed him to move. Lupin moved to Hermione and tried to comfort her as much as he could. Before anyone noticed Harry slipped from the room and down a corridor. Hermione sat there howling whilst Ginny and Tonks tried to get her to stand. Hermione lent on Tonks and was apparated away. 

Hermione's feet touched the floor of the kitchen in Grimmauld place. She was handed to Fred who had been pacing. He held her tight and the burning sensation of the necklace on his neck stopped. Hermione immediately calmed down as she felt his hands stroke her back. "He's dead. My dad is dead" sobbed Hermione into Fred's warm chest. All he could do was hold her tight. His head rested on top of hers and he looked desperately into his mothers eyes. Mrs Weasley came behind Hermione and said "Sweetie, It's going to be alright come on dear sit down.". They guided her to a armchair near the fire. Hermione pulled Fred into the chair and then sat on his lap. She curled up and sobbed for the rest of the evening into his chest. Ron and Ginny were brought back to the house. They just sat at the kitchen table and listened to Hermione's sobs. When Hermione had cried herself out, she ate dinner. Fred held onto her hand or had his arm around her waist for the whole evening. Before anyone else wanting to go to bed, Hermione guided Fred up the flights of stairs to her room. She got changed and got into the bed. When Fred joined her she nestled her head into his shoulder and fell asleep. Fred put his hand on her back and the other on the pillow on her side. Fred was glad he had given her the necklace, without it he may never have known she was in danger. He knew she was going to struggle even more now that both her father and sons had died. He had to be there for her.  

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