Finding myself: Hermione

I always believed I was muggleborn. That was until someone I never knew stepped into my life. Now I am completely different, I'm learning about my new family and I'm finding true love.


48. Rescuing Harry

Fred and Hermione landed in front of the Dursley's home. The family accept Harry had been moved to a secure location earlier in the day for their safety until the war was over. Harry was currently sat in the kitchen looking at the spot he once saw Dobby disappear from just before his second year. The group entered the house quietly and gathered around. Hermione grabbed a few of Harry's hairs and gave them to moody. "No No I can't let any of you do this. Especially you Fred and Hermione. What about Lyra?" called out Harry. Fred went to answer but Hermione beat him to it revealing something no one else knew "I would rather die and know my daughter was living in a world of peace and equality than survive and be on the run hiding from those who believe any of us as lesser beings". She was ferocious and to Fred incredibly sexy. Everyone in the room looked at her with a new perspective, if they lost they may have a chance at an okay life atleast they wouldn't be looked down on as much as a muggleborn. If they lost Hermione could lose everything, not only her life but her daughter and love of her life. They needed to win, if only for Hermione's sake. 

The group shot into the air and flew in different directions. Hermione and Fred quickly lost sight of each other as they fought and protected themselves from death eaters. As they soared the dark night sky time pasted rapidly. Hermione and Kingsley reached their portkey early and quickly returned to the Burrow. After a few quick security questions Hermione ran into the Burrow and was quickly handed her small daughter. She held her close to her chest and quickly asked if Fred had returned yet. He was supposed to return any minute so she went to the back yard. George was already in the house and Hermione had Ginny tell him how sorry she was and the she would be in with Fred as soon as he got there. Fred and Mr Weasley appeared before her and he grabbed a hold of her and held her and their daughter to him for a few seconds before quietly asking after everyone else. 

The pair went to George and were told the most awful ear joke in the history of comedy. Bill soon arrived and told the group of Moody's death. They mourned respectfully but all were truly happy to be alive and nothing could stop that feeling. 

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