Finding myself: Hermione

I always believed I was muggleborn. That was until someone I never knew stepped into my life. Now I am completely different, I'm learning about my new family and I'm finding true love.


36. Paying back Umbridge

Hermione was glad to be back at school and in classes. It took her mind off of everything that happened at Christmas. Fred was back to pranking people and was plotting further to the demise of Umbridge. He was going to give her hell. 

Hermione and Fred were noticeably different from before Christmas. No one pressed them for answers why. Everyone knew it was something private that they were dealing with together. That was until George found Fred in the middle of the night crying in the shower. "Mate what's happened? Is this about dad?" George asked scaring Fred. Fred was sat on the shower floor and grabbed his wand at George's voice. "No It's not about that. We promised not to tell anyone else. Besides it wont bring them back." Fred accidentally slipped in the last sentence, too upset to realise his mistake. "Is it something between you and Hermione? Is it why you were at the hospital?" George had lowered himself to Fred's level on the floor and was looking his twin in the eyes sympathetically. "Promise you wont tell. Not Angelina, no one" George nodded for Fred to continue "Me and Hermione were expecting twins, but over Christmas she lost them. Its Umbridge's fault if she hadn't caused us to make the DA then I would still have my boys." Fred poured his heart out to his twin, hoping his secret would be kept safe. George sat on the ground making his pyjamas wet, “Freddie, why didn’t you tell me? I am so sorry. Don’t worry we are going to make her suffer for taking away your son.”. “Sons. Hermione was having twins. We were going to call them Sirius and Arthur.” Fred’s eyes glazed over as he remembered what he had in store for them. George put his arm around his brother and let him sob into his shoulder. George too wanted Umbridge to suffer for what she did to his brother and his future sister in law. 

Hermione was hard at work studying for her OWL when Harry and Ron came into the Common room. “Come on Hermione, there is no way you can possibly learn any more than you already do.” Said Ron. “Yer besides you can’t do worse than me and Georgie we got 3 OWL’s each.” Said Fred as he picked Hermione up from the chair she was sat in. He grabbed her around the waist and hoisted her into the air. “Plus I think you shall find this exam to be rather interesting” Fred had a mischievous look on his face as did George. All Hermione could think was oh god what have they planned. Fred, George and Angelina walked them down to the great hall and wished them good luck, they had already done their OWL’s and were now waiting for their NEWT exams. Angelina waved them into the Great hall and turned to go back to the common room before the twins pushed past her saying something about revenge and having to be quick. 

Fred and George ran into their dormitory and got out everything they would need for their final prank. Dumbledore had recently left so it was time for them to go to. They had fashioned bags they could ride in to allow them to carry more fireworks. Fred threw George his broom whilst taking his own and ran down the dormitory stairs. Angelina was stood at the bottom of the stairs "What are you two up to?" she asked with a stern look that gave Mrs Weasley's a run for her money. "Getting pay back" said Fred as he pushed past her. "Sorry love, but we want to go out with a bang!" said George as he kissed her cheek and ran off to the grand staircase. He and Fred got on their brooms and flew down the stair case setting off fireworks, as they reached the bottom floor Fred looked at George and said "For Sirius and Arthur". They flew into the main entrance and balsted open the Great hall doors. The twins sped up down each side and threw fireworks as they past. The miniature explosions caused all the papers to go into the air and Umbridge's fat face to go pink. They flew around in the air as Umbridge yell at them. "Ready Fred?" "Ready George". The twins flew up to the centre of the hall and dropped a massive firework which turned into a dragon and consumed Umbridge. Hermione looked at Fred and knew he was the man for him even if he did do some crazy stuff sometimes. Fred looked down and caught Hermione's eye. He gave her a wink and was off in the sky with George. Hermione looked away chuckling to herself when she saw Harry sat on the ground clutching his scar. "Harry, whats the matter?" Hermione asked, Harry looked at her with fear in his eyes "Its Sirius, Voldemort has him in the department of mysteries". Harry got up and began to ran. "Harry stop wait a minute. What if Voldemort meant for you to see that? What if dad isn't even really there?" Hermione asked as Ron joined them. "He's there Hermione ok!" 

The group met up with Neville, Luna and Ginny and headed to Umbridge's office to use her fireplace to go to the ministry. Hermione, Ron and Harry went in as the others kept an look out. Hermione flicked her wand and started a fire. As Harry was about to step into the fire Umbridge busted them. "You were going to go to Dumbledore weren't you?" she asked Harry who was beign held down on a chair by the inquisitorial squad. "Tell her Harry! Tell her about the secret weapon!" an idea had come to Hermione, not only could she get Umbridge away from the school but she could also get revenge.

Hermione and Harry led Umbridge out into the forbidden forest. Hermione knew she was doing something ingenious and that hopefully it would work. Hadgrid had showed them Grawp earlier in the year before he had been made to leave the school grounds. Hermione knew Grawp was enough to scare Umbridge off. Now she only had to wait to see Umbridge's reaction when they reached him. 

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