Finding myself: Hermione

I always believed I was muggleborn. That was until someone I never knew stepped into my life. Now I am completely different, I'm learning about my new family and I'm finding true love.


46. Lyra

Hermione's due date was only a few weeks away so Professor Dumbledore had sent her to Grimmuald place until the next school year as baby Lyra would be a few months old by then. Fred was nipping home ever few hours to check on Hermione and Molly was spending most of her days at Grimmuald place to make sure she was okay. 

Fred awoke early on 28th of June to Hermione moaning and groaning. He turned over to see Hermione holding her stomach "Finally you're awake I think the baby is coming" she said calmly. Fred in his shock fell out of the bed and onto the floor exclaiming "Oh my god, we need to get to saint Mungo's". He quickly jumped up and began shoving clothes on his body, "Baby calm down its going to be awhile. Go floo your parents and brothers and Hogwarts. I will call my mum and then we can make our way to the hospital. Ok sweetie" declared Hermione. Fred simply nodded and left the room to go and tell everyone he could that soon his baby girl would be born. 5 minutes later Molly came through the floo and up into Hermione and Fred's bedroom. "Hello sweetheart, how are we doing? how far apart are your contractions?" said Mrs Weasley. "I'm doing ok actually. The contractions are about 20 minutes apart so we have a way to go yet. I think Fred's more freaked out than I am." laughed Hermione and Molly. Suddenly Hermione yelled out in pain and tried to breath through the contraction. The Weasley men began to appear in the house alongside Remus and Tonks. Over the next few hours Fred and Mrs Weasley stayed with Hermione as the contractions got closer. George had gone to Hogwarts and told Harry, Ron and Ginny that Hermione was giving birth. When the baby was born they would come and get them but they would have to go back to school pretty soon afterwards. 

Mid afternoon Hermione was taken to Saint Mungo's. The Maternity ward hallway was full of red haired men and Angelina had joined them after being informing of the imminent birth of her first niece and god-daughter. Hermione's screams echoed around the room as her contractions got closer together and strong. "One more push baby you can do it" called Fred. "Ahhhhhhhh" screamed out Hermione as she pushed and crushed Fred's hand at the same time. "Congratulations Hermione you have a healthy baby girl." said the healer as she raised the baby onto Hermione's chest. Little Lyra had a small amount of dark red hair on the top of her small head and deep blue eyes, like her daddy. 

Once the baby and Hermione had been cleaned up their family had been allowed into the room. First was Mr and Mrs Weasley. They were so excited and proud of their first grandchild. Next was George and Angelina, they were formally made Lyra's godparents. They agreed that she was perfect and just what the light side needed. As the rest of Fred's brothers came in to see the baby Hermione's parents arrived and got to have a cuddle with their grandchild. Later in the evening after lessons Harry, Ron and Ginny turned up and were introduced to Lyra Molly Weasley. 

It wasn't until very late that evening that it was just Hermione and Fred watching their beautiful baby sleep. "She's completely perfect" said Hermione. Fred kissed her forehead and replied simply with "Just like her mum" They held each other and just watched Lyra, their miracle, sleep. The war was escalating but they knew they had to protect their child and make the world a better place for her. 

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