Finding myself: Hermione

I always believed I was muggleborn. That was until someone I never knew stepped into my life. Now I am completely different, I'm learning about my new family and I'm finding true love.


1. Lies, truths and the future

Hermiones POV:

I had always believed I was muggleborn. Well why wouldn't I when I got my letter from Hogwarts both my parents were shocked. How was I ever to know that my mum had lied to me and my dad. 

After 3 years of being bullied at Hogwarts for being as the slytherins said a mudblood, I finally told my mum the truth. Being with Ron and Harry made me feel better about it, they didn't care about blood status but a lot of people did. " Mum isn't there anyone in the family like me, I hate being a muggle" cried Hermione, her mum had taken her out for a special girly day. " sweetheart whatever do you mean I thought it didn't matter if you were a mupple, half blood or pure blood." replied her mother trying to soothe her now sobbing daughter. " its muggle mum and I never thought it did but if I had just on relative who was magic then I wouldn't be picked on all the time" said hermione. " My darling there is something I have never told you or your father and I never thought I would have to tell you. You seemed normal, just like any muggle, did I say that right. Then when you got that letter I knew you were like him in the magical way I mean, I always noticed little things you did that reminded me of him but I just blocked it out." Mrs Granger had never told anyone this secret and you could see from the look in her eyes that the memories of this mystery man were beautiful but also painful to think about. "Mum, what do you mean? Are you saying that dad isn't my dad? Are you saying you had an affair?" said Hermione staring at her mother with disbelieve. How could this be true? " Yes Hermione, I was in love with a gorgeous dark wavy haired man. He was perfect, he was everything I ever wished for. We were so close and we shared everything including his ability to perform magic. Yes your true father is a wizard. I was separated from your father at that point and me and ,for now I'm going to call him the wizard, the wizard were going to be together forever. When I found out that I was pregnant we were both delighted. He had friends that lived in a place called Godrics Hollow where lots of magical people live" she gasped for air trying to get to the end of her explanation before her daughter had the chance to stop her. "my friend Harry was born there" Hermione interjected. " As I was saying we were going to be together like a real family, but then the wizard war got worse, that's what your real dad said anyways, so me and you wouldn't be safe. He came from a bad family and they disagreed about which side of the war he should be on. He made me go back to your now dad so my real husband and say that I had gotten pregnant before we had taken a break. It worked and over the years I have grown to love him but there will always be a place for the wizard in my heart" Mrs Granger let out a deep sigh and held her hands in her lap awaiting some response from her beloved daughter. What if she now hated her mother? Even worse than that what if she told Mr Granger? 

All I could think was how could my mum do that but I quickly got over that. My biggest question was who is this wizard that stole my mums heart and is my dad still alive? "mum who is the wizard? what was his name?" Hermione asked in a calm and patient voice.   

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