Finding myself: Hermione

I always believed I was muggleborn. That was until someone I never knew stepped into my life. Now I am completely different, I'm learning about my new family and I'm finding true love.


5. Hermione's arrival

When Hermione awoke the next day she began to pack everything she needed for the holidays and Hogwarts. As she piled her things into her trunk and bag her mum came in her room and shut the door. " Hermione sweetie before you leave I think we need to talk about what happened." said Mrs Granger with a weak smile. "Ok mum. I think I wanna talk to him. I know him and he's really nice and caring. He could be a great dad and I reckon I should give him the chance." replied Hermione, she had been thinking about it all evening and had finally made up her mind. "Thats your choice darling but I don't think I should meet him. I'm happy with your father and I can't leave him now" Mrs Granger replied in a hushed voice.

When Mr Weasley arrived at the Grangers he greeted everyone as normally as he could now he knew the truth. Hermione hugged her parents goodbye and said she would write to them when she could. With that Hermione and Mr Weasley walked down the round and into the next clear alleyway. "Now Hermione if you don't mind I am going to apparate us to the burrow." Mr Weasley finally addressed Hermione. "yer sure. I just hold on tight don't I. I have never actually done it before though so lets just get it over with quickly" replied a rather nervous Hermione. As she took Mr Weasleys arm she felt like she was being squeezed through a straw and couldn't breath. Her feet hit the ground and she opened her eyes to see the burrow in front of her. Hermione unknowingly breathed out a sigh of relief, she had longed to be back here. As she approached the kitchen door it burst open and out ran Harry, Ron, Ginny, Fred, George and Mrs Weasley. Hermione reached them and they all threw their arms around her and squeezed her tight. Hermione was a part of the family just as Harry was. They all went inside and sat in the living room. The silence was awkward and Hermione knew they were all aware of what happened over the past few days. Sat next to Hermione Mrs Weasley said "so Hermione dear how has your summer been?" Hermione fidgeted in her seat and looked around all the faces. "ummm well I'm sure you all know about my dad and Sirius and everything. I think I want to tell him, explain it all to him. Mrs Weasley do you think you could invite him over for dinner and then we can talk" Hermione looked at Mrs Weasley with a slightly apprehensive look on her face "but please don't tell him why . . . Just in case I change my mind" holding back tears and playing with her nails. "sure dear, do you want anyone else or just Sirius" Hermione instantly replied "Just Sirius I don't want everyone to know until I am ready" "ok" Harry put his arm around her and squeezed her showing that he supported her. Everyone gave her a sympathetic look until something buzzed in the kitchen " ohh dinners ready" screached Mrs Weasley. The whole Weasley clan and Harry and Hermione bound to the table and all took up a seat at the long old wooden table. Hermione sat next to Ginny, who had slowly been becoming her best friend. she could tell her everything and tonight she would tell her exactly how she had been feeling. She couldn't talk to her mum about it could she. So after dinner when they were in bed she would finally be able to pour all of her heart out to Ginny and hear what someone else actually thought about it.   

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