Finding myself: Hermione

I always believed I was muggleborn. That was until someone I never knew stepped into my life. Now I am completely different, I'm learning about my new family and I'm finding true love.


27. Harry's arrival

Mad eye, Tonks, Kingsley and Lupin left as the it went dark to get Harry. The Weasley children and Hermione were sent upstairs so they were out of the way as the order were having a meeting when the others got back. They all sat in the twins shared room. "When I'm allowed I am so joining the order." said Fred, he and George had been trying to talk his mum and dad into letting them sign up early. They were refused and told that they had to wait until they left school. Fred and George had become more protective of everyone since Cedric's death and felt compelled to do what they could to defeat Voldemort. Sirius had found it funny but then told them they can't risk their lives yet. He and Fred had resolved their differences and were getting along really well. "Yer Freddie. Me and you against Voldemort." George was in hysterics at the thought of the two jokers against him but knew that if it came to it he would do anything to protect his family and friends. Ron was getting agitated with the twins and left the room in a huff. They heard the bedroom door slam shut. "Ohh Ronikins is having a hissy fit." Ginny said and looked out onto the street. She had been watching the street since Lupin and the others had left. "Harry's here" she said, as she fixed her hair and smoothed her jeans against her skin. The group left the room and Hermione went to Harry's room. She knocked on the door and said "They're back". Ron yanked the door open and ran past Hermione almost knocking her over. "Harry come on I gotta tell you something" yelled Ron as he bolted down the stairs to his best friend. Harry was released from Sirius's grip and sent upstairs by Mrs Weasley. He met Ron halfway up the stairs. "Hermione is sleeping with Fred" Ron gasped as he breathed heavily. Harry looked at him then at Ginny "What?". Ginny looked at him with a meek smile worried about his response "umm well Hermione and Fred, it turns out they have been going out since just after the Yule ball and they slept together last night". Harry didn't speak a word. He pushed past Ginny and Ron to the red haired man behind then. "George get out of my way!" harry spoke. George stayed where he was blocking the rest of the landing. "Harry, relax they are in love and Sirius and Ron have already beaten up Fred for it" Said George as he tried to calm Harry down. "I am not going to hit him I just want to talk to them ok." Harry was allowed past and went into the room that Fred and Hermione were hiding in. "Relax Fred, I won't hit you. Looks like Sirius and Ron did enough damage" as he looked at Fred's black eye. "I want you to know that I am happy you have each other. Stuff is getting weird and its important that we are good to each other but if you ever hurt her I will kill you" Harry finished his big brother speech and was immediately hugged by Hermione. "I'm sorry I couldn't tell you Harry but we wanted to tell Ron in our own time." George and Ginny came into the room and they sat down and began to tell Harry how everyone had found out about the young couple. Hermione and Fred told them all about the 'talks' they had with Mr and Mrs Weasley. Everyone found it hilarious even Ron, who eventually decided to just join them and deal with it. The order of the phoenix was explained to Harry and then the twins brought out odd ear looking things. The group of teenagers went out onto the landing and lowered one ear down to nearby the door. They listened to what was being discussed that was until Crookshanks decided that it looked fun to play with. "I hate that bloody cat Hermione" said Fred, as he pulled the remainder of the latest Weasley's Wizards Wheezes product. "I'm sorry" said Hermione as they ducked to the ground and watched the members of the order leave. Mrs Weasley called up the stairs that dinner was ready so they went down stairs just to see an awkward romatic moment between Tonks and Lupin. Lupin kissed the top of her head and went back to the kitchen. Tonks hair changed to a bubblegum pink, which Hermione knew meant love, and she left. 

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