Finding myself: Hermione

I always believed I was muggleborn. That was until someone I never knew stepped into my life. Now I am completely different, I'm learning about my new family and I'm finding true love.


34. Forever a secret

Hermione awoke to pain in her stomach. It was still the middle of the night, so she sat up clutching her bulging belly. As she sat up she felt dampness beneath her. Hermione’s heart began to race as she pulled the blankets up and saw the dark crimson blood on her white sheets. She began to sob to herself. Fred had felt his necklace burn into his skin, something was seriously wrong. He bolted up the stairs and to Hermione’s room. As he reached the door he could hear her sobs. The door was flung open and he was by her side. He whispered to her “Whats wrong?”. She couldn’t reply only point down at the sheet. Fred looked down and immediately scooped her up in his arms. He apparated first to his parents room “Somethings wrong, we are going to St Mungos”. They slowly sat up and saw their son with a terrified look on his face holding Hermione in his arms, her pyjama bottoms covered in blood. “Go” spoke Mrs Weasley, she was getting out of bed and grabbed her clothes. Once dressed she went and knocked on Sirius door and told him what happened. Fred had already apparated Hermione to St Mungos. He arrived in the main reception and quickly told them everything they needed to know. She was taking off of him but he held tightly to her hand. They went up a few floors and then down a long corridor. Hermione was taken into a room to be seen by a doctor. As Fred wasn’t actually related to her yet he was made to sit in the waiting room. Soon Mrs Weasley and Sirius, who was using emergency polyjuice potion to look like Remus lupin, were by his side. Fred got up and started pacing after a few minutes of waiting, he needed to know what was happening to his future wife and children. Mrs Weasley went and spoke to a healer explaining that he was the father of the children and that they were engaged. Fred was taken into the room Hermione was in. A doctor was leaning over doing a number of spells. Hermione held her hand out to Fred. He took it and stood next to her. When the doctor finished Fred asked “What has happened? Are the babies ok?” Hermione wimped at this. A healer had come into the room and was placing an ointment onto Hermione’s belly. “Unfortunately, Mr Weasley, Miss Granger, you have had a miscarriage. It’s too early in the pregnancy to save the children. I am so sorry. “Fred looked from the doctor to Hermione to her now decreasing bump. Hermione was howling, everything she had, everything she shared with Fred was being taken away. “The most likely cause of it will have been where you have been in a confided space with lots of spells going on” Fred was on his knees next to the bed, watching his boys be taken from him. He looked at Hermione who whilst still sobbing was thinking about what the doctor had just said. What had he said, Fred was too upset to notice. Hermione pulled Fred to her face “It’s the DA’s fault, if I hadn’t been in that room with loads of spells going off, we would still have our children.” It dawned on Fred, that whilst trying to protect their children and stop them suffering through Voldemort, they had done just that. If Hermione hadn’t been in the DA then their children would still be alive and they would be becoming a family soon enough.  Fred left the room as Hermione began to cry loudly once again. He slammed his fists against the wall as everything that had just been told to him sinked in. His mum and Sirius were running towards him when they saw he had hit the wall. He hit it again and again before he screamed. Hermione lied on the bed screaming with him. Their hearts breaking as all their thoughts were shared. They had never achieved this before but they were sharing a mind speaking to each other without words. They shared the pain they were feeling and the hatred they had for Voldemort and the DA. Sirius reached Fred first and he held Fred’s arms to his sides preventing him from further hurting himself. It was as if he had to feel all the pain Hermione had. Sirius whispered into his ear over the pairs screams “Whats happened Fred? Tell me!” Fred’s whole body relaxed and he dropped the floor sobbing like a child. Mrs Weasley had gotten to her son and was holding him tightly, she looked up at Sirius. He turned and went into the room where Hermione was still screeching. “Sweetheart, what’s the matter?” asked Sirius as he stared at his daughter’s now flat stomach. “They are gone. I lost them. I couldn’t protect them” She began to sob again. He held her to his chest and stroked her hair trying to calm her down.  The healer who was still in the room went up to Sirius side and told him what the young sweet couple had heard only minutes before. He too was heartbroken but he didn’t scream or cry like his child and Fred had done. Mrs Weasley had been able to get Fred up and was handing him to Hermione. They held each other tightly and the healer approached them. “I’m so sorry but I have to remove them now, if you wish you may have the bodies to bury” Fred and Hermione nodded. Mrs Weasley was now aware of what had happened and held Sirius hand as the baby boys were taken from Hermione’s womb. The healer placed odd looking cylinders on top of her stomach and said a few incantations. Hermione pulled her head back and screamed in pain as her children were pulled from her body. Mrs Weasley turned her head into Sirius shoulder, he stood there still as a statue. Only wanting to rid his sweet daughter of the pain she was suffering. Fred held Hermione tightly unable to look anywhere but she watering eyes. “It’s alright, it’s alright. It will be over soon.” He spoke softly to her as he stroked her hair wanting to take away the pain or at least lessen it. After what felt like hours but was merely a few minutes, the healer removed the cylinders from Hermione’s body and put a cap on each. They were labelled as Weasley, S and Weasley, A. Hermione had requested this so that they weren’t just 1 and 2. Fred smiled at the thought of his boys and remember he would never be able to teach them how to ride a broom or tuck them into bed. He and Hermione were now sat on the same bed, wrapped in each other’s arms crying, sobbing and screaming the emotion pain away. Mrs Weasley had returned to the house before any one woke up. She needed to make sure that the others were told something different from what happened. She spoke with Hermione and Fred before she left “I don’t think we should tell the others about this. It will be forever a secret, just for you two to know the full truth about. No one else needs to know about it. I will say you woke up in a lot of pain and it was just where you had a muggle injury ok?” The teenagers nodded. They may have been young, but they were ready to be parents. They would have been great, thought Mrs Weasley. Those children would have been so loved. When she got back to the house she saw that none of the teenagers were awake yet. She went to Hermione’s room and removed the sheets as quietly as she could so as to not wake Ginny. Once she had changed the bed she went back to her own. Mr Weasley sat up when the door opened “Any news” he asked. She hated to be the one to tell him. Ever since he had found out he had been so happy and chirpy just like before the attack. Now she had to return him to that state. “Yes, I’m afraid Hermione had a miscarriage. Don’t worry Sirius is going to stay with them until they are ok to come home, but it was horrible. We could hear Hermione screaming and then Fred came out of the door and hit the wall screaming as well. They are devastated. I know we were worried at first but Fred will be an incredible father and he has had his children taken away from them. They aren’t going to tell the others. There is no point they can’t stop it from happening.” Mrs Weasley quickly caught him up. Arthur sat in bed dumbstruck. He had to see Fred, he had to be there for his son. “I have to be with him” said Arthur as he tried to clamber out of bed. “No no no, He and Hermione are together and Sirius is with them only to help get Hermione home. They need time to be together and deal with it by themselves” Mrs Weasley said as she helped Arthur into the wheelchair next to the bed. They went down the stairs and tried to act as normal as possible. Soon George, Harry, Ron and Ginny would be up and they would have to explain what was going on to them. 

At St Mungo’s Hermione and Fred had stopped screaming and were now sobbing to each other. Sirius sat in the waiting room allowing them the space to grieve. When they go back to the house they won’t be able to grieve their children or at least not in public. Fred was comforting Hermione, “We will be ok. We can have other children. I know the perfect place to bury them” this only upset him further. The thought of burying the boys he hadn’t even met yet was torture. Hermione and Fred sat in each other’s arms holding tight. Their cries had stopped, they began to talk of the future. They decided to get married and start a family once Voldemort was defeated. They weren’t losing any more children because of him. They were going to wait to get married so they could live life the way they were supposed to. Voldemort was to blame, but in Fred and Hermione’s eyes so was Umbridge. If she hadn’t come to Hogwarts then they wouldn’t have started the DA and Sirius and Arthur, their beautiful baby twin boys would be alive. 


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