Finding myself: Hermione

I always believed I was muggleborn. That was until someone I never knew stepped into my life. Now I am completely different, I'm learning about my new family and I'm finding true love.


4. Errol's swift return

Hermione had put on her pyjamas and was sat watching the news with her mum and dad they were sat on the sofa and Hermione was in a large armchair with a bowl of ice cream on her lap. The sudden tapping on the window frightened the Grangers. Hermione got up and put down her bowl of strawberry ice cream and opened the curtains. She saw Errol sat on the window sill and quickly opened the window trying not seem odd to the neighbours. 

She sat and read the letter quickly and upon seeing she was invited to stay she begged her parents to let her go. She wrote back and said I will be ready tomorrow afternoon so if you can get me then that would be great. 

As Errol flew into the night for what must have been the 3rd time today Hermione felt her heart ache just knowing she would soon be in the warm arms of Mrs Weasley and surrounded by the ones she loved. 


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