Finding myself: Hermione

I always believed I was muggleborn. That was until someone I never knew stepped into my life. Now I am completely different, I'm learning about my new family and I'm finding true love.


35. Dealing with the pain

A/N I am sorry that the previous chapter was upsetting but everything will be alright. I promise I didn't do it to be mean, maybe I should have put a warning on it. Sorry for any upset. x

Hermione and Fred left St Mungos the next day. Mrs Weasley made them go to the burrow instead of Grimmauld place. They still needed to grieve and bury their children. Fred apparated them to the burrow and took Hermione to a place hardly anyone knew about. "My mum told me when we first started out about the baby they had been expecting before Percy. The baby died just like our little ones. Dad buried them here so they would always be looking at the beauty of the sky. I like it here. Its away from the horrors of everything else. If its ok with you, I think we should bury them here." Fred spoke with a hoarse voice. He looked deeply into Hermiones eyes. She was carrying the small containers and had two teddy bears. "Yes. I think they would like that. As long as we put these teddies in with them. I have to confess I told someone. They sent us these for Christmas." said Hermione. Fred dug a hole for each of the children and Hermione fashioned a head stone with their names on each. As they lowered the cyclinders into the ground they realised they were not alone. Hermione turned around to see Charlie stood behind them. "Hermione, I am so sorry. Mum told me, she knew I would understand." Hermione ran into his arms. "Thank you for the bears, the boys love them. They will cherish them forever." Fred looked at his brother "You knew the whole time didn't you" Charlie nodded. "Thank you for the books. I know we don't always get along but thank you." said Fred as he hugged his brother. "I knew you would come here. Mum said she told you about Gemma. That was the little girl she lost. When they buried her, they let us come too. God me and Bill just clinged to Mum. She held us so tight as if when she let us go we would be gone forever. Voldemort's power was increasing and mum had been training even though she was pregnant. She lost her the same way you lost yours. But look at her and dad they had more kids and their life's are good. Don't lose hope, things will get better" Charlie finished his piece and kissed Hermione on the hand, shook his brothers hand and apparated away. Hermione and Fred were once again alone. She lent down and place a teddy bear in each hole. Fred covered them and held Hermione tight to his body. "Charlie's right, you know. We will have more children. Maybe even try and beat Mum and Dad." this made Hermione laugh, but she stopped immediately out of guilt. "There is nothing we can do now but get revenge on Umbridge. When we go back to school I say we cause her hell." Fred had already begun planning his revenge on the woman who caused the pain he and his beautiful Hermione were going through. 

The couple stayed at the burrow for a few days. They slept together in Fred's bed and were nearly always in the same room. Fred began it be concerned that Hermione was hiding herself away inside the house and told her they needed to return to Grimmauld place soon, before school started again. Hermione had agreed but that night she had a lot to tell him. "I don't want to go back. I want it to be me and you, no one else. I don't want to see Ginny, Harry, Ron and George. They don't know which hurts. Your mum and dad and my dad, they do know and that hurts. Everything hurts. I never want to go back to Hogwarts and have to see that woman again." Hermione breathed in a sigh of relief. She had bottled it all up and was finally telling Fred all. He looked up at her from the bed to where she was pacing up and down. "You need to go back, you need to get you grades. You are so smart Hermione and beautiful and perfect. Our lives are still ahead of us. The others may not know but they don't need to. The boys are your's and mine. No one else's. We protect each other from now onwards. I don't want you to go anywhere outside of Hogwarts without talking to me first ok. Even when I am not there, talk to me all the time." Hermione nodded as she got into the bed. He kissed the top of her head and she laid her head on his chest listening to his heart beating. "I promise I won't go anywhere without you" she spoke lightly as she drifted off to sleep. 

The next day before they left Mrs Weasley turned up. She wanted to talk to them before they returned. "Did when you were upset you hear the others voice in your head? Did you talk between the two of you without actually saying anything?" Mrs Weasley asked as she sat at the table. Hermione and Fred nodded "Why mum?" Fred was sipped at cup of tea. "Well when I lost Gemma, Me and Arthur caused our souls to bond. We felt the pain the other felt and could talk to each other. We still can now when the other is in grave danger or their emotions are at a high level. I felt the pain he was suffering when he was attacked. I think that happened to you two" Mrs Weasley said as she stared into Hermione's eyes, realising that she was going to be ok. Hermione would survive this and had come out stronger. God help whoever goes up against the pair of them. Fred and Hermione looked at each other and laughed, their souls had bonded what did that even mean. "It means that you two are meant to be together surviving loss allows your souls to bond. You needed to feel an equal amount of pain for it to happen. How are you taking this?" She asked the question that needed to be asked. "We are better than we were that night. I hope you don't mind but we buried them with Gemma. Charlie came and saw us, thank you for telling him by the way. And now he is planning how he is going to make Umbridge suffer." Said Hermione a small smile on her face, even though she lost her boys she still had the rest of her loving family. Fred placed his hand on her shoulder, they looked like the perfect couple as if they had been together for years. "I think it's time to go sweetie" said Fred. He and Hermione went upstairs and got their things. He apparated them to the kitchen of Grimmauld place. They were immediately flooded with hugs and voices of concern from the Weasleys and Harry. They had been told that Hermione had hurt an old appendix injury. Everyone was cautious to not turn her stomach in case they hurt her. Ginny caught her up on the gossip even though not much had happened. Her and Fred were now being allowed to share a room so Ginny's things were moved to the Guest room and Fred's things to Hermione's room.

The next few days went by without any problems, Fred and Hermione would have heart to hearts in bed and share their feelings about everything and anything. They had grown closer as a couple. Preparing for Hogwarts was hard though. Going from spending every waking moment together to not being able to even sleep in the same bed would be hard. Hermione had helped Fred and George pack as they were taking even more products with them. Ginny was suppose to help as well but spent the whole time laughing at them trying to fit it all in their trunks. Once they were finished the trunks were all moved downstairs to the hallway. Sirius, Hermione and Fred hadn't been together alone since that night. Just before the teenagers were leaving for school Sirius took Hermione and Fred into the Dining room. It was never used so was the perfect place to talk. "I know its been hard for you but I am here for both of you. If you ever need me I will be here in this god damn house." said Sirius. Hermione hugged her father tight and thanked him for his support. Fred shook his hand and said "Thank you for letting me marry your daughter". They looked at each other and smiled. "I know you will always look after her." said Sirius. The Weasleys, Harry and Hermione all returned to Hogwarts by floo powder. Everyone was apprehensive about Umbridge and what she would do now.     

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