Finding myself: Hermione

I always believed I was muggleborn. That was until someone I never knew stepped into my life. Now I am completely different, I'm learning about my new family and I'm finding true love.


23. Cedric's memorial

The morning of Cedric's memorial was a glum one. Everyone was just going through the motions but no one was really focusing on what they were doing. All students and staff had been given the day off to mourn Cedric. Mostly people sat in their dormitories or common rooms and talked about him, cried or just stayed silent. All the girls who would normally be arguing about who used all the hot water held each other. The boys who would normally be bullying younger kids helped them. At that moment in time Cedric's death had caused everyone to come together and for three schools to feel like one family. Angelina wouldn't let George leave her side. She was fearful for him to be taken from her and for her to be taken from him. Everyone had seen how Cho had been after Cedric and no one who was in love with another wanted to feel that. She had been a shell of a girl since the last task. A ghost floating down the hallways. Fred kept within an outstretched arms distance from both Ginny and Hermione. George did the same but with Ginny and Angelina. They sat on the biggest sofa in the common room Hermione on one end with Fred next to her, Ginny in the middle, then George and Angelina. Ron had pulled a arm chair next to the sofa on Hermione's side and sat next to her Harry sat on the floor infront of Ginny. It looked as though the boys had made a perimeter around the girls. 

When it was time to go to the great hall the oldest Gryffindor boys arranged everyone so that no one was left alone. Even though Cedric was murdered far away from Hogwarts the students almost felt violated. As if the killer could walk in through the front door and kill them all on sight. Most of the boys had sisters and even if they weren't in hogwarts or in that house they still felt the need to protect the girls near by. The groups of students made their way to the great hall in almost silence. Everyone filtered into the great hall and those closest to Cedric were given a seat at the front benches. They were asked if they wanted to say anything as it would be open for everyone to say something if they wanted. The Weasley's sat with Hermione, Harry and Angelina. Most couples and siblings were huddled together in clumps and friends were sat together. The normally enchanted ceiling was bare with the raw wooden showing. The normally brightly coloured banners were replaced with dark banners with the Hogwarts H on it. Dumbledore spoke for a while. Hermione wasn't paying attention. She was thanking god that the ageing potion Fred had tried to use to fool the Goblet of fire hadn't worked. Otherwise she could very easily be sat at his memorial instead of Cedric's. That sounds bad but that was all she could think. She caught parts of what Dumbledore was saying. Something about the bonds of friendship made this year are even more important and that we mustn't let Cedric's death  be in vain. Cho and Cedric's friends got up and said a few words between sobs. Even teachers got up and said things. The memorial was full of happy memories about Cedric's tragically short life. It pained Hermione to think of how short a life Cedric really had. It was under a year that she had been fawning over him at the world cup and now he was gone. Hermione had started to sob again and was being held by someone, she looked up and saw Ron looking down at her. Fred was clutching Ginny to his chest but had a finger wrapped round Hermione's. Hermione decided right then and there she wasn't going to let anything stop her from spending time with the love of her life, her family, her friends. She didn't know when her time was going to come and so she was going to make the most of life. Even if she had to break a few rules along the way. That's how she would honour Cedric's death, she would live life to the full and if need be kill the people who killed him. 

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