Finding myself: Hermione

I always believed I was muggleborn. That was until someone I never knew stepped into my life. Now I am completely different, I'm learning about my new family and I'm finding true love.


45. As the months flew by

As the months flew by Fred worked even harder in the shop and at Grimmuald place than he ever had anywhere else. It was the week before Christmas that Hermione would be returning home, to their home and not the burrow. He had set up her Christmas present and knew that Hermione would be a bubble of emotion when she saw it. So for the few days leading up to her return he made everything perfect much to the enjoyment of George, who mostly instead of helping as promised cracked jokes about how he was whipped and that Hermione had him under her thumb. 

Hermione stepped out of the floo straight into Fred's awaiting arms. He cuddled her close and then crouched. He ran his hands over her now rather large belly and gave it a kiss. "Daddy loves you Lyra" Fred said before standing again and taking Hermione's hand. He led her up the stairs and showed her the different rooms he had cleaned up. Fred had even managed to get Mrs Blacks portrait off the wall. What now hung there was a number of pictures a few of the ones Sirius had of him and Hermione's mum, pictures of the Weasley Family and some of Fred and Hermione together. Hermione had tears streaming down her face with the joy she was experiencing, although her hormones weren't helping. Their bedroom was the one in which they spent their first night together but it now had a door to the en suite which was connected to the next room. Fred covered Hermione's eyes and took her into the room. As she opened her eyes she gasped. Each of the four walls had different images on it. One wall was of the sky and a quidditch pitch with all the Weasley's, Harry and the marauders on brooms flying around. "I want to try and get her into Quidditch before you try and convince her to not fly" he said jokily. Hermione had already turned to the next wall which was a picture of a big black dog, a stag and a wolf all peering up at the moon. It was a tribute to the marauders, her father and his best friends. The walls were magically painted so things could be added. Fred had a plan to become an animagus as it could be helpful if he went on missions during the war and it could be great for pranking people.. The third wall which contained a large window had lots of pictures both magical and muggle plastered over it. Fred had some how gotten copies of all photos most special to Hermione and himself. There were pictures of her parents, of Sirius and her mother, of Hermione growing up, of Fred growing up, his parents and family. They were placed in a way that made them look like wall paper. Hermione ran her hand down a picture of her as a small child and smiled softly whilst rubbing her belly. The final wall was the one in which the door was. It contained all manner of magical creatures painted into a beautiful scenery. In the left hand side was Hogwarts with phoenixes, unicorns, centaurs and many other creatures that lived in the colder temperatures. On the right hand side was dragons and other creatures that lived in the warmer climates with mountains in the background. "I thought we could explain to our kids all the different creatures from this wall. I know your going to be hot on them having a good education and not being a drop out like me." Fred spoke softly as he placed his arms around Hermione's waist and up to rub her belly. " I love you so much and it doesn't matter to me that you dropped out, look at how well the business is doing. I am proud of you baby" Hermione said through silent tears. He had made such an effort to making this room perfect for their baby.  

After a few days at Grimmuald Place they were going for actual Christmas at the Burrow. Hermione had been made to completely wrap up even though they were going through the Floo. Fred even made George go first and wait in front of the floo so if Hermione fell out he could catch her. She stepped into the living room of the Burrow and was immediately assaulted with hugs from various Weasley's and Order members. However one of the men had on a very strong cologne which made Hermione nauseous. At the moment she was turning green Fred stepped through the fireplace and grabbed hold of her and pulled her out into the yard to get fresh air. "See sweetie this is why I told you to wrap up, I just wanna take such good care of you I have thought of everything" Fred beamed at Hermione whilst rubbing her back and allowing her to glare at him. "Thank you for being so considerate dear" replied Hermione sarcastically. 

Everyone was seated around the big table when Fred and Hermione were asked by Mr and Mrs Weasley what they were having and had they thought of any names yet. These questions were echoed by the majority of the table except George and Ginny who already knew. Fred rose allowing Hermione to stay on her chair and off her feet " We are having a little girl and after sirius's family tradition of naming and after you mum, we have decided to name her Lyra Molly Weasley". As he lowering himself to be seated his mother pushed him out of the way and grabbed hold of Hermione "Oh dear, thank you so much. Not only are you giving me my first grandchild but you are also naming her after me." Tears were streaming down both Hermione and Molly's faces but no one cared. Mr Weasley slowly rose with a glass in his hand and said " To Lyra". The rest of the table followed him and Fred got up and put an arm around the love of his life. They all sat down and continued with their Christmas dinner and then went into the living room for presents. A lot of Hermione and Fred's presents were for the baby. Everyone enjoyed themselves and started to act like big children again. Charlie had even come home the day before so the entire Weasley family was home. "Umm excuse I hate to disrupt Christmas but I think its time I shared something with my family and friends" started Charlie. He looked around the room and found support in his future sister in laws eyes. " Well umm how do I put this ahhhh I ummm" "God Charlie just spit it out boy" came the impatient calls of his brothers "I'm Gay!" he finally said. The room was silent until Mr Wealsey started to chuckle "Do you really think that would stop us from loving you Charlie? We would love you even if you were hot for dragons which believe me was a real concern for your mother and I. This family will always love you." he crossed the room and put his arms around his second oldest son. His brothers and sister soon joined in and he was surrounded by his family. His mother has remained seated this whole time and said nothing until "So Charlie does this mean there are any young men in your live?" Charlie turned to look at her and softly shook his head "Yes mum there is. His name is Darius and he is Romanian. He's a half blood dragon tamer at the same reserve as me. I think we are going to be together for a long time. I'm happy." Charlie finished. "Ohh Charlie" came the exclamation from a hormonal Hermione and emotional Molly as the engulfed him in a hug. "I think this has been the most eventful yet happiest Christmas we have ever had" said George softly from the sofa. 

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