Finding myself: Hermione

I always believed I was muggleborn. That was until someone I never knew stepped into my life. Now I am completely different, I'm learning about my new family and I'm finding true love.


38. A summer of new beginnings

Summer break rolled in quickly for Hermione and the others who had been at the ministry. They had been allowed to relax in school and Hermione had time off to mourn her father and bury him. Fred hadn't left her side. He realised that if he hadn't left her, maybe just maybe, Sirius wouldn't be dead right now. Therefore Hermione wouldn't have another heart break. He just hoped that he would be able to mend it.

A few weeks into the summer and Fred and George were busy starting up their business. Hermione was seeing the magical lawyer today about what her father's will said. It clearly stated in the will that the money and all asset's with the expection of his motorbike were granted to Hermione Jean Granger. As Hermione's magical name was still Granger she was granted it all. Harry was being given the motorbike, which was still at Hagrid's. Mrs Weasley and Ginny had been helping Hermione sort out the house. Things that were important and she wanted to keep and things that weren't. Everything she didn't want they were going to sell on. Mrs Weasley and Hermione had worked for a whole day to get the portrait of Mrs Black off the wall. Hermione had spoken to it a number of times. She was aware that Hermione was her granddaughter but refused to accept it. Even if her son was a blood traitor he wouldn't have relations with a filthy muggle. Hermione was exhausted most days from doing so much so she was staying at the Burrow so Mrs Weasley could keep an eye on her. She and Fred were allowed to stay in the same room together. He held her tightly each tight trying to soothe her as she cried herself to sleep. That was until one night half way through the summer. Hermione had cried enough as was returning to her normal self. Her and Ginny had been talking in the kitchen when Fred and George had gotten home. They were staying later and later at the shop. There was a flat above the shop but it wasn't ready for them to move in yet. When the twins walked through the door Hermione immediately got them both a cup of tea. "Oh thanks love. I was gasping" said Fred as he took the large white mug from Hermione's hand. George was sat already sipping at his and got up in search of food. "Your mum has left you some stew on the hob." said Hermione. "I am guessing you want some?" It wasn't really a question but she still asked anyways. The twins nodded as they slurped down their tea. She leant up to the shelf and got two of the largest bowls she could, knowing they hadn't eaten since the breakfast Mrs Weasley had given them that  morning. Hermione ladled out the still hot stew into the bowls and passed them to the boys. Ginny handed them each a spoon and they tucked in. By the way they were eating you would have thought they had starved for days. Hermione and Ginny shared a look and laughed as Fred and George wolfed down their food. Normally they would at least get some on it on the table or themselves, but they were clearly to hungry as every last drop reached their mouth. Hermione sat next to Fred and watched him gobble up his dinner. She felt odd like before everything. Like that night at the club. All she wanted was to wrapped in his arms. Ginny got up and put on the radio. They were playing the top 40. The red haired men looked at each other and got up and started dancing with each other. Hermione and Ginny sat on the table next to each other as the pair twirled around. That was until they waltzed right into Ron who was coming into the room. "carefully" yelped Ron as he got up off the ground. "We are very sorry good sir. May I have this dance?" asked George. Ron smirked and was happy to be included. Fred looked at Hermione and pulled her from the table and began to twirl her around the kitchen table. Ginny stayed where she was and watched her best friend and brother dance. She watched as her other brothers came into her view. She laughed as George was being the man and Ron was being the girl. He flicked his hair behind his back and pulled the most feminine face he ever could. Ginny laughed but wished that Harry was there so she could dance with him. Hermione stumbled into Fred's arms and laughed. It was the first time since Sirius death that anyone but Fred had heard her actually laugh. The dancers stopped and sat at the table, catching their breath. Mrs Weasley came in from the living room and told them that if they wanted to make a dent in the tasks they had tomorrow they needed to go to bed right now. The group trooped up the stairs and into their relevant bedrooms. Fred wrapped his arm around Hermione's waist as everyone said goodnight on the landing. He guided her into the bedroom and began to set muffling charms. He did this every night so no one but him could hear Hermione's crying. He turned around and saw Hermione stood in front of him. Completely naked. "I'm tired of feeling bad Fred. Make me feel good again." She whispered to him a sultry and sexy voice. Fred walked up to her and placed his hands on to her back. "Are you sure you want to?" he asked. She simply nodded as she began to undress him.  His hands started to explore her body. She pulled down his trousers and then his boxers. She had missed his hands on her naked body and moaned as his hands reached her warm breasts. He stopped and picked up his wand. "We need to be careful this time" He said and she gave him a look that screamed hurry up I need you. He quickly performed the spell and followed her to the bed. She lay on her back and dragged him on top of her. He held her waist and carefully pulled himself forward between the warmth of her legs. She arched her back and moaned in appreciation. He was glad she wanted this, he had been craving the sweet pleasure of her body. They moved together with a slow rhythm. Hermione pulled him down so she could kiss his neck up to his ear. She whispered to him to go faster and to not worry about being gentle with her. With that he pulled her up and went to window. It was closed as it wasn't very warm that day. From all the heavy breathing condensation had gone on the window. He placed Hermione up against it and placed his fore arms either side of her. The only thing holding her up was her legs wrapped around his lower back. He began to pump faster and harder. Hermione moaned in sweet pleasure and called out his name. He whispered thanks into her hair and moaned every time he plummeted into her warm delicate body. He had gained speed and was pushing Hermione further up the window. He held her tightly as he moved again back to the bed. Hermione lay there and allowed Fred to take control. He was above her moaning in sweet pleasure. She pulled her legs up around him and forced him in further. He groaned as he released inside of her. It gave him such pleasure to be close to her like that once again. He rolled off of her and lay down next to her. They both breathed out a heavy breath and looked into each others eyes. "God I have missed you 'Mione" sighed Fred as he pulled himself up on the bed, so his head was on the pillow. "What do you mean?" asked a perplexed Hermione. "You haven't been the same since your dad died. It's been worrying me. I thought I was never going to get you back." replied Fred as he moved a strand of hair from Hermione's face. "I am sorry Fred. I don't mean to block you out and be weird but it's be hard for me. But I realised today after we got Mrs Black off the wall that my dad wouldn't want me to be in a pit of sorrow. He would want me to move on and live my life with you. I found a letter from him, well more a speech in his things. It was the speech he was going to give at our wedding. It said how much he loved me and how glad he was that we had found each other and made each other so happy". Hermione smiled to herself and kissed Fred. It was a long romantic kiss and when they stopped Fred put his arms around Hermione. She placed her head on his chest and fell asleep listening to his heart beat. They slept in the next day and were not awoke until they heard George bang on the door and tell Fred that he was going to the shop and he better hurry up. With that Fred dragged his self out of the bed. He slipped on a clean pair of boxers and opened the door. George and Mrs Weasley were stood outside and were almsot walked into by Fred. The door was open wide and Hermione could be seen with a bare back and the covers just over her bum. Fred quickly shut the door and tried to move past his mother and brother to the bathroom. "Hold on a minute. Did you and Hermione have sex?" his mother asked. Fred turned a bright red and George clapped him on the back "Finally! Maybe now the pair of you won't be so cranky." said George and winked cheekily to his brother. As he spoke Hermione came out of the room. She had Fred's top on and a pair of pink underwear. "Not that its any of your business George but yes we did and we will be doing it a lot more. Now Mrs Weasley give me a about half an hour and I'll be ready to go to Grimmauld place and start working on putting all of dad's stuff back in his room." Hermione stunned the woman infront of her and walked past pushing Fred towards the bathroom and said only loud enough for Fred to hear "We are having a shower". He looked at her and realised she wasn't joking. Mrs Weasley and George had gone back down the stairs leaving Hermione and Fred to it. Hermione pulled back the shower curtain and turned it on. She took off her clothes and looked round to find Fred already naked. They clambered into the shower and began to kiss. Their hands searched each others bodies, trying to find what they craved. He held Hermione up against the wall and slid her down on to him. She groaned in pleasure as the hot water bounced off her breasts. When they finished, they got dressed and went down stairs. It had been an hour and a half since the incident in the hallway. Mrs Weasley left them a note on the kitchen table. 

Dear Hermione and Fred

I am glad you are back to your normal self dear, but remember to be careful. George is at the shop waiting for you Fred and me and Ginny are at Grimmauld place. I believe Harry is coming today so it may be that we all finish early so that we are back in time. 

love Mum

p.s there is some breakfast on the side for both of you. I assume you need the energy. 

Hermione imagined that Mrs Weasley chuckled to herself as she wrote the last part. She and Fred quickly ate their breakfast in silence. When they were both finished Fred apparated Hermione to Grimmauld place and left as soon as he dropped Hermione off so he didn't have another awkward encounter with his mother. 

Fred got to the shop and quickly set out to find George. "George I am here, where are you?" shouted Fred. He looked up the shop and saw his brother stood on an upper level levitating some stock up onto a shelf. He placed it carefully and then looked down at Fred. George leapt down and walked up to him. "So this morning, what happened?" asked George with a smirk on his face. Fred's ears turned red just thinking about it, though it could have been worse. His mum and brother could have walked in on him having sex with Hermione. "Well last night, me and Hermione umm well we you know and then this morning we did it again in the shower" said a rather embarrassed Fred. He tried to change the conversation by asking what still needed doing for opening at the weekend. But George was having none of it. "Wow. She is a keeper. What a saucy little minx. I would never have pegged Hermione as the shower sex kind of girl." said George making his brother going a shade of red that resembled their hair. The conversation moved on to the more rude parts and details were taken from Fred throughout the whole day. He was embarrassed that he shared so much with his brother and worried that Hermione would be annoyed with him. He made George promise to never tell anyone about it. 

Hermione too was questioned about the morning and the night before, by both Mrs Weasley and Ginny. Mrs Weasley asked if they were safe which Hermione immediately answered with a quick "Yes". Although she was unsure whether they had been that morning and would have to check with Fred later that night. Ginny had wanted more details than that. She had questioned her about when and where. Hermione obliged but kept her voice down not wanting to let Mrs Weasley hear. However when Ginny squealed "Oh my god. You two are like animals, up against the window, on the bed. Even in the shower. Its a wonder you have gotten knocked up yet!" Hermione knew that Mrs Weasley had heard as they both went a bright scarlet colour.  The rest of the day went by without any more awkward moments. Mrs Weasley apparated herself back to the burrow early so that she could make sure the house was ready for Harry. They knew that he was coming soon and Ginny was excited. Even though she was technically still going out with Dean Thomas. She and Hermione stayed at Grimmauld place for a few more minutes making sure everything was sorted as it was unlikely that they would be going back there until the next summer. "Kreacher" called Hermione. Kreacher appeared near to his new master. "You are to look after the house until I return. I expect everything to be as it is now." said Hermione, she had realised that she had to be firm with Kreacher. Kreacher simply replied with "Yes mistress" and snapped his fingers. With that he was gone. Hermione and Ginny went to the fireplace and travelled by floo powder to the Burrow. They came out of the fireplace and were immediately grabbed by Mrs Weasley. They were sent to clean their rooms as Mrs Weasley wanted all the washing for her to put some on. Hermione went around the room she shared with Fred picking up all of the dirty clothes that lay around the floor. She carried them down the stairs and placed them in the washing basket. Ginny had followed her down the stairs and put her washing in the basket as well. Mrs Weasley looked into their eyes and sympathetically said "One of you needs to get Ron's and one needs to get George's". The girls ran up the stairs wanting to get George's as no one wanted to be any where near Ron's dirty socks. He had been made to deal with the garden all day and had been in the garden for most of the week. This meant that his clothes stunk even more than usual. Hermione had reached George's room first and stood in the door way smiling with pride. Ginny went and got Ron's clothes with a huff. Once they finished with laundry duty they were allowed to do what they wanted. They sat on the sofa and listened to the radio. 

It was a few hours before Fred and George got back from the shop. Fred slumped onto the sofa next to Hermione and kissed her. She kissed him back and found his hand. They sat holding hands as George walked into the kitchen and came back with a pot of tea and the biscuit tin. Ginny sat with a small mug of tea and a stack of biscuits on the other side of Hermione. George was sat in an armchair carefully balancing on the arm. With a small pop they heard Harry apparate to the back yard. The group forgot about their tea and bounded into the yard. Harry stood their and was immediately hugged by Ginny and Hermione. When he was released Fred and George shook his hand and clapped him on the back. They went into the house and Ron came down the stairs. He grabbed Harry and hugged him. Ron had really missed Harry, everyone else was busy with something and no one included him in anything. Harry and Ron grabbed a mug and joined the others in the living room. They sat and talked about the summer. Harry was told how they were going to be going to the opening of Fred and George's shop. Hermione beamed at Fred. She was amazed at the vision the twins had for the shop and brand. Soon Mrs Weasley was serving up dinner. Shepard's pie. The clan dug in to the food. The only noise that could be heard was the clanging of cutlery against plates. Once everyone was sufficiently stuffed they were given dessert of a treacle pudding. Hermione sat as the Weasleys did after a good meal, leaning back and rubbing their bellies. Harry was grateful for being back with his magical family. The Weasleys sat and talked about the exciting things that were going to be happening before they returned to school. The twins were excited about the grand opening of their shop. Fred and Hermione began to sneak away as the conversation moved on. They crept slowly into the kitchen and then apparated to their room. Hermione did muffling charms quickly and pushed Fred onto the bed. He pulled his shirt over his head as she unbuttoned hers. She unzipped his trousers and leant over him. She planted kisses from his neck down to his chest. She moved down and kissed his crotch. He quickly removed his boxers and pulled Hermione's shorts and pants down. He kissed up her leg and pulled her onto the bed. The rolled around for a hour until they were done. Hermione and Fred lay on their back as usual. Breathing heavily they curled up and fell asleep. Soon Hermione would be returning to Hogwarts. She would be without Fred until Christmas and for them it was a long time. Hermione would miss the warmth next to her in the bed. Fred would miss watching her sleep and stroking her hair as she fell asleep. He watched her sleep for a few minutes before falling asleep himself. 

The next day Fred had to leave before Hermione woke up. He felt awful for leaving her but had to do the final preparations for the next day. The opening of his shop. He and George spent the whole day putting things in the right place and sorting out the designs. Once they were happy they went home. The whole house had been decorated with little lights. As the twins walked into the kitchen they were bombarded with "Congratulations". Hermione bounded towards Fred and kissed him on the lips. He wanted to keep the kiss going and move upstairs but his family were watching him. He snaked his arm around her waist. The boys were given a cake that Hermione and Ginny had made. Mr Weasley looked proudly at his sons. The twins were whisked into the living room and everyone but Ginny was handed a glass of firewhiskey. Mr Weasley stood up and held his drink high in the air "To my boys. I can't wait to see what creations you have to sell tomorrow." As Mr Weasley finished everyone drank their firewhiskey. Hermione had never liked firewhiskey so she slipped hers to Ginny who quickly downed it and handed the glass back. Hermione held it and made it look as if she had drunk it. Fred noticed this as did his mother. Mrs Weasley stood up and asked Hermione to help her with something in the kitchen. "Hermione dear, are you pregnant again?" asked Mrs Weasley in a hushed tone. Hermione's face paled as she replied "No. I don't really like firewhiskey so I let Ginny have mine. Trust me Mrs Weasley we have been careful." Hermione turned and went back to the living room. Harry and Ron were a few large glass through by now and were quite tipsy. Mrs Weasley had George and Fred get the boys up the stairs. Apparation was out of the question so they were hauled up the stairs and into Ron's room. Hermione and Ginny were behind them laughing at the state Ron and Harry had gotten themselves into. Ginny went into the rooms till chuckling and Fred, holding Harry, and George, holding Ron, went into Rons room. Hermione went in and made sure that both Harry and Ron were safely in their beds. The twins and Hermione left and went their separate ways. Hermione held Fred's hand as she walked into their room. He spun her round and pushed her up against the door. "Are you pregnant?" asked Fred, he looked deep into Hermione's eyes. If she was lying he would know. "No. I don't think I am." said Hermione. He calmed down and began to kiss and caress her. They made love twice that night. 

The next day they got up early. Fred and George were sprinting around the house grabbing everything they needed. Hermione, Ron and Harry were coming by later. Hermione had not been allowed to see the store until the opening. Fred said it was to do with a big surprise or something. When Fred and George were about to leave, Hermione kissed him. 

She, Ron and Harry walked down Diagon Alley towards the shop. It looked incredible, Hermione was so proud of Fred. They went inside and tried to push through the crowds. Fred saw Hermione, "Sweetie, come see these." on the shelf were products named Padfoot, Prongs, Sirius and Arthur. The Sirius and Arthur products were toys for babies. "Oh Fred" she turned and kissed him. He beamed at her happy that she liked it. Ron and Harry had joined them and were all looking in amazement at the other products around. Ron tried to haggle Fred and George down on something he wanted but instead for him they raised the price. Hermione laughed and kissed Fred goodbye. They went back to Diagon Alley and collected the rest of the things they needed for school. They were off the next day.

Fred had come with Hermione to the train station. They kissed goodbye and with that she, Harry, Ron and Ginny were off back to Hogwarts. It felt strange without the twins, but they would get used to it.

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