Finding myself: Hermione

I always believed I was muggleborn. That was until someone I never knew stepped into my life. Now I am completely different, I'm learning about my new family and I'm finding true love.


31. A special secret

Fred and Hermione were still buzzing the next day. Hermione had woken up early and everything that happened yesterday came back to her. She went for a shower and sat in the hot water crying. Once again doubt was creeping in. Hermione got dressed and went down to the common room. On one of the tables sat a parcel with a letter on top. It was addressed to Hermione.

Dear Hermione

I am so happy for you and Fred, even if I can’t tell anyone else. I have enclosed some books that you can read. Be careful it seems that there is lots you have to be careful of. Stay clear of Slytherins violence could harm the baby, but I’m sure you know that. You should know that I am so excited to be an uncle, kids have never been in my plan so my nieces and nephews are going to be spoilt rotten. Be safe and all my love,


Hermione folded the letter and put it into her pocket. She opened the parcel and saw the books inside, The pregnant witch, What to expect when you’re expecting (But the magical edition obviously), Magical babies and how to care for them, and finally Becoming a magical dad. Charlie had got some good books and had even thought of Fred whilst choosing books. As she thought it Fred walked into the common room. “What are those?” he asked pointing at the books. She picked up the becoming a magical dad book and handed it to him. “I had some books brought for us” Hermione replied. “Who did you tell so you could get these?” Fred asked Hermione with a worried look. “Someone we can trust, don’t worry they have a secret only I know. If they tell our secret we tell his” she said whilst opening a book and beginning to read it. Fred nodded still concerned and held his book tight in his hand. “We should hide these so no one sees them” spoke Fred. He began back towards his dormitory to hide his book but Hermione grabbed his hand and swivelled him around. “Don’t worry everything is going to be ok” Hermione lent up and planted a kiss on his soft warm lips. She picked up her own books and went to the dormitory before the other girls awoke. She decided to hide her books with her muggle things as no one ever went through them. Fred had decided to put it in the hidden compartment he had made in his trunk. It was normally reserved for prank ingredients. 

Everyone was in the great hall when Fred and Hermione walked in. Even though they had been the first up they had stayed in the common room to talk when everyone left. They had decided that they needed to meet up and talk about everything like baby names and how they were going to keep this secret. Hermione sat next to Ginny with Fred next to her and George opposite him. Hermione got a plate and went to take her usual that was until she smelt the scrambled eggs. Her face went green and she ran from the hall. Ginny and Fred bolted after her and found her in a bathroom. She was being sick into the sick. Fred was stroking her hair and Ginny went to get Madam Pomfrey. Hermione finished vomiting and looked at Fred “This is going to be harder to hide than we think you know”. He smiled at her, well I am here for you, if you need me I will know” he handed her a necklace with a heart pendant on it. “I have charmed it so if you need me it will make mine get hot.” He held his out of his shirt. He placed it around her neck and smiled at her. Madam Pomfrey came through the doors disturbing the moment. “Oh dear, I think you may have the stomach bug that is going around, please come with me to the hospital wing and I’ll give you something so you can go back to classes.” Hermione was bustled out of the bathroom and towards the hospital wing. Madam Pomfrey sat her on a bed and cast a muffling spell around them. “Hermione, I have to ask you something, please don’t take offence. It’s just you and Mr Weasley are very close now and I need to know if you are pregnant” Hermione was shell shocked, she didn’t want loads of people to know her secret. “Can I ask why it would matter?” She had to be tactful about this. “Yes of course it’s just that a pregnancy can be complicated and you need medical help during it. I also need to know as there are a number of activities you then wouldn’t be allowed to do, such as certain potions.” Madam Pomfrey had a knowing look in her eye. “If you are I can also do a spell to tell you the sex of the baby.” Hermione’s eyes twinkled at the prospect. “Yes I am, can I come back later with Fred and find out if it’s a boy or girl?” Madam pomfrey nodded and handed her a bubbling potion “this will help with the morning sickness” Hermione drank it and was allowed to go to lessons. She had defence against the dark arts. A lesson she was extremely worried about. 

When Hermione got there they were just going into the classroom. It was just as outrageous as she expected but for different reasons. They weren’t learning spells just reading books about it. How are we meant to protect ourselves if we don’t learn defensive spells, Hermione thought. When they got to the common room later she burst to Harry and Ron about it. “Harry we need you to teach us how to defend ourselves otherwise we are screwed.” She couldn’t tell them it was because she wanted to be able to protect her child from Voldemort. That’s when she remembered about Madam Pomfrey. Fred and George were listening to her rant about Umbridge and were telling Harry how cool it would be to learn more spells. She pulled Fred and said “Come on we are going for a walk” He didn’t get a chance to respond before he was out of the portrait hole. Hermione lead him towards the hospital wing. “What’s the matter? Are you ok? Why are we going to the hospital?” Fred asked worry in his voice. Hermione turned to him checking that the corridor was empty. “I had to tell Madam Pomfrey, she is going to look after us. She can do a spell which shows us the gender of the baby” He looked down at her and grinned lifting her into the air before setting her down and kissing her. They walked to the hospital wing and went inside to see only Madam Pomfrey was there. Hermione lay on the bed and Madam Pomfrey waved her wand over her stomach. She watched carefully and put her wand to her temple. “Well you are having boys.” The young couple looked at each other and said “A boy, Wait did you say boys?” Madam Pomfrey looked at them thinking what a sweet family they will be “Yes I said boys. You are having twins.” Hermione was lifted by Fred as he spoke with excitement “Yay I bet they are like me and George” “NO NO NO they are not being exactly like you two. You have 3 OWL’s. They are going to be smart and hardworking but also really fun.” Said Hermione as she was placed back to the ground. “Wow twins” was all they could say to each other. It was now more important than ever to learn defense against the dark arts, no one was going to hurt her boys.   


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