Finding myself: Hermione

I always believed I was muggleborn. That was until someone I never knew stepped into my life. Now I am completely different, I'm learning about my new family and I'm finding true love.


21. A secret romance

Fred and Hermione secretly met everyday at the edge of the black lake. Near to it was a cave they would sit in. Their relationship was blossoming but only Angelina and George knew about it. It made it feel more special as no one knew but they hated not being able to simply hold hands in public. Angelina and George were covering for them as well as keeping their secret. The months went by and spring turned summer. Fred and Hermione's disappearances were becoming more noticeable and frequently during dinner and the rest of the evening. Angelina and George had a few theories as to why they were missing more often than before. George reckoned they were doing more than kissing and cuddling but Angelina thought they were most likely sneaking into Hogsmeade like she and George sometimes did. George didn't tell Angie but he was going to ask Fred when he came in that night. "Dude what have you and her been up to. I reckon you been all over that. ha ha ha" said George when Fred came in with a beaming smile on his face. "No I like her too much to do that yet. Besides she is a lady she don't just give it away mate. We been chatting and kissing. I'm gonna marry her you know that." Said Fred who was now laying on his bed. "Whatever Freddie, I bet you will get in there soon enough. You stare at each other all the time. Anyways what's wrong with a girl that wants to test drive her man before she puts a ring on her finger" George replied defensively. "You haven't. Oh you have haven't you. You and Angie have done it. Good for you mate" Fred looked at his brothers red face and then turned over and fell asleep. 

"Oh Angie, of course I haven't slept with Fred yet. We just talk and stuff. Why have you made love with George yet?" Hermione asked Angelina who was sat across from her on top of Angie's bed. "Umm maybe we have a few times" Angelina was twirling some of her thick black hair around her finger. "What was it like? I'm kind of thinking of sleeping with Fred during the summer." hermione blushed slightly and then bit her lip. "It was incredible. I felt like we were one person moving together and his big strong hands were wrapped around me. It was worth skipping transfiguration for." giggled Angelina. Hermione had to go to bed so she said goodbye to Angie and went to bed. Angelina sat there and remember how it felt to be held by George she needed to feel that again and before the holidays. 

The next day Hermione and Fred didn't disappear at all. They were both feeling odd at the fact the people that knew thought they were up to no good so what did the people who didn't know think. Over the next few weeks they spent less and less time together. Hermione got busy helping Harry prepare for the upcoming final task and Fred needed to help George with the business. Finally Fred decided they needed to talk properly. He was in the library a few tables away from her, Ron and Harry. He used a charm to get writing to appear on her page it read

We needed to talk, Our place, with love

Hermione quickly covered it and looked round. Her eyes connected with Fred's and she nodded. Fred got up and walked out of the library. After five minutes Hermione said "I'm not feeling great so I am going to bed" she left the boys in the library and half ran to the cave. To their cave. Fred was stood there and turned to see her running towards him. He opened his arms and held her tight when she reached him. "God I love you Hermione. I've missed being able to hug you and kiss you" he leant down and kissed her on the lips. "In the summer can we please tell everyone that we are in love." "Yes I was thinking the same thing. I hate not being able to sit on your lap in the common room like Angelina and George can do. I hate not being able to hold your hand in front of everyone" They embraced once more and Hermione said "Did you know that Angelina and George have slept together?" Fred was shocked by this question "Umm I suggested to him that he had but he never really asked me and when was that?" "More like how often, speaking of which where were they today. I saw them at breakfast and haven't seen them since" Hermione and Fred looked at each other and laughed. "The dirty buggers have been at it all day" said Fred. "Come on we should get back to the castle before curfew" he said and grabbed her hand. They parted ways at the common room pretending that they had bumped into each other in the grounds after going to get air. "Hermione I thought you were going to bed" asked Ron. "Yer I was going to but thought I should go get some fresh air first and see if that makes me feel better" replied Hermione. She bustled past him and went straight up the stairs and towards her dormitory. There she saw Angelina open the door and push something out. This something or could be someone went pasted Hermione chuckling the recognisable Weasley chuckle. he must have a disillusionment charm on him. "Nice day Angie" called Hermione. "uhh Yer you could say that" and the door to the fifth year dormitory shut.   

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