Finding myself: Hermione

I always believed I was muggleborn. That was until someone I never knew stepped into my life. Now I am completely different, I'm learning about my new family and I'm finding true love.


24. A night to remember

When the Hogwarts Express rolled into Kings Cross station, Harry thought where would he actually be staying this summer. He couldn't just tag along with the Weasley's again. He knew he didn't want to spend it with the Dursleys. "Hey Hermione where are you going?" Harry asked her as she pulled her trunk off the train. "Well my mum and dad are going on holiday for the summer to American and I didn't want to go so I am staying with my dad, so Sirius's house. Why do you want to come with? If you do we are going to the Weasleys first and then there I think." Hermione said smiling at him.  They walked through the barrier and Mrs Weasley came running towards them. She went around the group hugging and kissing. "Harry, dear Dumbledore has told me to take you to the Dursleys. Before you protest, I don't know why but Dumbledore is adamant." Harry's face sank and Hermione gripped his shoulders and said "don't worry, I'm sure it will all be fine and they will leave you alone." The group left and went to the burrow as Harry was going back to surrey the next day. 

When Harry woke up on the day he was going back to the Dursleys he let out a small groan. It wasn't fair Hermione would be with Sirius and Ron had his family. What did Harry have? he had the Dursleys. Mr Weasley was going to drive him and Ron was going with them. Hermione was sat at the table when Harry came down stairs. She was sat on her own but it was clear someone else had been in the kitchen with her. "Oh morning Harry, I thought your footsteps were Mrs Weasley. Do you want so breakfast before Ron comes and eats everything?" asked Hermione she was smoothing her hair down and had walked over to the stove. She looked down into the pan of bacon and realised that Harry needed to know. Besides he wasn't going to be there when everyone else found out. "Harry I have got something to tell you." she looked at him anxiously. "What is it Hermione?" "Well you know that Fred had that fight with Krum. It was over me. I am in love with Fred and he is in love with me." Hermione was now beaming at Harry waiting for him to say something. "What about Ron? I mean I'm glad you're happy and everything cos you're like my sister, but does Ron know?" harry asked. hermione's face fell "Why should it matter if Ron knows yet? He doesn't so don't tell him or anyone for that matter. Only George and Angelina know." Hermione was angrily flipping the bacon in the pan. Harry got up and walked over to her "It's brilliant that you are in love with Fred. But you need to know that Ron likes you. Alot." Harry had grabbed her hands and was looking in her eyes. "What's going on down here then?" Mr Weasley asked as he followed his nose to the pan of sizzling bacon. "Just saying goodbye" said Harry and Hermione in unison. The rest of the Weasleys had followed the smell and now the kitchen was full of hungry looking Weasleys. They all got a plate and made their bacon sandwiches. "You alright Fred. You've only got one sandwich" said Mrs Weasley, worried that her son wasn't eating his usual amount, normally resulting from being ill. "I'm fine mum I had some food before" said Fred. It clicked in Harry's head who the other person in the kitchen was. He hadn't seen him go back upstairs cos Fred and George can now apparate whenever they want. When they had all finished Hermione began to clear the plates. Fred got up and helped her. As they did this Mr Weasley announced it was time for him, Harry and Ron to set off. Harry was hugged by all the girls and shook the hands of the lads. Fred and George handed him some of their Weasley's Wizard Wheezes with strict instructions to use all of them before the summer was over. Hermione and Fred offered to do the dishes so they stayed in the kitchen as everyone else waved the car off. Hermione and Fred stood there planning out the next few days. "I'm going to my dad's tomorrow. I think you all might be coming with me but I'm not sure." said Hermione she leant in close to Fred's arm but shot quickly away as they saw Mrs Weasley turn and come towards the house. "Hermione dear, tomorrow we are taking you to Sirius's is that correct" "Yes Mrs Weasley." hermione answered her in anticipation. "Well we are going to be coming with you. The order will be having many meetings this summer and its better if we are there too." Mrs Weasley looked at Hermione's beaming face with confusion. She knew that Hermione and Ginny were very close but being stuck with Ron for the whole summer can't make her that happy. She looked to her son, who was still washing the breakfast plates, he was watching Hermione with a twinkle in his eye she had never seen before. Ohhh Mrs Weasley suddenly realised that Fred definitely liked Hermione. But did Hermione like him. 

The next few weeks went by as normal. The order had a few meetings and the teens were allowed to go wondering around the muggle world. Hermione had shown them around the local area and explained what things were. Ron had stayed annoyingly close to Hermione for the whole time. "I was thinking of taking Fred, George and Angelina out in a few days time. They are the age in the muggle world where they would go clubbing, like where you met mum dad." Hermione had said during a lull at dinner. "Ok, Just be careful and remember no magic boys" said Mrs Weasley. "What? well atleast let me go aswell!" Ron started to protest. "Ron, you have to be eighteen to get into clubs in the muggle world. Fred and George will pass for eighteen easily and I can create fake ID for us all but too many people will attract attention and we won't get in" Hermione said. "Sorry mate, grown ups only" said Fred and George in perfect unison. Mrs Weasley allowed them to go and told Ron he wasn't going. 

Angelina had arrived to stay for a few days. She was going to be staying in the guest room and when her, Hermione and the boys went out Hermione was bunking with her so as not to wake up Ginny. Angelina wore a short blue dress that clung to her slim body, but the favourite part of her outfit was the shoes. They were 4inch high bright blue with blue gems stuck on the heel. George couldn't take his eyes off of her and had begun to drool. He and Fred had jeans on and dark tops. Angelina had gone down stairs first and Hermione followed her down. Her dress was silver that stopped on the top of her thigh and was cut low on her chest showing a large proportion of her cleavage. Fred tried to look like he wasn't mesmerised by her. She was wearing heels as well so her head would rest just on top of Fred's shoulder instead of against his chest. "Sweetie you look beautiful. You boys better make sure no rowdy men try and touch my girl" Sirius said with a stern face. He could see the twinkle in Fred's eyes as he looked at Hermione. "That includes you Fred" he whispered to Fred as he walked past and into the kitchen. Mrs Weasley had many rules for the evening and as usual Fred and George were paying no attention. "Firstly, don't get what muggles call drunk. Its bad for you and you could accidentally perform magic in front of them. No hanky panky when you are out and certainly no nonense when you get home. Boys you go straight to your room when you get back and the same for the girls. So no George you can't stay in the same room as Angelina. I do want to be a grandmother but not quite yet." Mrs Weasley gave George a look that made him blush and look at his feet "Now go have fun"

They went around the corner to a club known as the pit. The group joined the line that was trailing from the door. Hermione handed them their ID's and said "I made sure your names were the same on them". The line moved quickly and within just half an hour they were inside the club. Hermione had led them to the bar and gotten them all a beer. George and Angelina already had their hands all over each other. So much for no funny business thought Hermione. She turned to Fred and grabbed his hand. They went to the dance floor and began to move around and drink, move and drink. The young wizards did this for the rest of the night until it was 2 in the morning and the club was beginning to smell of sweat and sick. They walked out of the club and went into the house. Hermione stumbled and the others started to chuckle. Trying to stay quiet as to not wake everyone up they went to the kitchen. Angelina and George wanted to sleep in the same bed and suggested that if when they woke up in the morning Fred could apparate back down to the boys room and Angelina could aparate up to the guest room. Everyone agreed even in the stupor of drunkness that they were. Fred had Hermione on his back and was racing Angelina and George up the stairs when Ron came onto the landing. "So your back then?" Ron asked with fury in his eyes. "Yer we are Ronikins so nighty night" said Fred. Ron went into his room and the couples split with George and Angelina slipping through the first door on the left and Fred and Hermione slipped up the stairs. They crept as silently as possible past Sirius's door and into the guest room. 

Hermione was pulling off her shoes as Fred shut the door. She got up and casted a muffilato spell to sound proof the room. "Why are you doing that miss granger" asked Fred, he was taking his top off. "Well I thought seeing as your sleeping in here that we could have a bit of fun" she had slipped off her dress and was in just her bra and knickers. Fred looked in awe and quickly pulled off his trousers and kicked off his shoes. they embraced and kissed each other. Fred lifted her up and placed her on the bed, laying a trail of kisses down her neck. he pinged the bra off of her and threw it to the floor. He placed his hands on her breasts and kissed further down to her belly button. She slipped off her pants and pulled his down. They moved on to the bed more and Fred asked "Are you sure?" "Yes I am sure" Hermione replied. 

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