Finding myself: Hermione

I always believed I was muggleborn. That was until someone I never knew stepped into my life. Now I am completely different, I'm learning about my new family and I'm finding true love.


9. A long summer

As the rest of the summer rolled on Hermione and Sirius spent even more time together. There was not one day that they didn't see each other. Mostly Sirius stayed at the Weasley's sleeping on the sofa.

The weekend before the Quidditch World cup Hermione, Sirius, Harry and the Weasley's went to The Black House at Grimmuald place. Sirius had decided it was time to clean up the place and was going to give Hermione and Harry each their own room so if they ever wanted to stay they could. Hermione had decided, after lengthy night time conversations with Ginny, to paint her walls creams and light browns. Her furniture was being delivered  by a company in diagon alley. Now she could go spend time with her dad whenever. Harry was going to paint his room all red and gold, the gryffindor colours. Him, Ron, the twins and Mr Weasley all went to Quality Quidditch supplies and bought posters of all the best Quidditch players and of course the Irish team. They were going to put them all over Harry's room.

Of course Mrs Weasley was in charge of the it all. She had Ginny and Hermione doing Hermiones room, Harry and Ron decorating Harry's, Fred and George were in the dining room. Mr Weasley and Sirius were in the kitchen causing more mess than they were cleaning up. Mrs Weasley made quick work of the living room and hallway and had started on the stairs. They spent the entire day clean and decorating. When they finished they all sat in the kitchen and relaxed. 

"Well kids, I think we did really well today and I must say Harry and Hermione your rooms look really nice. I hope you will still be at the burrow as much as you can stand" congratulated Mrs Weasley. "Me and Ginny did a great job. Can we stay here tonight dad?" Hermione and Sirius were getting used to her calling him dad. "Of course everyone can stay if they want we have plenty of room. Then you can all go back to the burrow the day before the Qudditch World cup." smiled Sirius, he was glad to have family and friends to say that to now and he didn't like being alone. Mr and Mrs Weasley agreed and all the kids cheered. Then began the sprinting to choose where they were going to sleep. In just a few minutes it had been agreed. Ginny was staying in Hermiones room, Ron with Harry, the twins in the room next to Hermiones. Mr and Mrs Weasley in Regulus's newly refurbished room and Sirius in his parents room as his room was still being decorated.

That evening they were all sat in the dining room, eating laughing and joking until Kreacher came in and started moaning and complaining about having blood traitors and mudbloods in his mistresses house. At this Sirius informed him that he should get use to the Weasleys as they are not blood traitors and that Hermione wasn't a muggle born and was in fact his daughter. When Sirius had finished scolding Kreacher, he apparated away which made everyone relax. When it was time to go to bed all the kids were sent upstairs as Sirius, Molly and Arthur were chatting. 

Sirius's POV:

"Molly I know that you have been there for Hermione ever since her first year at Hogwarts. So please if anything happens to me promise you two will be there for her and help her magically. I have only just got her and it would break my heart to lose her but if I go you must protect her and I know in my heart you will." Sirius spoke to Molly and Arthur in a serious tone which was extremely unusual for him. "Of course we will but don't let the kids hear you talk like that or it will spook them" replied Arthur, who had started to see Hermione as a daughter and presumed someday she would be. "You should also know that I am changing my will soon. I'm giving almost everything to Hermione. Apart from my motorbike, I can't see Hermione on it, that's for Harry after all he is my godson." Sirius finished and sat down to hear what Molly and Arthur thought about that. "That's a good idea but hopefully it won't be required for a long time." said a thoughtful Molly. With that they climbed the stairs and went to bed. Molly shouted down the hallway "We can hear you are all still awake now go to sleep." Hermione stepped out of the bathroom and quickly went to her room as though was a five year old being caught stealing sweets. 

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