Finding myself: Hermione

I always believed I was muggleborn. That was until someone I never knew stepped into my life. Now I am completely different, I'm learning about my new family and I'm finding true love.


25. A long night

Fred lifted her up and pulled her pelvis towards his. He entered her and gave a small groan of pleasure. She moved her body up and towards him. He held her body tight to his as he moved her to the wall. He pushed her up against it as she moan and cried out things like "Ohh god", "Yes Fred" and "YES YES YES". Every time she moaned he pulled her further onto him and let her drag her nails down his back. Fred moved her from the wall and back to the bed. She lay on her back with Fred standing over her. He moved closer to her warm perfect body. Her body radiated magic as he pushed himself into her and on top of her naked body. They both groaned and moved towards each other. He writhed in pleasure as she pushed her hips up at him. He brought her legs up to either side of him. Fred now had more movement and was able to go faster and harder in answer to Hermione's pleas. She rolled him onto his back and sat upon him. She rode him and moved her hips so she was grinding against his pelvis. He moaned in pleasure and his back arched as he released inside of her. The room became illuminated as magical light exploded from him. They hovered above the bed as Fred slowed his pace and his breathing began to return to normal. He and Hermione landed with a small thud back on the bed. He held her close not wanting that moment to end. She turned her head up to him and kissed his neck. "I love you Fred" "I love you Hermione". They lay there naked, wrapped in each others arms for a while. "Fred, you ready to go again?" Hermione had a gleam in her eyes that told him to say yes. He nodded at her and pulled himself up. He opened her legs and dragged her towards him. She giggled and pulled his face down to hers and planted a sweet kiss on his lips. As Hermione kissed him, Fred plunged into her and let out a small groan. She leant back and her head rolled back as she enjoyed him. She placed her legs up on his shoulders and began to groan and moan even more. Fred knew she liked it and kept going making her crave it even more. He slowed to a calm passionate pace. He pulled her body up and held her chest against his. Their heartbeats synchronised and they moved as one body, enjoying the each other. Fred held her tighter as he once again released inside of her. When he was finished he moved from the warmth between Hermione's legs and sat up. Hermione say the scratches on his back from where she had felt an immense amount of pleasure. She looked at the scar he had from 'testing products'. Hermione had never believed that and as she went to touch it she felt dark magic emanating from it. "How did you get your scar?" she asked as she soothed it with magic. He looked at her "Krum and his gang of gonnies". Fred admitted to her that it was Krum who had given it to her and that he didn't want to scare her. He looked in her eyes and knew that he didn't need to protect her. She was stronger than anyone gave her credit for. Hermione took Fred by the shoulders and pushed him onto his back. She placed his arm around her and put her head on his chest. She could hear his heart beating and felt the warmth radiating from him. Fred looked at the top of her head and played with her hair. He knew he would never be able to live without her. He was so glad his ageing potion hadn't worked. He thanked the gods that his name hadn't come out of the goblet of fire instead of Cedric's. He would never forgive himself if he let Hermione. She was too perfect for him and he would work every day of his life to show her how much he loved her. He nestled his chin on top of her head and fell asleep smelling her hair. 

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