Finding myself: Hermione

I always believed I was muggleborn. That was until someone I never knew stepped into my life. Now I am completely different, I'm learning about my new family and I'm finding true love.


33. A few announcements

When Fred found out about his dad being attacked he knew that they had to tell him about the babies and that they were naming one of them after him. They were going home at Christmas, well to Grimmuald place, but dad was going to be there and so was his mum and Sirius. 

Hermione came into Dumbledore’s office, it turns out her necklaces gets hot when he is in need of her too. She went straight to him and put her arms around his neck. He held her tight and whispered into her ear “Dad’s hurt. He was on order business. We have to tell them at Christmas.” “Ok” was all Hermione could say. Mr Weasley had been seriously injured at the ministry and Fred looked like he was going to cry. They stood there for a few minutes until they were taking from Dumbledore’s office. The Weasley kids were being told what happened and that their dad was being treated in St Mungos. This only made them more scared and upset. Ginny was clinging to George and Harry stood awkwardly by the huddle. He had seen it all happening and couldn’t stop it. He felt like it was his fault, even though it wasn’t. Before anyone truly noticed Harry was being taken away by Professor Snape. 

Christmas came all too slowly for the Weasleys they wanted to be together with their father and it was torture to be apart from him and their mother. Finally after a few weeks it was Christmas. They were taken by Floo powder to the burrow and then to Grimmuald place. Fred apparated himself and Hermione to the house and George apparated by himself. The others went by floo powder but Fred demanded to take Hermione as he didn’t let her out of his sight recently. When they saw their father sat in a chair they crowded around him and hugged him. Sirius was stood against a large dresser in the kitchen. Hermione hugged him and held him tight. Fred then coughed and told all his siblings that they had to leave. Questions were being asked but they all went to just outside the door. Hermione let go of Sirius and stood next to Fred. Mrs Weasley came through the kitchen door and shut it to keep the other kids out. She sat on the arm of the chair that Mr Weasley was sat in. Sirius came closer realising they had something to say. As he walked past the kitchen door he flicked his wand casting a muffling spell. If the sweet young couple wanted to talk only to the grown-ups then they wouldn’t want the others listening in.  “We have something we need to tell you.” Said Fred, he looked extremely nervous and was holding Hermiones hand tightly. “But firstly,” He got on one knee ring in hand. It was a simple gold ring with a sparkling clear stone at the top. ”Hermione Jean Granger or Black will you marry me?” He looked at her stunned face. “Yes of course I will” said Hermione. Fred stood back up and put the ring on Hermione’s finger. She glowed with happiness. “We also have some other news as well.” Said Hermione, putting her hand on her stomach “We are having babies. Twin boys and we are going to call them Sirius and Arthur” She looked expectantly at the parents sat there.  They looked in shock. Sirius lept across the room and punched Fred. “Dad please be happy for us” screamed Hermione. “Don’t worry sweetie I am done” Said Sirius as he helped Fred up off the floor. He shook Fred’s hand and said “At least you’re making an honest women of her first” Mrs Weasley then pushed him out of the way and grabbed hold of her son. She pulled him into a warm embrace and then pulled Hermione into it. Mr Weasley sat in the armchair and congratulated his son and soon to be daughter in law. “I don’t think the others should know about the babies yet. Just tell them you are going to get married ok. And tell me everything, when are you due?” Hermione and Mrs Weasley left the room and showed the rabble behind the door the ring, cheers went up and the boys went to drink some fire whisky to celebrate, Ginny was sat with her dad talking about how cute they will be on their wedding day. Mrs Weasley had told Ginny to look after Arthur whilst she talked to Hermione about something. Mrs Weasley and Hermione went into the bedroom and she told her when the boys were due, the end of May. Mrs Weasley did the revelio spell and got to see the two lights floating around Hermione’s womb. She smiled with joy but did scold the pair later for being irresponsible. It was as if she had been given a reason to fight once more. That her future grandchildren needed her to fight for them. Mr Weasley was just happy that his family was growing and that his son was happy. Sirius was harder to win over but after a few nights he finally felt truly happy. He was going to a granddad. Sirius told them that they could stay in the house with him as long as they needed and that he would help them any way he could. It was growing late on the evening that Sirius had announced all this so Mrs Weasley hurried everyone to bed, they still made Hermione share with Ginny and Fred with George but everyone saw the difference in them, even if only the adults knew the whole picture.  Hermione kissed Fred goodnight and he kissed her stomach twice before going back down the stairs to his own room. Hermione curled up in bed looking at her ring, knowing that they would be together forever. 


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