Why Me?

Stella Knight was nothing but trouble. She got in trouble at school and home. Then she meets 5 guys and her life turns even more upside down than it already was. **16+ GRAPHIC SEX**


4. The Text

BEEP BEEP! There goes my phone.

L- Hey its Louis from last night

S-Which one r u

L-The striped shirt one

S-ohh the cute one

S-I mean...

L-haha, com over my adress is 11-90 450drive

S-kk b there soon bye


I go drive over and me and lou hang out for about 5 hours. I go into my car and drive home. I enter the house and my dad knocks me out the second i walk in with a frying pan. I wake up and i see lou at my door. I guess he knew where i lived. Just to let you know my mom died when i was 3. I see my dad talking to lou and he says "Dip-Shit... Go pack your shit. I just sold you for $10! Have fun with your new sex-master!" WHAT :o


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