Why Me?

Stella Knight was nothing but trouble. She got in trouble at school and home. Then she meets 5 guys and her life turns even more upside down than it already was. **16+ GRAPHIC SEX**


3. The New Guys

Im in my house sleeping and my phone is ringing. My best-friend Angle is calling me. I pick it up

S- Hey... whats up

A- i met these guys and i want u 2 meet them


A- some over ASAP

S-okokok, see u soon

A- Bye bae.

I change into ripped jeans and a tanktop that has glitter on it. I drive my red convertable to Angles house and i use her spare key which is in the flower pot. I go in and there are the 5 new guys i saw in class earlier. "Hi, im Harry" Said the one with curly hair, "im liam" said the one with the mole on his neck,"Im louis" said the one with the striped shirt. "im zayn" He was looking in the mirror. "and im niall" said the one with the irish accent. "nice to meet u" i say. We turn on Angles X-Box and we all play Black-Ops. We had fun and i gave them all my number. It was 11:00 and i drove home.  I finally had a good day untill i got the text. 

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