Why Me?

Stella Knight was nothing but trouble. She got in trouble at school and home. Then she meets 5 guys and her life turns even more upside down than it already was. **16+ GRAPHIC SEX**


2. School

I ran to my locker. PHEW, now i ran to the bathroom to change. "oops, wrong bathroom!" I go into the girls and change. Its 2nd period. Mr.Pan is going to kill me!!! Mr.Pan is my math teacher and he um... he does stuff to me. Im in the classroom and i see five new guys. I got there 5 minutes before 2nd period ended and then i have lunch. "Class dismissed. Stella, can i speak to you after class?" Everyone leaves then Mr.Pan locks the door with both of us in the classroom. He covers the door windows with paper. "Hello there babe. Pull your pants and underwear down NOW!" I do and he takes a condom and puts it on. He starts going inside of me. Then Ms.Lisa comes in and starts using a vibrator on me. I speed walk to the bathroom and cry... WHY!

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