Why Me?

Stella Knight was nothing but trouble. She got in trouble at school and home. Then she meets 5 guys and her life turns even more upside down than it already was. **16+ GRAPHIC SEX**


1. Ouch

"Daddy, im sorry!" "SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU BITCH" Then my dad hit me so hard in the face you can see a dark red handprint on my face. "GO TO SCHOOL YOU PIECE OF SHIT" My dad tells me with another blow in the face. I ran to school as fast as my bunny slippers could take me. Good thing I have an extra clothes in my locker. Im Stella Knight and my middle name sould be trouble. Im 16 and i go to Angleway High School. I just have one favor... HELP!!!  


Sorry thats its short. This is my first fanfic and i was kinda rushed..... Thanks!!!                                                            

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