Another Chance...

Melissa (Lissa) Parks thinks that her life couldn't get better, only worse! When she fails her singing exam tog et into a top drama school, it seems life her life is crumbling around her! But what will happen when a strange boy appears at her school and offers her a place in his crazy, weird band!! Will she want another chance?...


2. Chapter 2

I close the door, keeping my little sisters words inside the warm house. She says the same thing to me every morning, shouting it from the depths of her pretty-pink bedroom. I run down the lane, a gentle spring breeze blows through my hair. I reach the bus stop and collapse against the transparent shelter.

"Lissa? You arn't late you know!" My best friend, Jodie tells me.

"I'm not?" I ask.

"No!!" Jodie laughs, her bright blue eyes sparkling. I laugh with her as the 67 bus chugs down the lane.

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