Dark Narry (BoyxBoy)

*BOYXBOY EXTREME* Innocent, pure Harry with dark Niall. What will Harry do? Stay, fight, learn to love? What will Niall do to protect his claim? Use fear, charm, love? Could be everything in between. *warning; includes swearing, smut, other*


7. Chapter 7

(A/N Sorry for the long wait, I'll try to update more. Please enjoy Dark Narry and comment what you think so far. I really need some encouragement(: id love it <3 x)


I reluctantly enter his car. It was a nice ride, but I kept my thoughts to myself. I turned closer to the door and leaned my head against the window, not acknowledging his presence in the drivers seat. I tap my finger nails on the glass as he starts the ignition and drives away from his flat.

"Do you even know where you're going?" I mumble.

"Yes," he answers nonchalantly.

I left it as that. I'm completely freaked out he knows where I live, but there was no way in hell I was showing it. To he honest, I wasn't surprised he knew. He was crazy. And that's what scared me.


I didn't look at him, I just close my eyes. "What?"

"What are all those scars on your arms and legs?"

That threw me off. "Why?"

"Cos I want to know," he snaps.

"You don't deserve to know," I hiss.

He grips the steering wheel and glared at me from the corner of his eye. I was glad he dropped the subject. It's not that I didn't trust him, I don't think he deserves to have the burden of knowing. But I wasn't going to tell him that.

I wasn't going to tell him a lot of things. I couldn't. Not yet.


We arrived at my flat soon after our short conversation. We didn't speak. Barley had minor glances. Just heavy breathing from his chest rising up and down.

He parks in front and pulls out my phone from his pocket and throws it between my legs. "Here."

"Gee, thanks." I shove it in my pocket and attempt to get out of the car but the door was locked. "Let me out."

He places his hand on my knee and moves it up a little. I breathe a sharp intake of air and clench my fists. He smiles at me with darkness in his eyes.

"I'm picking you up at 7. Be ready by then. Oh and," he grabs my face with one hand and squeezes it between his thumb and 4 fingers, "naked is always an option." He puckers his lips out and I turn my head fast, slapping his hand off me. He chuckles and unlocks the door. I squirm out, stopping when I feel his hand wrap around my wrist. "You might wanna close your curtains. They're always opened." He lets go of my wrist and with that, he drives away with a hearty, loud laugh.

I stand there frozen. That bastard.

I storm into my flat and run to my room, slamming it shut. I jump on top of my head and snuggle my head into the blankets. Smells like home. I peek at my curtains and grab both ends. Wow. You really can see my room from outside. Unbelievable. I close them tight as I possibly can.

I feel my phone vibrate and take it out of my pocket, answering the call when I see who it is.

"Will?" I ask in disbelief.

"Harry! Where have you been? I've going crazy over here man! I've been calling you and texting you so many times and you wouldn't answer to any of them! I thought something had happened to you!"

Well, he wasn't completely wrong on that last statement. "Bro, I'm fine. I've just been.. Around. Sorry," I say as I look through my closet, pulling out a white dress shirt and black dress pants.


"Where are you? I'm coming over," Will says urgently.

I bite down on my lip. What if Niall finds out? That could end bad. But whatever. Screw him. "Yeah man, come on over," I reply, hopping into my pants.

"Alright, Harry. See you in a bit."

I hear a click of the phone ending and I throw mine on the bed. I button up my shirt and tuck it into my pants while I apply the black belt around my waist.

My phone vibrates again and I check if it's Will calling for something else. My heart stops.


He put his number in my phone? Really? His name flashes with a text message and I pick it up slowly, almost frightened to what he might have texted me.

Niall: Hey what are you wearing? ;)

Me: Nothing.

Fuck! Why did I just send that? I'm so stupid!

Niall: mmm that sounds hot xx ill see you later baby ;)

I shove the phone into my pocket without responding to his text and pull my shoes out from underneath the bed, slipping them on. I hear a knock at the door. Finally, some sanity.

I run to the door and swing it open, feeling arms wrap around my body. "Harry," he breathes.

I squeeze him tighter. "Will, I missed you."

"I missed you, too. C'mon, let's go sit down so we can catch up." He lets go of me and I wish he hadn't. I really needed a hug.

"Yeah.. Let's," I croak.

"Talk to me, Harry," he says right when we sit down.

"What do you mean?"


"Harry, look at me." He grabs both my shoulders and makes me face him. "You need to stay away from him. He will hurt you, Harry. You may think he won't, but he will."

Before I could say anything, I hear someone clear their throat loudly and we both snap our heads up.

Niall is leaning in my doorway, giving Will a death stare. I'm glad looks can't kill, because if they did, Will's blood would be splattered on the floor.

"Shit," we say at the same time.

"Is that him?" Will whispers.

I nod, too scared to speak. Niall steps forward and has his arms on either side of his body, many veins popping out as he tenses.

Will stands up. "Maybe I should go," he says.

"You don't have-"

"Yeah, you should go," Niall interrupts. His voice was as sharp as a knife. It could cut a cinder block.

"I'll see you later, Harry," Will quietly says.

Niall pushes his chest, making Will stumble back. "Stay away from him," he growls.

"Don't touch me," Will yells as he pushes him back.

"Niall, stop! If you touch him one more time I'm not going anywhere with you!"

"There's always another night," he replies coldly, already picturing Will'a murder.

"If you leave him alone, I'll go home with you. No fighting, no arguments. I'll go. Just leave him alone."

Niall's body relaxes, but Will looks bewildered. "Harry, don't do this. Please."

"Will, just go, okay? Just go." I stare at him as he gets up and walks past Niall, leaving my flat.

Niall launches at me and tackles me onto the couch. "It was so hard not killing him right there and then. But having you with me tonight.. I really tried controlling myself." He straddles me and touches the dry tear on my cheek. "Did he make you cry?"

I shake my head. He lies his chest on me and rest his legs between mine. He begins to grind. I could feel his bulge through his jeans and that made me shudder. That means he was hard. By me. He looked straight into my eyes and kissed me without hesitation. He lips were rough against mine. He moved them around, demanding a response from me but I stood still. He pries my mouth open and roamed inside with his tongue.

"Mmm," he moans. "Kiss me back."

To what I could feel, his actual lips were soft, but strong enough like a man.

Fuck it. I'm curious.

I meet his tongue with mine and wrap it together, wrestling them fiercely. He was such a good kisser.

"So I'm crazy, huh?" He asks in between breaths.

"Fuck," I whisper.

He smirks on my mouth and grinds on me harder, causing me to moan. I wrap my legs around his waist and he rubs harder against me. My pants get tight and it's hard for me to breathe correctly.

"Niall.. Dinner.. Reservations.."

He bites my bottom lip and moves his hand down my pants, slipping it underneath. He touches my member up and down and smiles. "You're so hard, Harry. It's so hot. Alright, let's go."

He takes his hand out and gets off me as I shake while I stand up. My hands tremble together and I dig them into my pocket.


~darkness x



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