"In your dreams ass hole" Arianna says to the rudest darkest yet most attractive boy in her class
"Well we all know I've had plenty of those. But c'mon let me take your hand I'll show u the dark side" Arianna had been dreaming of the day when Niall Horan would ask her out on a date. But now he is covered in tattoos. And she doesn't want anything to do with his bad boy style but Niall thinks otherwise. But there's a secret.
She's got her own bad girl side that Niall will soon reveal.


2. chapter 2

Arianna's POV

"I'm going back to the room. It's getting late" I say to Emily and harry as I get up.

"I'll come too" Niall says and gets up.

"Ugh! Please don't u can stay over if you want." I say

"No I want to come so we can share that bed" he says and winks.

"Why do u guys get two twin beds?" I complain to Emily.

"Aha I don't know maybe cause my cousin is the dorm advisor and she doesn't want me sleeping in the same bed as a tattooed heart throbbing psychotic weirdo" she laughs

"HEY!" Harry says and pretends to be offended

"What ever. I'm going. I still have to stop by the store to get some stuff." I say an walk out and close the door

I hear the door open again behind me. And out comes Niall.

"Hey forgetting something?" He said.

"Ummm no. What?" I say.

"Ugh.... U forgot me duhh"

"Ummm I don't think I did. I kinda left u there on purpose" I say.

"Well" he says and I open the door to our room

"I'm going to invites someone over is that cool?" He asks.

I take my shorts off then put my jeans on.

I turn around and see Niall standing there with his mouth wide open.

"Shit Niall don't act like you've never seen me in my underwear"

He shakes his head.

"I just umm.. I ..."

"Shut up" I say and I walk out the door.

I head down to Whole Foods (It's an overly priced organic grocery store) and get a few things. On my way to check out I bump into someone.

"Oh I'm sorry" I say and see a bit with tattoos. Not too many but still a lot.

"I'm sorry" he says in his british accent. Fuck...

"Don't tell me you're in lustful" I say and roll my eyes.

"Aha actually i am. I'm Liam. " he says and shakes my hand. "I'm taking that u don't like my band?"

"No it's just I don't like one of your band members."

"Oh. Harry?"

"No Harry's pretty cool. It's Niall" he looks surprised.

"Oh really. What's your name?"

"Arianna "

"Wait wait arianna? Briones?" I shake my head yes. "No way! Niall adores you else never shuts up about you!" I start to laugh

"Aha well I honestly don't feel the same about him"

"Oh why?"

"It's a long story that I don't feel like explaining."

"Oh it's okay." He says as I reach the cashier and he starts to scan my items.

"That will be $35.46 Ari" he says.

"Here u go John." I hand him the money. And he gives me my change.

"How'd u get here?" Liam asks.

"Well I walked. I didn't feel like having to find parking in this area."

"Oh you went walk at this time. Man you're brave!" He says and I laugh and nod. "Well come with me I brought my car. I just nod and I walk to his car. He has a black Audi. Nice

My phone made a little sound which was my text tone.

*(510)244-0511*(random number I made up that's not really his number) :

'Hey. I went out to the bar with one of my friends won't be home til late so don't wait up ;) -Niall'

I reply with a simply ok and me and Liam talk the short ride from whole foods to cal. (Cal is university of California berkley.) he drops me off at my dorm.

"Thanks Liam." I say but he parks the car and gets out "what are u doing? U don't have to walk me down."

"I'm not this is my dorm too"


We go up and I find out he's on the same floor as me.

We say our good byes and I walk into my room

"Nialllll baby is that you" I hear some girl saying from my room.

I walk in and see a naked girl on my bed fingering herself as if she was trying to impress Niall. Pshh we know that's not how u do it. Not that I would know how to impress Niall. Psh what?

"Eww what the fuck are you doing in here you fucking perv!!!" The girl shouts at me.

"I should be asking you the same. This is my room!" I shout. I decide I'm gonna play some tricks on her "were you fucking with my boyfriend?!?"

"Ummm .... No Psh Niall your boyfriend? Psh never" she says. Clearly lying.

"Get out you whore." I say and throw her out my room. Oh wait she has no clothes. I grab her clothes off the floor and throw them out the door for her. I hear people laughing and guys whistling. I start to laugh.

*to: Niall*

'Aha your little bitch is naked in the hallway XD ahaha'

*from: Niall*

'Ahah no way aha I'll be there soon. Decided not to stay long.'

*to: Niall*

Aha really okay see you soon.

*from: Niall*

See you soon ;-)

I take my jeans off and put my volley ball shorts on.

I lay in bed and soon I hear the door open and in comes Niall.

"Let me guess they didn't let you in the bar? Think Niall legal age in America is 21. Your 20"

"Ugh whatever. That's shit" he says and takes all his clothes off except his boxer briefs.

I catch myself staring.

He gets in the bed.

"Good night Niall" I say and close my eyes.

"Good night Ari" he says and kisses my forehead

Is it sad to say i actually like it...

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